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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Syraleaf, Dec 31, 2014.

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    What is it:
    A plugin that let you create items with lore, stats and enchantments to drop when killing monsters.

    How should this work:
    Very simple, when you first start this plugin, I assume it will have a couple of standard drops, but all in config so you can chance or add items if you want! Then, you can set the drop chance of such a item (0.001-100%)
    Then, players who have the "Can.ItemDrop.*" premission are able to get drops. The * could be chanced to the name of the item so you can restric this (if thats not to hard ;))

    Idea for config:
    Something like this would be nice:

    Name of item:
    Enchantments: Knockback;1,Sharpness;2,Fire_Aspect;5.
    Stats: Unbreakable
    Drops on:
    - Zombie
    - Skeleton
    Chance: 0.5%

    Idea for premissions:
    Can.ItemDrop.(Item name or *)
    if possible ofc ;)

    Idea for commands:
    Maybe something like a /MD give "name" "item" so you can ~cheat~ them in ;) hehe, cheating is fun when you're using a plugin to do it :D

    When do I want it:
    When its done! :D
    And the sooner the better of course, but Im not in a hurry so take your time! (if you are willing to)
    And suprize me :)

    Also, it would be cool if you could make it so that you can add the "lore" of a book in text so that if you give a book drop it will give "text" in the book instead of lore. but thats just a idea! :)
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    Oh, that looks great!!! I guess its just my very bad searching skills ;) Ill set it to solved until I've decided if this is what I like :)
    Thank you
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