Mob spawning on latest RB?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ItsAPardigan, Dec 18, 2011.

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    I started a brand new map on 1.0 on my bukkit server (using the latest bukkit RB) but have noticed a few problems.

    When entering the nether, the blaze spawners don't seem to spawn anything. I've found the spawners, waited and nothing spawned. When using a mob spawner plugin, they don't appear either.

    In my normal world, i've not seen any endermen at all. I've covered a fair few chunks and nothing. Also when using the mob spawner plugin, they say they've spawned, but don't appear like the blazes.

    Is this a known bug? It's annoying as I would like to use potions legitly, but without blaze rods, I can't even make the stand lol.
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    Deleted user

    It is not a known bug.
    You should probably submit a ticket to

    Thanks for bringing this up! I'll make this known to @EvilSeph and his team, but first I need to test this theory.
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    Blazes spawn on my nether world. Please get confirmation of the bug, or at least confirm the bug running the latest RB of CraftBukkit without plugins before submitting a ticket to leaky.
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    I can confirm ALSO having this problem
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    My issue is resolved.

    I disabled LWC & regios, recreated a nether and all works as expected.
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