Mob Hats!

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    My plugin idea is MobHats

    This is a simple plugin where you can have mobs as your hats!

    The mobs ride the players head once a certain command is executed.

    This plugin will mainly be mainly for VIPs as a reward.


    /mh (cow,sheep:1,sheep:2,sheep:3,sheep:4,pig)

    /mh toggleworld <worldname> allow (all denied by default) <---- Don't do if it contains to much code

    :1,:2,3:,4: etcetera mean: 1, blue, 2 green, 3,red 4,black 5, white, so on and so fourth.

    (Don't code this part if it is to hard) /\

    Permissions: (something like this)

    - mobhats.hats.cow
    - mobhats.hats.sheep
    - mobhats.hats.pig

    If you decide to code the color sheep:

    - mobhats.hats.sheep1
    - mobhats.hats.sheep2
    - mobhats.hats.sheep3
    - mobhats.hats.sheep4
    - mobhats.hats.sheep5 Etcetera

    Configurable things: <-- Do not do if it takes to much code.

    Worlds enabled in:
    - world
    - world_the_nether
    - world_the_end

    I do not have a time limit for this plugin to be made!!!

    Thanks for reading!
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    SimplyCode I sware I did!!! I'm sorry for wasting peoples time than..

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