[MISC] Visual Control v0.1.2 - Control textures and other visuals for each world [Spout1.0.2] [1060]

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    Visual Control - Configure textures and visual elements.
    Version: v0.1.2
    Visual Control is a single plugin to specify unique texture packs, sun/moon images and other visual elements that you might want configured on a per-world basis.

    Apparently I had the wrong jar file in my dropbox, that has been corrected now that I have updated the plugin. It now contains a basic command system. /vcset and /vcupdate see their details below. At the moment there is no support for permissions. That is the next goal.

    • Give each texture pack a title.
    • Specify a global default texture pack.
    • Specify separate texture packs per world.
    • Announce changing texture pack changes, or not.
    • Pick unique sun/moon image and size for each world.
    • Turn off the sun, moon, clouds and the stars.
    • Change the height of the cloud layer.

    /vcset [world] <sun|moon|clouds|stars|use> <setting>
    vcset is used to alter the configuration file from the chat bar.
    If you do not specify a world it acts upon the current world.
    To toggle the visibility of a sky element use on or off as the setting.
    /vcset sun on
    This will work for the sun, moon, clouds and stars.
    To change the size of the sun or moon simply use a number between 0 - 200 as the setting
    /vcset moon 150
    To specify an image for the sun or moon supply the url as the setting
    /vcset moon http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21888917/sunqu.png
    To force the cloud layer to a different level
    /vcset clouds 75
    And similarly the change the frequency of stars
    /vcset stars 1500
    /vcupdate [player]
    vcupdate will cause the selected player (or the caller is none is provided) to have the visuals of their current world forcibly updated. (I.E without a teleport/spawn event.)
    /vcreload [world]
    vcreload will reload the configuration file into memory, the world option is currently inactive but will allow the configuration of an individual world to be reloaded.
    Know Bugs
    • URL's are not validated for existence nor file type.
    • stars cannot be bought back once they have been disabled. :S
    To Do

    • Allow the selection of colors When spout RB supports it..
    • Add commands to edit configurations.
    • Permissions for the commands
    • Implement same configurations for regions
    • Ambient Seasons support
    • Allow Environment configuration
    • Allow one world to use a 'clone' of another's configuration
    Download (requires Spout)

    GitHub source code


    Version 0.1.2
    • Added plugin reload function /vcreload.
    • individual world configurations are loaded on the world load event.
    Version 0.1.1

    • Initial action taken on Spout Enable event rather then on Join event.
    Version 0.1

    • Major structural changes.
    • Chat Command interface added.
    Version 0.0.2

    • Released for public consumption.
    Version 0.0.1

    • Development
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    thanks, i will try this.
    @ToDo: "Permissions for the commands" <- are there commands? ^^
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    Not yet, hence the to do entry immediately before it.
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    Do we need the the developer version of spout or can we use the stable release?
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    Current RB.
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    Major update and apparently the previous jar file was not the correct file.
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    THANK you for this... I've been really wanting this ability...


    How would I choose to not specify, keep the default the actual default, then choose text packs for just 1 or 2 worlds?

    I think I figured it all out, but... is there a way to reload the config without a full /reload?
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    I plan to make it so. Using the commands updates the config and the world at the same time, so if you use that you don't need to /reload the entire server.

    EDIT: It looks like a future version of the Spout API will allow resetting a players texture to what they logged in with. I'll have it implemented as soon as it's in the recommended build.
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    Does this require spoutcraft as well?
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    That will be awesome. Thanks for putting this together. There were in fact a few other options but none executing just the way I was looking for apart from this.
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    hey it says im not a spout player in console! maybe launcher update?
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    I've noticed the onJoin event sometimes seems to trigger before spout has authenticated the user, it seems to create a race condition. I'm looking at hooking to spouts validation event rather then onJoin.

    changed, tested and uploaded.
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    Visual control continues to tell me I am not a spout player, and isn't working for any other players either. Have I screwed something up? (Very likely)

    ++None of the commands work...
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    Are you using the Spoutcraft launcher? I'm not sure what else might be causing the problem, I'll double check the correct jar file has been uploaded. Can you post the console log?

    The changes occur only after you /vcupdate.

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    That's the command that isn't working haha, but I'm more concerned about the texture packs. I have two dropbox direct download links, but neither are updating to the client. Will it just take a while? Or is there an actual issue?

    BTW I fixed the "Player is not updated" that was BukkitContrib's fault. Other issues persist.
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    It might take a while, the client needs to download them and I think spout does that everytime. I'm hoping they will introduce some smarter texture pack features. Can I take a look at your config.yml?
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    # VisualControl 0.1.0
    # locksmyth
    # Configuration options
    # announce: <true/false> // is the player notified of the loading of a new texture pack
    # defaultFile : <URL> // the URL to a direct download of the texture pack
    # defaultTitle : <STRING> // the title of the default texturepack to load
    # worlds:
    #     AlchemyX_nether:
    #         texturePack:
    #             file: http://url.to.texturepack
    #             title: Texture Title
    #             useDefaultTexture: true
    #         sun:
    #             file: http://url.to.sun/image.png
    #             size: 0 - 100
    #             visible: true/false
    #         moon:
    #             file: http://url.to.moon/image.png
    #             size: 0 - 100
    #             visible: true/false
    #         stars:
    #             frequency: 1500  // the default value is 1500
    #             visible: true/false
    #         clouds:
    #             height: 0 - 127
    #             visible: true/false
    defaultFile: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21888917/AXSteam0.2.zip
    defaultTitle: AlchemyX
    announce: true
                file: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17740750/moderncraftalpha5mowed.zip
                title: Modern
                useDefaultTexture: false
                file: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32644765/texturepacks/vbtp-deepspace.zip
                title: Space
                useDefaultTexture: false
                visible: false
                height: 108
    It works on the main world ("world"), but not in space.

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    It looks like styx_space isn't loading before Visual Control, so at the time the config is loaded it's disregarding the apparently non-existant world. I've just added /vcreload which you can use as a temporary fix. I was looking at eventually tying the config loading to a world loading event, I'll move that up on my schedule and have it out later today.

    Nice texture packs by the way.
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    Great thanks!!
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    That was much easier then I expected, this new one should fix world_space for you.
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    Is it possible to change global_background colors like to dark red in nether?
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    I'm implementing that right now.
  24. Hey. Awesome plugin. Can you add an option for removing clouds in specific worlds?
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    There already is:
                visible: false
    you should also be able to type /vcset world cloulds off followed by /vcupdate
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    can you add region-texture-packs ?
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    Hi! locksmyth
    Is it possible to have several texture packs : if a player used to play with a 16x texture pack, he will not have the same texture pack as a player who used to play with a 32x texture pack?

    Another question : is it possible to impose the lang file? (the file with all names of all items and blocks). It could be usefull : in a world, the texture pack is different and the name of all blocks is also different.
    Sorry for my english!
    Happy new year!

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