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    ToolNotifier - Get a warning before your tools break!
    Version: v0.3

    Have you ever been mining, only to notice that your diamond pickaxe was about to break, right before you hit the last block, and loosing it?
    This plugin helps out by giving people a notification when their tool is about to break.

    • Warns you before your tools start to break.
    • Swaps, moves or drops tool if its about to break.
    Due to missing API hooks in bukkit, I had to remove the tool swapping.
    The new update also changed the config to use uses left instead of percentages, as it scaled better with different tools. It is now also possible to customize the message and color at specific amounts.

    • 0.1 | First release.
    • 0.2 | Fixed bug #1
    • 0.3 | Added tool swapping, moving and dropping
    • 0.4 | Removed tool swapping, new config, usage based instead of percentage.

    • In-game commands to change settings.
    • Permissions support

    I should have the tool swapping done in a day or two.
    Ill also add a option to drop or move the tool if theres no tool to swap to.

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    And thanks to you for taking over development ;-)
    I spend too much time on work to be able to keep any private projects up-to-date ^^
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    Jacob Litewski

    I have it updated. The Bukkit Dev page is and the GitHub page is at

    If anyone has issues, or feature requests, or etc al, please use the GitHub Issues page. Also, if you find a bug and wish to contribute, feel free to fork it and submit a Pull Request.

    I'm currently working on the new Save system (YamlConfiguration), and I'm planing on making the system more flexible for custom tools in the future (for the Vanilla and Spout API's).
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    Super awesome! Thank you for continuing development Jacob :D
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    Update it ! :D Best Plugin idea
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    IS this working in craftbukkit 1.2.5 R2.0?
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    Does not work in 1.3.1. Plugin will not load at all. Console fails and says the plugin is ignored because it is out of date.
    I would love for this plugin to be updated for 1.3.1

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