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    ToolNotifier - Get a warning before your tools break!
    Version: v0.3

    Have you ever been mining, only to notice that your diamond pickaxe was about to break, right before you hit the last block, and loosing it?
    This plugin helps out by giving people a notification when their tool is about to break.

    • Warns you before your tools start to break.
    • Swaps, moves or drops tool if its about to break.
    Due to missing API hooks in bukkit, I had to remove the tool swapping.
    The new update also changed the config to use uses left instead of percentages, as it scaled better with different tools. It is now also possible to customize the message and color at specific amounts.

    • 0.1 | First release.
    • 0.2 | Fixed bug #1
    • 0.3 | Added tool swapping, moving and dropping
    • 0.4 | Removed tool swapping, new config, usage based instead of percentage.

    • In-game commands to change settings.
    • Permissions support

    I should have the tool swapping done in a day or two.
    Ill also add a option to drop or move the tool if theres no tool to swap to.

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    good plugin :) [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond] to you my friend
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    Are there any issues with this? If not I will add this to my server :)
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    I am currently running it on my own server, seems to be working fine.
    I do a lot of local testing first, then live testing on my server, before uploading a release :)
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    Alright awesome I'll let you know how it goes for me :)
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    This looks great, I'll try it on my server.
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    I could use some feedback here:
    For the toolswap. Lets say you set it to swap at 5%, what should it do it there is no other tool to swap to?
    Drop it? Swap to empty spot in inventory to prevent damage? Both?

    Updated, added tool swapping, moving and dropping.
    They can all be enabled independently.
    Swapping simply switches tool with a similar (same kind and material) one that has more durability. (searches your whole inventory)
    Moving moves the tool to an empty spot if available.
    Dropping drops it at your feet if nothing else is possible.

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    Looks useful for newer Players that not really looks on the Shorty-bar :D

    Let my think..... [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond] and a [meat]!

    Keep work!
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    Theres a bug in my 0.3 release. I am working on fixing it right now.
    You should use 0.2 instead if you want to avoid people abusing it.
    When your tool swaps or drops, it doesn't drain durability.

    EDIT: Old versions can be found here
    EDIT2: Seems like there is a limitation in bukkit. Will look more into it, but can't fix it right now. Please use v0.2 from the above link if you dont want to use v0.3 with the bug.
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    Updated to count the uses left, instead of the percentage, as some tools (wood) break at about 1.3%
    You can now customize the message at specific intervals as well. (See config)
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    Hi! The download link is broken. :(
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    Sorry, I am currently changing my dev system. I will have it up soon.

    New dev system up ;) Get the latest stable at

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    Upon loading the plugin it says that Jar does not contain plugin.yml. This is with CB 733.

    You also might reconfigure your build so it always outputs the same file name for the jar. Otherwise you might get people with multiple versions of your plugin installed all at once.

    My users will be very excited for this plugin, especially since they can repair their tools via another plugin.
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    Sorry about that :p Im new to Maven. I fixed the plugin.yml, changed the output filename.
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    No problem. The latest version (build #5) is still saying the plugin.yml isn't present. I then inspected the jar with 7zip and couldn't find plugin.yml existing either.

    I manually made a plugin.yml file and placed it in my local Jar properly though and the plugin loaded okay. I need to learn Maven here myself... good luck!
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    Ill fix it in a few minutes :)

    EDIT: Okay :p SVN + Maven + Jenkins != Fun :D
    It works now, the plugin.yml is there.
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    Glad you got it all rigged up and working. Appears good on my end too. I was actually about to start coding a plugin that does just this until I saw yours. So thanks!
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    The download link are broken :/
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    Fixed, sorry about that.
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    i've comed to notice that not all tools is notified including the wooden hoe... i dont know if that is on purpose, i just wanted to notify you :) ... and btw nice plugin ! :D[diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond] :D
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    Thanks ;)
    Also, I know why. I am only catching the BLOCK_BREAK and ENTITY_DAMAGE events.
    I need to listen for "hoeing" as well :p

    Ill update it as soon as I can (got a lot to do in the next few days)
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    Nifty plugin :) Very useful!
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    Seem to work with 818 :)
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    Great to hear. been looking a bit on getting hoes to work, but no progress so far.
    Mostly been busy with school and my own server :p
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    Hehe, no worries. I didn't even know hoes was a problem :3
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    Awesome plugin, works like a charm. My only issue is with the config. Is it possible to change the uses and text for how many uses it will break? I notice changing a bit causes a bit of issues. Can you tell me where I went wrong here?
    Notify=1,Tool will break next use\:2,Tool will break in 2 uses\:3,Tool will break in 3 uses\:4,Tool will break in 4 uses\:5,5 Tool will break in 5 uses\:10,10 uses left\:20,20 uses left\:50,50 uses left
    With the default config it works great on craftbukkit #935
    My config however doesn't seem to work well.
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    Try doing it without the "\" so its:
    [uses left],[text]:[uses left],[text] and so on
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    Update for build 1k?
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    Is it not working? My server is running 1k, and seems to be working for us.
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    Jacob Litewski

    Hello Everyone, after having a talk with MrAdam, I'm going to take over ToolNotifier and update it for R5, and hopefully keep it updated for the Vanilla API and Spout API once the Bukkit API becomes obsolete.

    I should have a release out by the end of the day (depending if I can work out the bugs with enchanted items by then). The source is going to be hosted at once I decompile and fix up the code.

    All that I have to say is thank you MrAdam for making this! I've used it before and it's a great and simple plugin, and I hope to keep it that way :D
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