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    Let your users pick what they want! (Spout needed)
    Download: JAR
    This plugin lets your users, select from a list, what Texture Pack they would like to play on your server with, in-game!
    All they need to do is type /pack and they will see a list of pre-defined texture pack links from the config.yml file. Then to choose, just type /pack <number>! There's nothing to it! Permissions support not needed.
    • Lets users pick a Texture Pack
    • Spout Notifications
    • Defaults to Pack 1 upon Login
    Version 1.02 - Unlimited texture packs to pick.
    Version 1.01 - Added a default. Will default to Pack 1 upon login.
    Version 1.00 - Released texturepackchooser.


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    Great plugin by the way!
  3. your dorpbox has reached its download limit
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    Can you upload the whole .jar?
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    Damn it. Your dropbox has reached its limit. Would you mind if I mirrored your download for everybody?
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    Please! Go ahead! If not, could you pm it to me?
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    How can i let people choose for the default texture pack?
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    I would like this implemented.
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    I second this motion.
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    Done. Redownload.

    I updated the plugin to his source.

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    Awesome, thanks. I was really considering removing this plugin because of it not remembering the users pack. Thank you, Thank you.
  12. So just to confirm, this will at some point allow us to force users to use a certain list of texture packs?

    Any possibility (after that's implemented) for worldguard region support, and/or world support? Possibly remembering player's choices for regions? Ambitious, I know.
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    Okay, one thing that's been noticed on the server that I'm an admin on. Once the user has a few of the texture packs downloaded, they can make them so they are x-ray simply by changing names. In other words, they can delete a pack and rename their xray pack to the same name and boom, they have an x-ray pack. Is there any way to fix this? Like, can you make some sort of sub routine to make the pack reload according to its region/world/etc every few secs or whatever. Just something that keeps the pack "reloaded".
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    I will see what I can do, right now I am a little busy atm.
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    No problem. Thought it would be something you might want to know. ^_^
  16. I don't know if it's possible, but maybe if the server and client could compare md5sums between the server pack and the local client one? I'd rather not make my users download over and over again, though I would like the security of non x-ray packs.
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    Shouldn't this have [Spout] in the title? Going to try your plugin tomorrow! Looks cool.
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    Cheers :D
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    Sweet! Thank you so much! But if the users could chose their own texturepack, that would be great!
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    I was considering the need for something like this on my own server, but wasn't looking forward to taking on another plugin to write and maintain. It looks like I don't need to make it myself after all, though. Thanks. :)

    EDIT: so I lied. I decided I wanted a few more features and a nicer look, so I ended up writing my own plugin from scratch to handle this functionality after all. I think I got a little carried away. :p
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    Love this plugin ! Is it up to date ?
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    The plugin that @Brettflan made and linked to is up to date and works great! If you wanna give it a try Spout is using it on their test server!
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    how to make ??
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    need spout?
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    I have it, and the other packs work...
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  28. That works for me, so it should work for your users when the plugin's configured right with that address. Can you confirm it's not working, and if so, what if anything happens in the console?
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