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    Let your users pick what they want! (Spout needed)
    Download: JAR
    This plugin lets your users, select from a list, what Texture Pack they would like to play on your server with, in-game!
    All they need to do is type /pack and they will see a list of pre-defined texture pack links from the config.yml file. Then to choose, just type /pack <number>! There's nothing to it! Permissions support not needed.
    • Lets users pick a Texture Pack
    • Spout Notifications
    • Defaults to Pack 1 upon Login
    Version 1.02 - Unlimited texture packs to pick.
    Version 1.01 - Added a default. Will default to Pack 1 upon login.
    Version 1.00 - Released texturepackchooser.


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    Why not roll this together with your other texture pack plugin, and add some multiworld support? That would be a plugin I would use. :)
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    I do not own a Multiworld Server so I can't test :p
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    Didn't you already have this plugin?
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    Looks great :) Will try it out later, I assume you need to log out/in to reload the new texture pack? Is it possible at all with Spout to change the texture pack on the fly without needing to logout/in?
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    CainFool's spouting out good plugins like there is no tomorrow!
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    I tested it, works perfect. And you dont have to logout/login to change the texture pack. Just wait a few seconds.
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    Yes, the texture pack updates in-game.
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    Dangit Cain :L

    Gotta be so good at this stuff
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    can you add a configurable Default Texturepack when they login?
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    lol why not just add this to your other?
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    Kewleroonio, but will it let players join without Spout? Obviously the texture packs won't work, but...
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    Yes it will.

    Ill work on that right now. :) Just need to add an extra listener. Default = Pack 1?
    Edit. Done. Download the new version. It defaults to pack 1.

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    another request.. instead of the links are shown when they type /pack

    can u make a custom name?

    let say i type /pack, i will see it like this right?

    /pack <number>
        1.  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36577078/DokuCraft_2.3_High.zip
        2.  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36577078/LB%20Photo%20Realism%20Compressed%20x128.zip
        3.  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36577078/Misa221.zip
        4.  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7186172/TexturePackChooser/TehDebil%2527s%2016x16%20Pack%200.55.zip
        5.  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7186172/TexturePackChooser/SpaceCraft.zip
    instead I want to see it like this

    /pack <number>
        1.  DokuCraft High
        2.  LB Photo Realism
        3.  Misa
        4.  Teh Debil Pack
        5.  Space Craft
    and instead of always downloading when they choose different pack, can you make it look at their texture pack first and make sure they have it already before downloading the texture pack?
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    @CainFoool Sorry for the rather stupid question.. But do the players need their minecraft patched for HD textures if one of the server packs is greater than x16?
  16. The SpoutCraft launcher is already HD patched.

    One feature i want added before i use this is, have an extra entry in the config where you can choose if you want to change texturepack on login. Not all my members want a specific texturepack when they log in.
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    Thats what I was going to implement. A form of menu or something.

    There is no API to check if a player has that Texture Pack yet, and for that ^^, I was maybe thinking of like
    1. DokuCraft_2.3_High.zip
    2. etx.

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    Would it be possible to have the configuration file assign a title to a pack?
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    That's very possible yes.
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    Just putting in a request for this to have multiworld support! Keep up the good work!
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    You did it.. You took my idea and ran with it. TY so much for this.
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    So, let me get this straight. Correct any mistakes I make, please. This plugin:

    1. Allows players to switch texture packs from a server-defined list without leaving the game.
    2. Automatically downloads the texture pack from the URL defined in the config IF the player does not already have it.
    3. Forces players to download/use the first texture pack in the list when they log in.
    4. Does NOT offer an option to NOT use the default.
    5. Does NOT allow a player to use their own texture pack.
    6. Does NOT offer the ability to use custom names for the texture packs.
    7. Does NOT remember the player's choice for the next time they log in.

    Is this accurate?
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    Is the config. file limited to only 5 pack choices? Or can I add more?
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    request... can you make it so it deletes and redownloads the texture pack on join/switch.

    i wanna use this to end xray on my server.
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    I had to quote to read them :p
    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. That is a feature I will be adding soon
    5. Yes. But if I add in 4 this request will already be done.
    6. Custom Names I have tried to do but with a little help over IRC I will get done.
    7. Places Choice would be reading off a file I guess which I have no experience on yet.
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    The saving the users last texture pack is a must. My users will get very annoyed changing packs every login. Custom names would be wonderful but not quite as important.
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    dude. you wil lbe my hero if you just get 4 in there :p
  29. I changed your source-Code a little bit, so it
    1. Support more than 5 Texture-Packs
    2. Save the Texture-Pack the Player choose.

    Please download the following zip in there are the new java-Files I wrote some comments. I hope this is a little bit help for you: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23882137/texturepackchooser.zip
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    The link is broken

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