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    TexturedSpout Version 1.3.1​
    TexturedSpout brings the ability to have Per-World TexturePacks for everyone on your server!​
    Compatible with HD packs!
    Moved to - BukkitDev

    • Spout
    • SpoutCraft
    • Per-Region TexturePacks
    • Per-Player TexturePacks
    Config Explanation (open)
    Config Explanation (open)

    This section is to clarify the config, It is recommended to use a program such as notepad++​
    to edit the config(makes things easier).​

    You will need get a link to the direct file (dropbox for example), NOT MediaFire or MegaUpload or or anything like that!

    Next just simple paste the link onto the desired world
    Setting Default-off to true will disable default texturepacks.
    If any errors pop up just mess around with the spacing(if using notepad++ make sure each is on its own line.) That's it if you have any other questions don't be afraid to ask!​
    Permissions only work with Superperms! It is the future, Sorry for any inconvenience.
    • textured.escape.all - Escape texturepacks!
    TexturedSpout: Source
    Spout and SpoutCraft: ForumLink
    Changelog! (open)
    Changelog! (open)

    Version 1.3.1 - Updated to Spout 1.0.5​
    Version 1.3 - Added LoadingTexturePack, turned off by default!​
    Version 1.2 - Added Perimission node to escape texturepack!​
    Version 1.1 - Added Default-off option to the Config!​
    Version 1.0 - Removed the default Texturepack link. (default still there just the url removed)​
    Version 0.9 - Initial Release​

    Special Thanks to zhuowei for helping with bugs!
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    Just letting you know that Spout says: "NOTE: Please DO NOT make your plugin automatically download Spout by default." And great plugin! Very useful.
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    @ohtwo oh lol sorry! Fixed in 0.9c
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    This looks awesome, perhaps I am just a nub, but how do you use it exactly?

    I see the config yml and assuming that you need a direct link to the archive of the texture pack and it is named default. But can you put in a few bullet points on setting it up for nubs like me?
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    No problem, just added config section to main post.
    Any other questions just ask! :)
    P.S. Suggested to use per-world links not default as it is buggy atm, working on it now should be solved very soon!
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    Haha you don't have to apologize. I'm not with Spout. I was just letting you know that they don't want you doing that.
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    You are the friggin man. Thanks for the config update, I was wondering a few days ago if this was possible.

    The only thing I can think of as an improvement for this without extending it out of it's element, is to allow users to ignore the global texture and use their own.

    Great work!
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    Hmm, sounds like a interesting idea, you mean like a permission node that allows a player to avoid using the texture pack?

    Seems like the glitch i though existed for default was my config mistake. :p
    Make sure you have a space between worlds.
    World1: World2: 
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    @fugos Hmm okay, it't not working for me, no errors in the log either, says it was enabled properly and stuff.

    Here is my config:
    Restarted spoutcraft, the server and everything. Got my friend to test, still didn't work :(

    Here is ALL what Texturespout put into the log:
    2011-08-16 19:13:46 [INFO] [TexturedSpout] TexturedSpout has been enabled!
    2011-08-16 19:13:46 [INFO] [TexturedSpout] TexturedSpout was coded by Fugos
    Thanks for the help :D
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    Well, make sure you have the latest Spout plugin recommended build, also make sure you are using the spoutcraft launcher. I recompiled with the latest Spoutapi RB, Try to redownload.

    Spout is very buggy recently so it may not be my fault.
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    @fugos ah yeah, sorry about that, Both Spout and Bukkit need updating -.-
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    Spout 121
    spoutcraft 153
    CB 1060

    • my config keeps resetting on boot, anyone else having this issue? no errors in console.
    • is a default texture pack mandatory? I want only my nether world to have a custom texture pack.

  14. My solution to this, after some testing, was to link to a non-existent file. I was unable to find a way to just disable the default.
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    can you add an temp folder I must download everytime 5 packs
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    What do you mean like a empty folder?
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    'till you fix this there is not going to be many uses of this plugin.
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    I have been busy with other things, but like HereinPlainSight said just set the default to a
    random url(doesnt have to be a texturepack).
    Going to add a way to disable to mandatory default. Thx for the feedback!
  19. Just wanted to say great job, I haven't had any real problems, and I can't wait for the per-region texture packs update. Keep up the good work. :)
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    actually that doesnt help much, adding a fake file simple sets them to default minecraft, which is worse than forcing a custom texturepack for most players. will await the update, thanx :)
  21. Strange, that doesn't happen to me, I continue to use the texture pack I've set manually, as do all my users that I'm aware of.
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    I just released version 1.1 which added the default-off option(setting to true will disable default).
    Although when a player enters a world with a texturepack then goes back to a world without one.
    His texturepack will not change to the one he had originally.
    This is a limitation of spout, not my plugin. As far as i know there is no way around this.

    Sorry it took so long to release this update, been busy.
    Will try to add permission node next. :D
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    can you make this worldguard region based ?
    then we can have difrent textures on towns
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    Yes that is on the to-do list right after permission node, which im working on.
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  25. This was the reason I finally got around to install Spout! A dream come true! =)

    Sorry if I'm a retard, but it would be nice to have a simpler away to define a texturepack as minecrafts default built-in texturepack, on my server I only want custom packs on specific worlds.

    Also it would be great, as someone mentioned, to have the texture locally cached so that they don't have to be downloaded everytime. That or that the new world is simply not shown until the texturepack is loaded.

    However I understand that the latter two is probably out of your hands and rather dependant on Spout itself? Perhaps even the first one? ^^
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    Great plugin. Best and cleanest was to stop X-ray texture packs.
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    YES ;P
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    Released Version 1.2 which add the permission node to escape the texturepack.
    Only works with superperms!

    Also tried to add reload command,but didnt make it into this release will be in next.

    What, im lost sorry what would this empty folder do?

    @Cloaked Alien

    To your first request umm... It cant be done you have to link to a texturepack
    (if you want i can setup a link to the default minecraft pack).

    Second, yes i cant locally cache them. This is due to spout. :'(

    Third, I dont believe it was possible, but i will look into it!

    After looking into it, I could give you the option to make a clear/blank download after you teleport then moments later have the real one load in. Having it be blank means that it would take next to nothing to download! There is still a second delay when i was testing but thats better then the close to 10 secs delay for a normal texturepack.

    I will continue testing to see if this is viable. :D

    Been Busy today!

    Version 1.3 is out!
    Added Loadingtexturepack! Completely optional of course just like everything!
    You can have all the features you want or just use the simple no fuss per-world texturepacks!

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    can we use your plugin with ambientseason
    I mean use the texturepack of ambientseason on certain worlds and defined (thanks to your plugin) texturepack on others ?
    would be great for a desert land for exemple ... but still having ambientseason texturepack on my primary world

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    Sure! All you have to do is set the Default-off to true(to disable default).
    Then set the texturepack you want for the desert land to that world.
    And make sure on ambient seasons config to make the world not enabled.

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