[MISC] Textile v1.4.3 - Per-world texture packs with the magic of [Spout] [1060]

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    Textile - Per-world texture packs with the magic of Spout
    Version: 1.4.3

    Sorry guys, this is currently unmaintained. If you want to know if it works with the latest builds, try it out. I burned out on Java and Bukkit a while back and I haven't felt like working on it. Instead, I've been playing the Minecraft pre-releases and enjoying myself.

    If anybody wants to take over the project, contact me via GitHub or Twitter. I won't be replying to this thread for the foreseeable future.

    This is the simplest possible plugin for Bukkit and Spout that supports per-world custom texture packs. Open source and no bullshit. I'm open to feature suggestions (good) and pull requests (the best).

    GitHub: erisdiscord/spout-textile
    Download: Textile.jar
    Find older versions at the GitHub downloads page.

    • Opt-in or opt-out
    • Per-world texture packs
    • Per-environment defaults—all nether, overworld or skylands worlds
    • Commands for setting texture packs in-game
    • Default fallback for worlds that don't specify
    • Open source, open development
    • Seriously!
    Suggest new features on the GitHub issue tracker. I do try, but your suggestions may not be noticed on the forum!

    Tested with
    • CraftBukkit #1060
    • Spout #134
    How to use it

    See README.md on GitHub for how to configure and use Textile. This link should always take you to the latest release version.

    Be sure to use the commands to edit your settings while the game is running. config.yml is saved when the plugin is unloaded and every time there's a change in-game, so you may lose your changes if you try to edit it directly.

    In the unlikely event that you experience problems, bugs or general catastrophe, file a report on the GitHub issue tracker. Try as I do, I may miss your request if you post it on the forum!

    Version 1.4.3 (22 August 2011)
    • players' texture packs are reset the right way now—no more error messages
    Version 1.4.2 (21 August 2011)
    • only send settings to players when they cross worlds
    Version 1.4.1 (19 August 2011)
    • fixed global settings getting hosed during migration
    • first bugfix release! call it a milestone
    Version 1.4.0: (19 August 2011)
    • custom sun and moon textures can be set
    • resetting a player's texture pack is supported by a dirty hack
    • refactored handling of settings under the hood
      • structure of `config.yml` changed slightly
      • configuration is automatically migrated
    Older Versions (open)

    Version 1.3.0: (17 August 2011)
    • per-player preferences
      • managed with /txprefs command
      • preferences are stored in plugins/Textile/player/{player}.yml
      • permission node to allow or disallow players managing their preferences
      • currently, the only preference is to enable Textile (on by default)
    • can be set as opt-in
    • a few under the hood changes to how commands are handled
    Version 1.2.0: (15 August 2011)
    • added command support with permissions
    Version 1.1.0: (15 August 2011)
    • added support for per-environment packs
    • tested with CraftBukkit RB 1060
    Version 1.0.0: (15 August 2011, wee hours of the morning)
    • Version the First
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    That's up to you. You can host them on web space if you have it, or in your public Dropbox folder if you use that. I don't recommend hosting them on Dropbox if you have a large number of users, but if it's just you and your friends then you should be fine.
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    Costan Balgobin

    Thanks for replying most plugin developers don't :( This is just what ive been looking for and thanks again :D
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    Great job on the plugin. This is really what i needed for my server.

    would it be possable to add variable texture packs per world?

    so players in skylands can choose between 2-3 different texturepacks instead of being stuck with 1?
    variety is very nice.

    if it is too hard, or just too time consuming i understand. adding this is completely up to you.:)
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    @WaterFalcon it's possible, but it's a bit more work than I'm willing to put into a feature I wouldn't use myself. If somebody else wants to add it, though, the source code is there. :D
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    Hi ! Nice plugin thank you for supporting multi-world :)

    I will try it on my server but how is the texture pack downloaded ? is it in-game ? while client is connecting to the server ? Thank you ;)
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    @sbeex the client downloads the plugin whenever the server tells it to, including changing worlds and after logging in. It can take a few seconds for the change to kick in, depending on the player's connection speed and probably other factors I'm not aware of.
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    Okay I'll try it soon ;) Thank you !
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    I dont know what everyone else is talkin about because I like this one the most.
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    neat plugin i really like this (Open Source!).
    But i'm having a Problem and i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. I think i did the reference wrong, i host the texturepack on my Minecraft-Server through apache(Well XAMPP) and i try accessing it (in the config.yml added through command) with http://localhost/minecraft/texture_pack.zip.
    But when i join it seems not to download anything and i see no changes, did i do something wrong in the configuration?
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    Do you get anything when you visit that URI in your web browser? Is there any error output in the console?

    You should be using a publicly reachable IP address (or host name) if you want this to work for your friends too. Localhost is only accessible on the same computer running the server. It's the player's client, not the plugin, that's resolving that URI and downloading the file.
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    Hey, I'm using it...
    There is a little problem...
    It downloaded correct (Because I saw texturepacks folder and there is my texture file) but... when I login in the server, it just 'stop'.
    The background of the menu (brown) don't disappear, and the world don't appear, and if I click in it, it stop responding.
    Sometimes when I enter in the game, it stop responding.
    And sometimes, it run normal, I can see in menu Texture Packs, my texture, but when I log into the server, it just stop.

    What is wrong?

    PS: Sorry for my bad english
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    Well i can reach that over the browser and there is no error output in the console, thats what made me confused. Well yeah i did the only for test on my own machine. I runned Minecraft + Bukkit + XAMPP on my local machine to ensure that everything worked. In the next week i will get an online Server, i will try it out again maybe something will change. But thank you for your response, support and effort.
    One question remains: where will it store the downloaded files? Is the texturepack in the .minecraft/texturepacks or in the minecraft.jar?
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    Whoops, I'm a little late. I thought I had answered this already!

    I'm afraid I don't know where they go—the SpoutCraft client does the meat of the custom texture pack handling, including downloading the file. It doesn't seem to save them in the spoutcraft Application Support folder, so I suspect it might not be caching the texture packs at all.
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    I dont know if this has been answered yet, but do you need client mods, too? Or is all on the server?
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    Yow, I'm falling behind here. This requires Spout, which in turn requires the SpoutCraft launcher for this and many of its other features. I don't know if Spout supports 1.8 yet because I've been having too much fun with vanilla. C:
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    Can I ask you a question? Would it be possible to make texture pack zones? Say for instance you set up a parimeter with WorldEdit, and then made it whenever you stepped into that area the texture pack would change. I've been looking all over for something like this--but I'm not even sure if it's possible yet.
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    It's not something I'd use personally, so probably not. :C

    Sorry for the late response! Been feeling kinda burned out on Bukkit and Java lately, and kinda busy with other stuff.
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    can u add feature replace 1 or more block texture replace ???
    for example stone... to block x-ray texturepacks
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    Does this work with the latest Spout and RB?
    Because I really would like to use this on my server.
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    Deleted user

    Sad to see this be unupdated.
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    Pleas update this plugins love it :D
  23. Extrordinary work. I tried two other plugins, but they failed at switching back to the users default when leaving the enforced world. This one just works
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    Hi! Eris
    Is it possible to have several texture packs : if a player used to play with a 16x texture pack, he will not have the same texture pack as a player who used to play with a 32x texture pack?

    Another question : is it possible to impose the lang file? (the file with all names of all items and blocks). It could be usefull : in a world, the texture pack is different and the name of all blocks is also different.
    Sorry for my english!
    Happy new year!

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