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  1. SpoutKeyCommands
    Download Latest: Check Bukkitdev
    Previous Versions: 1.0, 1.1
    GitHub: Link

    • Set commands to keys on your keyboard.
    • Sqlite and MySql support.
    • Api for developers.
    This plugin allows users with the spoutcraft client to set commands to keys on the keyboard,
    wich can make stuff much easier.
    Imagine a long command you often use, made accessible with just the press of a button.

    It provides an api for other plugin developers.
    They can set commands to one player or or all players.
    If a plugin have set a command the player or other plugins cant remove or change it,
    unless the plugin is removed or disabled.

    Commands (open)
    /spoutkeycommands - Main command
    /skc - Main command alias
    /skc set <command> - Set a command to a key.
    /skc unset - Remove a keys command.
    /skc check - Check wich commands are set.
    /skc clear - Removes all your key commands.
    /skc save - Saves the keys to the database.
    /skc load - Loads the keys from the database.

    You first set the command by typing "/skc set <command>" in the chat console.
    Then you press your desired key.
    You cant set a command to a key you have set for regular minecraft stuff like
    the movment keys or changing fog distance etc.

    To remove a command you type "/skc unset" in the console and press
    the key you want to remove the command from.

    Permissions (open)

    • SpoutKeyCommands.* - Allows you to use all commands and functionality.
      Defaults to ops
    • SpoutKeyCommands.use - Allows you to set commands to keys.
      Defaults to all users
    • SpoutKeyCommands.reload - Allows you to save and load database config
      Defaults to ops
    API (open)
    You need to add both this plugin jar and spouts api to your project for it to work.

    Plugin skc = pm.getPlugin("SpoutKeyCommands");
    if (skc != null && skc.isEnabled()) {
        SpoutKeyCommandsHandler handler = ((SpoutKeyCommands) skc).getHandle();
        handle.addCommand(player, Keyboard.KEY_R,  "lightning", this;
    • addCommand(String player, Keyboard key, String command, Plugin plugin)
      Set a player specific key command.
    • removeCommand(String player, Keyboard key, Plugin plugin)
      Remove a player specific key command.
    • checkCommand(String player, Keyboard key, Plugin plugin)
      Check status of a player key command, if it is occupied by another plugin or not.
    • addGlobalCommand(Keyboard key, String command, Plugin plugin)
      Set a global key command.
    • removeGlobalCommand(Keyboard key, Plugin plugin)
      Remove a global key command.
    • checkGlobalCommand(Keyboard key, Plugin plugin)
      Check status of a global key command, if it is occupied by another plugin or not.

    Known Issues:
    • Unknown
    • Fix stuff in known issues
    • More config options
    • Maybe localization

    Version 1.1.1
    • Permissions support
    Version 1.1
    • Global commands show up in the list
    • Some api fixes
    • PermissonsEx support
    • Fixed default sqlite database file path for linux (I think)
    Version 1.0
    • Inital release
  2. Nice ! I've always wanted something like this for plugins that make players use commands (as MyWolf). Will be installing this on my next server maintenance :)

    Thanks ! :)


    My server is under GNU/Linux and your mod has created a file named "plugins\SpoutKeyCommands\database.db" in the root directory of Bukkit (yes, the "/" are part of the name), probably a mistyping because the file plugins/SpoutKeyCommands/config.yml exists. ;)
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    title missing plugin version
  4. In the config file you need to change the change the "\" to "/" in the "config.sqlite.database-file" node.
    Its because windows and unix-like os has diffrent path separators.
    Apparently my fix to that problem didnt work.
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    Daniel Heppner

    PLEASE remove [PermissionsBukkit] from the title. This kinda thing makes it REALLY hard to look for the real permissions plugins.
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    System.getProperty("file.separator") will return you "/" or "\" ,depending on the file system! :D
    Otherwise,nice plugin,even though it already exists!
  8. I didn't know that plugin did exist.
    As far as I can see that plugin don't have an API

    I tried something like that, but I couldn't test it as I don't have Linux at the moment
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    when i try to load my server it says "could not load 'plugins/SpoutKeysCommands.jar' in folder 'Plugins' then a whole bunch of other stuff then ... 27 more
  10. I need more information about the error
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    Can you make it also able to use permissions? and not permissionsbukket? =3
  12. Maybe
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    Very Handy!
  14. I have now updated to 1.1
  15. @Yurij

    Skc can support Permissions 2.7.x & 3.1.x too?
    I would apreciate.

  16. It now does
  17. I'll am truly grateful

    I love this plugin, I'm with you for approval :)

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    Pro-tip: Combine this with ScrollingMenuSign for in-game configuration :D I just did this in my hubworld.
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    How do i add a global shortcut?
  20. Use version 1.2
    It will show up on BukkitDev once it is approved
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    Of you can use File.separator...
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    I probably would use my keyboard up pretty easily. So is it possible to hit a hotkey and then get a fresh set of hotkeys. So that one hotkey would switch both ways. And then maybe name each one. So you would have your world edit hotkeys and other plugin hotkeys.

    Thanks :p
  23. I can see what I can do
  24. Version 2.0 submitted to bukkitdev and is awaiting approval.
    It is almost a complete rewrite and adds the ability to use the shift and control keys as modifiers
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    I keep getting this on server start up

    2011-09-13 21:06:53 [SEVERE] ebean.properties not found
    2011-09-13 21:06:53 [INFO] DataSourcePool [SpoutKeyCommands] autoCommit[false] transIsolation[SERIALIZABLE] min[2] max[20]
    2011-09-13 21:06:54 [INFO] SubClassFactory parent ClassLoader [org.bukkit.plugin.java.PluginClassLoader]
    2011-09-13 21:06:54 [INFO] Entities enhanced[0] subclassed[4]
  26. That is stuff related to bukkits persistence, as long as you dont get any other errors it is fine
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    Ok cool thx
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    Not trying to hate on this plugin or anything because I use the concept all the time.
    But doesn't the SpoutClient already have Improved Chat integrated into it to where you can use the command
    ~bind t /lightning
    To essentially bind key "t" to the command "/lightning", thus making this plugin not needed since it's already packaged with SpoutClient.
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    Macros!, Key Binding! This is such a useful plugin!
  30. Thanks

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