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    SignThatChest - Attach Signs onto Chests!
    Version: 1.8
    SignThatChest is a continuation by me of Joeyy's plugin. I have re-written basically the entire plugin to be compatable with the newer versions of bukkit and added a few features along the way. You can see the features that I have added, along with a changelog in the sections below.​
    Original Thread:
    This plugin upgrade was requested by jdev21 and has therefore been re-written by me. As always, all credit still goes to the original name publisher and originator of this plugin, Joeyy.​
    What does this plugin do?
    This plugin allows you to attach signs to container blocks. There is also a special (soon to be configurable) permission - based sign placement tag to add to this. Adding '[stc]' to the first line of a sign is only allowed to be acheived by a user with the permission node ''. This plugin has full permissions support, and has been updated from the permissions API used in the original plugin to the current bukkit permissions API used by most current bukkit plugins. If a sign has '[stc]' on the first line, chests may be opened by right clicking the sign rather than the chest itself.​
    How to use (open)
    How to use (open)

    First of all, create some chests, crafting benches or furnaces to put your signs onto. You can still open these blocks when they have signs placed on them.​
    Next, place the signs you would like to attach to the chest or other container block​
    Simply right click the signs to attach them to the block which is behind them!​
    You can also attach signs to the top of chests as of version 1.8​
    As I said earlier, permissions are as they are in the original plugin. They include the following permission nodes. All permissions default to OP if not specified.​
    SignThatChest.attach - Defines whether or not a player can attach a sign to a chest - Defines whether or not a player can use an [stc] tag on a sign or make a 'special sign'
    Version History
    Versions which I did not modify myself are listed in Joeyy's thread

    Version 1.8:
    • Signs can be attached to top of chests
    • Working better and always with MC 1.0
    • Code optimisations, ready for [stclist]
    Version 1.7:
    • Fixed signs placed in the east direction not being placed properly
    • Player now recieves a 'wrong angle' message if placing a sign on an angle which isn't perfectly polar.
    v1.6.1 (silent update):
    • Fixed permissions message saying 'You are note arlowweed t create a [stc] sign'
    • Chests can be opened with [stc] signs even if there is a block covering them
    • Download link updated on post to link with bukkitdev post.
    • [stc] signs can only be used by users with '', to protect a chest to people only owning that permission a chest can be placed in a wall, only openable by right clicking the sign, something only users with can do.
    v1.6 (beginning of continuation):
    • Compatable with all newer versions of bukkit
    • Various code cleanups and optimisations
    • Text on a sign is changed to 'NO' on the first line if player does not have permission to create a [stc] 'special' sign
    • Listeners are now defined in a more efficient way
    • Player location affects the way a sign is applied to a chest
    • Complete script-rewrite with guidance from the original script by joeyy.
    • Permissions now default to 'OP' rather than glitching and not defining to the default value.
    Bukkit Dev
    I will move this plugin to bukkitDev soon, before the changeover occurs.

    As for source code, if you guys want it I will happily release it on your demmand, especially as the idea for this plugin is not mine in the first place.

    Please feel free to leave a comment below if you like the continuation, don't wish me to continue this project or have any other complaints. This plugin has been tested against bukkit version #1317, #1240 and #1185 and is proven to work on all of these builds.

    Works with new builds of bukkit for MC 1.0, 1570 and up.

    Now on bukkitdev. If anyone is wondering, I did not copy any code directly from the original, but used it as a rough guide. I am still responsible for the code itself, I contacted the plugin author and he has given e express permission to create this plugin.

    The plugin author provided the source as the last comment on the thread.
    As I said before, the plugin is nOw on bukkitdev to support future changes.

    Planned Features:
    • IConomy or Economy support (buying chest contents)
    • Chest-locking system integrated
    • A [stclist] sign which automatically lists the names of the first 3 items in the chest, or random items in the chest
    • Sign protection
    • Right click signs again to make them un-dock from the chest

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    Thanks, have you tried placing the sign on different sides of the chest?
    For example, having the sign face south, west or other where you placed the sign facing north?

    I have yet to encounter a problem like this... all my trials have worked fine. Also, try adding [stc] to the first line and see if that fixes the issue.

    EDIT: I found the problem. I will fix it in the next verion, this issue only happens if the signs are placed facing east, if you place them on any other face of the chest then it will work fine.


    So yeh, if you had of placed your chest facing the other direction then it would have worked fine.

    • Fixes Signs placed on the east plane appearing to be on the south plane
    • Shows a message when players attempt to place a sign which isn't perfectly polar

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    Everything is perfect now. Thanks a lot for this plugin!
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    no problem, you requested, and I made the plugin!
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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    Done... The title is updated and the plugin works with the latest development build.
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    This plugin doesn't seem to be working with the latest 1.0 dev build. Any chance on upgrading it again?
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    I will work on it tonight :)
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    works for me
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    Does this work with LWC?
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    I pushed a silent update so it worked :p

    All this plugin needs is chests, it hooks right into the default bukkit interface for... everything. This plugin will work with all plugins.
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    When using PermissionsEX, the permissions nodes must be in lowercase. I was using 'SignThatChest.attach' from the first post.
    Could you add this caveat to config notes? This plugin is a must-have
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    Thanks for reporting, it will also help me with my other plugins (I wasn't aware that PEX does not support uppercase letters in permission node statements).
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    This mod conflicts with iConomy ChestShop. With Bukkit 1.1 and iConomy ChestShop it will detach the sign from the wall above chests when buying and selling via shop and leave it floating above the chest. Hope this can be fixed, love this plugin.
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    I'm using Bukkit 1.1 with Permissions Bukkit 1.2k, and i I always get the error: You're not allowed to create an [stc]

    It doesn't make a difference if I use " true" or "SignThatChest.attach: true" in config.yml

    Hope you can fix it. Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Oh haha Thank this is just need
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    Great idea! This has been done in other plugins, but only strictly for their uses. I love how this is for any sign at all. Hope this comes out well.
  20. Could you update this for R5?
  21. Please update it for 1.2.5 it would be too great :)
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    Bump, enable for 1.2.5 please. Gotta have it as a shop to buy chests, so I want to have the shop sign on the chest.

    Not 24/7 but server @
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    please update this plugin..! I need this ..
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    Requesting update to latest recommended build.
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    I know this is a long shot, but please update to 1.2.5. I cant seem to find any other plugins that do this.

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