[MISC] ShiftInventory v0.1 - Easily shift player's inventory up/down [1060]

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    ShiftInventory 0.1 (by opatut)

    This plugin allows the player to scroll through his inventory using the scroll wheel or commands. [...]

    This Plugin has been moved to BukkitDev. Please go there for more info / discussion!!!

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    This plugin allows the player to scroll through his inventory using the scroll wheel or commands. The toolbar will be put on top, and all other rows of items will be pushed down (or up when you inverse the direction). Thus you can easily exchange the hotkeyed items with others from your inventory. See it in action:


    • scroll through inventory while sneaking
    • scroll through inventory using commands
    • enable / disable scrolling per-player (settings are saved)
    Usage / Commands:

    When scrolling is enabled, you can scroll through you inventory using your mouse's scroll wheel while sneaking. You can enable or disable this feature with /shiftinventory on|off.

    /shiftinventory         toggle scrolling
    /shiftinventory on      enable scrolling
    /shiftinventory off     disable scrolling
    /shiftinventory up      shift inventory up
    /shiftinventory +       shift inventory up
    /shiftinventory down    shift inventory down
    /shiftinventory -       shift inventory down
    /si ...      shortcut for /shiftinventory
    Change Log:

    • Version 0.1 (Initial release)
      • + Scrolling through inventory using scroll-wheel or commands
      • + Enable / disable scrolling per-player (settings are saved)
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    nice idea :)
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    I actually got the idea from some reddit post a few months ago I guess. But I couldn't find it, I would have linked it here.
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    Looks good! Approved
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    Thanks! Any suggestions are welcome! Will I now receive that fancy purple "Plugin Developer" thingy under my nickname? ;)
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    What about the ability to increase your maximum inventory?

    By scrolling, you could access additional rows of inventory space! With a toggle to affect your hotbar or not.

    I'll add the idea to BukkitDev too!
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    Cool idea! Like QuickBelt on steroids :) Would it be possible to add an option to turn off the scrollwheel behaviour alone? I try not to mess with the default behaviour and my users can use Spout if they want to configure a shortcut.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I tested it :) durr.
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