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    ScrollingMenuSign - scrollable command menus
    Note: ScrollingMenuSign is now on dev.bukkit.org:

    All documentation for the plugin can now be found there. General discussion for the plugin is fine here, but please use dev.bukkit.org tickets for problem reports.

    ScrollingMenuSign lets you attach a scrollable command menu to any sign or map and add menu items to it. Right-click the sign to scroll the list of items, left-click it to select an item and execute its associated command. The inspiration for this plugin was the large number of Minecart Mania station names I (and others) have to remember and type in.

    Some possible uses:
    • A menu of station setting commands for Minecart Mania
    • Newbie user guide menus
    • Warp menus for your favourite teleportation plugin
    • A shop menu - buy/sell/swap items & credits
    • Controlled access to commands that users can't normally run

    See the Changelog on dev.bukkit.org
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    New bug-fix release:

    v0.2.1 (27/5/2011)
    • Fixed bug in /sms title where only the first word of a multi-word title was used
    • Most commands can now be used on the console (/sms create cannot be, and /sms show & /sms break can only be used if a menu name is passed)

    Hmm, I can't reproduce this - just tried it and it worked fine. The only thing that would prevent signs being colourised is Permissions - be sure that you have 'scrollingmenusign.coloursigns' (or 'scrollingmenusign.colorsigns').

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    My permissions file runs with out ' and ' its not needed them for versions now it works just fine with out them heres my file i hav reloaded it and all the plugins ingame and still i have no colors :/

            system: default
            copies: null
            default: true
                prefix: '&c(&8N&c)'
                suffix: '&f'
                build: true
                rank: 1
            inheritance: null
            - commandbook.spawn
            - commandbook.rules
            - commandbook.motd
            - commandbook.who
            - commandbook.kit.kits.trees
            - myhome.home.basic.*
            - lwc.protect
            - mywarp.warp.basic.warp
            - mcbans.vote
            - scrollingmenusign.scroll
            - scrollingmenusign.execute
            default: false
                prefix: '&c(&eP&c)'
                suffix: '&e'
                build: true
                rank: 2
            - Noob
            - iConomyChestShop.command.iteminfo
            - iConomyChestShop.shop.create
            - iConomyChestShop.shop.buy
            - iConomyChestShop.shop.sell
            - iConomy.access
            - iConomy.rank
            - iConomy.list
            - iConomy.payment
            - commandbook.say.*
            - commandbook.whereami.*
            - commandbook.msg
            - worldedit.extinguish
            - worldguard.locate
            - jobs.job.Hunter
            - jobs.job.CityGuard
            - jobs.job.LandScaper
            - jobs.job.CityWorker
            - jobs.job.Miner
            - jobs.job.LumberJack
            - jobs.job.Electrician
            default: false
                prefix: '&c(&2R&c)'
                suffix: '&e'
                build: true
                rank: 3
            - Player
            permissions: null
            default: false
                prefix: '&c(&2V&c)'
                suffix: '&6'
                build: true
                rank: 4
            - Respected
            - nocheat.speedhack
            - nocheat.moving
            - worldguard.stack
            - commandbook.clear
            - commandbook.kit.list
            - commandbook.kit.kits.suit
            - commandbook.bans.isbanned
            - logblock.me
            - commandbook.call
            - iConomy.bank.*
            - jobs.job.Farmer
            - jobs.job.Knight
            - mcbans.vote.kick
            - mcbans.vote.msg
            default: false
                prefix: '&c(&aM&c)'
                suffix: '&e'
                build: true
                rank: 5
            - Vip
            - commandbook.slap.other
            - commandbook.rocket.other
            - commandbook.barrage.other
            - commandbook.kick
            - commandbook.time
            - commandbook.teleport
            - commandbook.mute
            - lwc.mod
            - worldedit.fixlava
            - worldedit.fixwater
            - logblock.lookup
            - mcbans.kick
            - mcbans.lookup
            - mcbans.mod
            default: false
                prefix: '&c(A)'
                suffix: '&6'
                build: true
                rank: 6
            - Mod
            - commandbook.clear.other
            - commandbook.teleport.other
            - commandbook.spawnmob.*
            - commandbook.weather.*
            - nocheat.*
            - worldguard.god.*
            - worldguard.heal.*
            - worldguard.slay.*
            - worldedit.history.*
            - worldedit.superpickaxe.*
            - worldedit.navigation.*
            - permissions.reload
            - lwc.admin
            - logblock.rollback
            - logblock.area
            - p2.promote
            - p2.demote
            - mcbans.ban.temp
            - myhome.home.soc.others
            - mcbans.ban.local
            - mcbans.admin
            - mcbans.ban.view
            - scrollingmenusign.commands.*
            - scrollingmenusign.destroy
            - scrollingmenu.colorsigns
            default: false
                prefix: '&c(&3SA&c)'
                suffix: '&d'
                build: true
                rank: 7
            - Admin
            - iConomyChestShop.admin
            - worldguard.*
            - commandbook.*
            - worldedit.*
            - myhome.admin
            - mcbans.unban
            default: false
                prefix: '&c(&bO&c)'
                suffix: '&b'
                build: true
                rank: 8
            - SuperAdmin
            - iConomy.admin.*
            - jobs.job.*
            - p2.*
            - mywarp.warp.basic.list
            - mywarp.warp.basic.delete
            - mywarp.warp.basic.createpublic
            - mywarp.warp.basic.welcome
            - mcbans.ban.global
    Nodes are all added at Admin Group and Noobs have The Rights to use them.
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    You've added permission for 'scrollingmenu.colorsigns', when you meant 'scrollingmenusign.colorsigns' :)
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    yes because your Op says scrollingmenu.coloursigns / scrollingmenu.colorsigns - allow usage of coloured menus

    is that wrong or am i misunderstanding what it gives access to?

    Edit also that fixed my problem :D
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    Oops, yeah - typo in the OP. Fixed now!
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    No problems so far Althogh ever since i installed your plugin whenever i try to use /reload it gives an error the first time internal ofc but the second time it works :/ its as iff ur plugins has problems reloading when its already enabled.
    Just a guess Could also be mc bans causing the issue because i installed it around the same time.
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    Yeah, I've not seen any errors using /reload - can you try with MCBans disabled? And also paste the error message?
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    Tfs Halo

    thanks again for this :), you completely changed my thoughts on this plugin. shows that something is better once you know what it does :)
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    Thats what im here for :)
    I know from experience that i want to see it working before i download, otherwise how do you know it works. Hope i explained it clearly
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    Tfs Halo

    you did it perfectly and you are the best reviewer ^.^
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    Feature request:

    Time based scrolling
    (real time not minecraft)​
    Every set amount of time the sign scrolls to the next panel.​
    I would also like it to have the option to turn off "use the mouse to change the sign".​
    (with time based enabled this would make sense.)​
    Also redstone support is always nice :p.​

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    With regards to the redstone i think this would be cool if it said on / off. However surely just use a lever??
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    Time based scrolling: interesting idea, I'll see what I can do.

    Redstone support: how do you envisage this working?
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    I think he means redstone activating the sign but that would be hard in the case of commands the require a player entity as default.

    I would imagine just connecting redstone to the block the sign is on? so a torch under the block or redstone dust leading into it. i think bukkit has an ispowerd hook you can make use of.
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    Sadly, I can't see the practical use of this.
    As of currently it is more for informational or General use (Commands everyone can use)

    If player has doesn't have command permission they can click a sign and recieve message still. (Command doesn't run)
    The lack of typed message space. Unless you go in and edit file you can't increase it, the limit from straight server side editing it fixes it so messages can become FAR larger than any player could use :p.
    Can't run more than one command per line.
    It seems to work as like a macro. Instead of lazy player typing command they can click a sign, that auto sends the command for them. They need the permission to use command of course.

    Maybe add a
    /sms sub name label|Command|Message
    Which will associate another command or message to same label?
    Maybe add it so in code it checks for more than one 'command:' in config line. Or Simpler check for the '/' for the commands.

    I personally think it will improve. As of now I am implementing it. It seems to me a great tool for people to scroll through lines of text and works perfect for people to read through Rules, Tutorials, etc.

    Another Idea:
    So, people can create a sign of a certain title. For when you get synchronized signs up and running.
    So, people can place a Tutorial Sign, a News Feed Sign, a Quick Command Sign, etc.

    I made a quick warp signs. So you can choose a destination. Cause some of my warps are very longwinded named like all my messages.
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    I put it on my server and it said there was an internal memmory problem????

    Please Reply i am running 1.5
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    Paste the full error text, please, along with what you were doing when you got the error.

    Well, command privilege elevation is high on the todo list, as is a way of storing longer command scripts in an external file.

    So maybe in the next release... :)

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    Sounds just like CommandSigns and Annotate? :confused:
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    Sir NopeDK, your rants about command signs and annotate are vaguley repeating may I help by inputing this.
    // Runs the command string through CommandSigns command parser with player being the executing player.
    public void runCommandString(String commandString, Player player);
    /* Runs the 'command sign' through CommandSigns command parser with player being the executing player.
       The command sign should be an enabled command sign. */
    public void runCommandSign(ArrayList<String> commandSign, Player player);
    // Enables the 'command sign'.  Returns true if successful.
    public boolean enableCommandSign(ArrayList<String> commandSign);
    // Enables the 'command sign' with a finite number of uses.  Returns true if successful.
    public boolean enableCommandSign(ArrayList<String> commandSign, int uses);
    // Disables the 'command sign'.  Returns true if successful.
    public boolean disableCommandSign(ArrayList<String> commandSign);
    // Returns true if the 'command sign' is a correctly formatted disabled command sign.
    public boolean isDisabledCommandSign(ArrayList<String> commandSign);
    // Returns true if the 'command sign' is a correctly formatted enabled command sign.
    public boolean isEnabledCommandSign(ArrayList<String> commandSign);
    or go to User's Guide
    and scroll to the bottom.
    He has added a API so anyone can integrate.
    I can't speak for him, but for someone else to integrate it would probably make him super happy. Why else would he add it?
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    As it happens, that API is exactly what I plan to use :)
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    @desht sounds awesome! Can't wait for that integration!
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    Works with Build 815 but when a reload or server restart is required, upon the server starting back up or reloading the signs do not work and will destroy the item you are holding when attempting to use the sign. Hope this helps when you update the plugin.
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    I've yet to test with any release past 803 but I would be very surprised if SMS was responsible for destroying items - it makes no inventory-related calls at all. I'll see if I can try it out soon though.
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    @desht CB816 you have to relog to se the scrolling and changes to the sign
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    Quoting main page for bukkit regarding the CB816:
    "This is a non-recommended development and test build."
    That might explain it.
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    Understood, but as NopeDK also pointed out, 815/816 etc. are not supported builds.

    Right now, my time is being spent on development of new features for v0.3, so debugging dev releases isn't a priority, sorry.
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    can we get a sneakpeak of those features?

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