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    ScrollingMenuSign - scrollable command menus
    Note: ScrollingMenuSign is now on dev.bukkit.org:

    All documentation for the plugin can now be found there. General discussion for the plugin is fine here, but please use dev.bukkit.org tickets for problem reports.

    ScrollingMenuSign lets you attach a scrollable command menu to any sign or map and add menu items to it. Right-click the sign to scroll the list of items, left-click it to select an item and execute its associated command. The inspiration for this plugin was the large number of Minecart Mania station names I (and others) have to remember and type in.

    Some possible uses:
    • A menu of station setting commands for Minecart Mania
    • Newbie user guide menus
    • Warp menus for your favourite teleportation plugin
    • A shop menu - buy/sell/swap items & credits
    • Controlled access to commands that users can't normally run

    See the Changelog on dev.bukkit.org
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    New major release:
    v1.7.0 (30 Nov 2012)
    • CraftBukkit 1.4.x required (1.4.5+ recommended). This will *not* work with CB 1.3.x or earlier revisions!
    • New view type: inventory view. This uses Minecraft 1.4's ability to have custom item tooltips to display menus as a collection of clickable icons in a virtual inventory window. These views can be popped up with a specific type of written book item, available with the /sms give book command or by hitting an existing sign view with a book and quill item. See View Types / Inventory Views. Credit for the inventory vie concept goes to nisovin: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/icon-menu.108342/
    • It is now possible to apply potion effects with a command cost specifier. E.g. /sms add mymenu "Water Breathing" "$water_breathing,180;E,10" gives the player the water breathing effect for 180 seconds at a cost of 10 economy credits. See Command Parser (Costs section) for more information.
    • Replaced (haha) the /sms replace command with a more versatile /sms edit command. This can be used to adjust the label, command, feedback message, icon (for inventory views) or position of menu items. See Usage / Editing Menu Entries.
    • Explosions which affect SMS view blocks are no longer entirely cancelled, but view blocks are still protected (when "no_explosions" is true, of course)
    • Map view items now have a tooltip indicating the title of the menu they are associated with (Spout is no longer required for this, since MC 1.4 can do it natively)
    • The "<EXP>" string is now substituted with the player's current experience total in commands. E.g. /sms add mymenu "Check EXP" "\\You have <EXP> experience."
    • The output pager no longer pages large blocks of output (e.g. listing menus) by default, since it's now easy to scroll back with the mouse wheel when the chat window is open. You can restore the previous paging behaviour if you want, with /sms set pager.lines 20
    • Change to /sms givemap command: it is now /sms give map <id> (and added /sms give book <view-name> to give popup books for inventory & spout views).
    • Change to /sms uses command: now use '-global' instead of 'global' when setting global usage limits on a menu or item.
    • Change to /sms sort command: now use '-auto' instead of 'auto' to get auto-sorting menus.
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