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    PlayerCount - Writes online players in a file!
    Version: v1.3

    • Writes the player count to: Plugins/PlayerCount/PlayerCount.dat.
    • Writes online players to: Plugins/PlayerCount/OnlinePlayers.dat.
    Download PlayerCount!
    Source is inside the jar file.

    Known bugs:
    None. :D

    Version 1.0
    • Release.
    Version 1.1
    • Changed namespace.
    Version 1.2
    • Works in Beta 1.4.
    Version 1.3
    • Fixed disconnect-event.
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    Nice, like it! [​IMG]
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    Thanks. :)
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    Why would this be needed?,
    Just type /players

    ... If it showed how long each user has been playing the server for Total and Session
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    But you can't use '/players' on an website to show the online players. ;)
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    What if a server doesn't have a plugin that enables /players? There's always /list, but that doesn't tell you the number of players currently on.

    I like this plugin, it's simple and enables me to show # of players online on my website. :)
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    Thank you :)
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    Any way to get this to write anywhere as opposed to the plugins folder? I have the server on a separate hard drive than the website and would like to read the files from the web space.
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    Try this. :)

    echo file_get_contents("C://minecraft_server/Plugins/PlayerCount/PlayerCount.dat"); // Change this path. ;)

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    Lovely plugin!
    I have one more idea to make it perfect. Make it update a file called serverstatus.cat and update it with 1/true every 5 minutes the server is up. and 0/false when it is stopped correctly.
    That way I could easily make a script that checks if the server have crashed by checking the file edit time.

    Or, for the matter of the simplicity of the plugin you could release a new one doing that? SimpleStatus :p
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    You can better write a script that checks the port. ;)

    In PHP like this:
    $fp = @fsockopen("localhost",25565,$errno,$errstr,1);
    $status true;
    $status false;
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    Do you think you will add mysql support for people you do not have their webserver and gameserver on the same box?
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    Maybe later...
    I don't know how to acces a MySQL-database with Java. :p
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    Thanks robin! Have I ever told you that I love you? :D
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    Hey - this plugin completes my server like no other, thanks a lot. You can view it on the main page here: http://www.idenvale.net/.

    I used a symbolic link from where they are located to a public space on the webserver and simply used php to display it's contents.
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    They tell me to nag, so I nag ;)
    [SEVERE] Nag author: 'robin0van0der0v' of 'PlayerCount' about the following: onPlayerJoin has been replaced with a new signature, (PlayerJoinEvent)
    Great plugin anyway !

    EDIT : build 617, PlayerCount 1.1
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    Perfect! Thank you :D
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    You could do an HTTP request including the number of players, and then make it write to the database using PHP.
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    This plugin is really nice, it gives yet another thing to put on your website. I have one request though. Could you make a config file for this plugin, where the default folder is your plugin/playercount/ folder, but where you can add another path if desired (i would like to write the files to my www folder so i dont have to put a link to my minecraft folder in the php script).

    Off topic: If this is not possible, can someone please tell me wich program you use to compile the .java source to a .class again, since i cant get it done with jEdit and i cant really find any other progries on the internet :)
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    I think there is some kind of bug in this plugin. Is it possible that when the last player logs out, the file doesnt get updated? This leaves always 1 player in the file. Reloading the server fixes this.
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    I'm using this plugin too and it's very nice and useful!
    Unfortunately i'm having the same problem as MathijsNL.

    Robin0van0der0v if you're still around, could you kindly have a look to this issue please?

    Thank you so much!


    My website, using the PlayerCount plugin: www.waron.net (see the Minecraft block on the left side).
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    I am having the same problem with regards to not removing the last player. It's becoming a nuisance. It worked fine until I upgraded the server to 1.4 (and the plugin to 1.3).

    Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
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    I am also having the same problem but only since i updated the plugin.
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    I'm trying to fix this, but I don't know why this happens. :(
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    Me and a friend was looking at your source, and could it be that when there's no one on the server, the return value for getOnlinePlayers() is null? If so, that's your problem right there. If not, it's to long since I wrote Java for me to help more I think...
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    FYI I don't have this problem with CB617. Bad interaction between plugins?
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    Connor Griffin

    Thanks, this works perfectly for a widget on our website. We had been using some modified code an MCStats page, but this is much better.
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    Thanks, but I've a strange problem with this plugin with build 670. When the last player disconnecting, the files are not updated (OnlinePlayers.dat have the last nick, and /PlayerCount.dat remain to 1).
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    maby u could add a command like /who and /list and /players and have it be global?
    you know to see the players list?

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