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    Mob Spawner Changer - Change what a mob spawner spawns!
    Version: v0.3

    48943+ downloads!!! Thanks for your support guys! :cool:

    This plugin allows you to change what a mob spawner spawns, allowing you to create unique mob arenas and traps on your server, and even build a admin farm! This plugin only works for server Ops, to prevent cheating.

    • changes a mob spawner to spawn any mob type
    • only ops can change the mob spawning type
    • the block will permanently stay spawning the type its changed to, even if it was picked up.
    • Check what a mob spawner currently spawns, works for non OP's

    Download for minecraft v1.8.1 [1337]

    just drag and drop to your plugins folder!

    Type /mchange in-game for usage instructions.

    NOTE: /mchange check works for non op's

    To Do:
    • implement a custom spawning script to eliminate default spawning rules/bugs
    • Support Permissions
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    Thanks! This is exactly what I needed on my server. Never knew how to change them and now its easy!
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    pleas help me,

    if i put the ZIP file in the plugin map, and i restart the server, dont the plugin work
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    Cognito guy

    Can you please add an angry wolf spawner?
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    How does this support permissions?
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    Cognito guy

    you should unzip the file and put the jar inside the plugin folder
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    SpiderJockey and Giant spawning?
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    guys, im going to finnish this off once school has blown over... say, 6 weeks. hold out till then!
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    Support for 1.8 anytime soon??
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    Yes please make this for 1.8!!!
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    Cognito guy

    Can you please add an angry wolf spawner? And spider jockeys would be really cool :D

    EDIT: Oh and silverfish would be epic!
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    are you updating to minecraft 1.8.1?

    No, slimes spawn only within spesific chunks and at levels 4 to 16 underground. there are places you can go to see where you can spawn slimes

    try here:

    simple and you can easily find your location using 'F3' key in game

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    Can you update soon to 1317?
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    @Overdrive97 @ryanjjjj @spykillyou @Deadonpromnite - Its now updated to the latest RB

    Sorry for the late update, final exams are in the way... that being said, once they are out of the way, ill iron out all the bugs in this, and add all the features that you guys have sugested
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    Essentials already does this, aim at a spawner and type /spawner <mob>
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    Trolls will be trolls.... @charredgrass read some of the comments first.. Once im out of school this plugin will have features of setting the delay, how many mobs it spawns, weather or not its light sensetive, and spawn Any mob Anywhere. So for now its the same, but later it wont...
  17. If i change the type of spawner it is in multiplayer will it stay like that if its moved to single player?
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    permission support coming?
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    is it compatible with 1.0.0 ?
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    i dont think it is right now.
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    please make it compatible
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    @EdFake is probably just waiting for a Recommended Build, if you can't wait, try looking for a alternative.
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    Seems to work for me on 1.0.1! I've got it spawning Wolves as we speak.
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    it works with 1.0.0 but doesnt have the 1.0.0 mobs, any chance you can add these? :)
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    please update
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    Nick Foster

    essentials is for 13 year olds, not real servers.... -_-

    when do you pan on updating?
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    please update, I really need this.
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    Work for 1.1?[pig]
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    Link is borken

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