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    ~Version: 2.5~
    Zip Archive (with config file): [ZIP]
    Only JAR File: [JAR]

    MailBox is plugin used for sending packages (material) to other players. Players can create their own mailboxes. When player has a mailbox, he can receive the package. Offline players can receive the package too. How to send a package: Just write simple command: /mailbox send <player_name>. The package is item which you hold in your hand.

    How to install:
    1.)  Extract to /plugins directory.
    2.)  Change settings in config file: /plugins/MailBox/settings.txt.
    3.)  Run the server.
    4.)  Enjoy It!

    Settings (open)

    cooldown_limit = 50 // Player can send package only once every 50 seconds.
    delivery_fee = 5.0 // Fixed fee for sending a package.
    creating_fee = 0.0 // Fee for creating a mailbox.
    fee_per_1000m = 4 // In the same world: Fee is 4 dollars per 1000 meters. E.g 1500 meters will have 6 dollars fee.
    foreign_fee = 10 // Fee for sending a package to another world. e.g. from World to Nether.
    postman_profit = 0.1 // Player who created your mailbox, gains 10% of total fee from receiving packages.
    only_op = false // When you don't use permissions, you can set that only OP can send packages and create the mailboxes.
    use_mysql = false
    mysql_database = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mailbox
    mysql_user = root
    mysql_pass = password

    • Players can create their own mailboxes. 1 mailbox / player.
    • Packages can be send to other world - e.g. nether.
    • Mailboxes can be stored in MySQL database or in file 'db_file.db'.
    • Works with LWC (But works without it too).
    • Works with Bukkit Permissions. (But works without it too).
    • Works with iConomy. (You can set a delivery fee. But works without it too.)
    • You can set cooldown = player can send package only once every x seconds.
    • Ability to create a mailbox for someone else.
    • Postman - Player who created your mailbox can earn money. He gets 10% of total fee from receiving packages.

    • /mailbox ~ Lists commands.
    • /mailbox help ~ Lists commands.
    • /mailbox fees ~ Check the fees.
    • /mailbox check <player_name> ~ Check the fee for sending a package to <player_name>.
    • /mailbox send <player_name> ~ Send a package to <player_name>. (Alias /msend)
    • /mailbox view [page] ~ View a log file. (For admins or moderators.)
    • /mailbox create ~ Create a mailbox
    • /mailbox create <player_name> ~ Create a mailbox for <player_name>. (<player_name> has to be online!).
    • /mailbox remove ~ Remove a mailbox
    • /mailbox remove <player_name> ~ Remove <player_name>'s mailbox.
    • mailbox -reload ~ Reload settings. You do not need restart server.


    Version 2.5
    • Added newest 1.2.3 Bukkit support

    Version 2.4
    • Added Vault support
    Version 2.3
    • New permission system - PermissionBukkit.
    • Added new command: /mailbox check <player_name> - Check the fee for sending a package to <player_name>.
    • Distance fee: You can set fee for delivery distance. E.g. 15 dollars / 1000 metres.
    • Foreign fee: You can set fee for sending the package to another world.
    • Automatic control of newest version of the plugin.
    • Profit for postman.
    Version 2.2
    • Added permissions mailbox.sendtoself and mailbox.noocooldown.
    • Added new command: /mailbox fees - To check the fees.
    Version 2.1
    • Fixed bug with cooldown.
    • Added aliases for commands. (/msend for /mailbox send) and (/mbox for /mailbox)
    Version 2.0
    • You can set a fee for creating a mailbox. (If you have iConomy)
    • Changed permissions.
    • Added ability to create a mailbox for someone else. (You can build a post office)
    • Fixed 1 bug.
    Version 1.2
    • You can set a delivery fee. (If you have iConomy)
    • Added a logging. Use /mailbox view [page] for view a log.
    • Added colors into command output. (better look)
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed 1 bug.
    • Added Permissions.
    • Added Cooldown.
    • Defaultly, plugin do not need MySQL database. But you can still use it.
    • Added console command.
    Version 1.0
    • First version of this plugin.
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    New version of MailBox plugin: v2.4

    Version 2.4
    • Added Vault support
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    Good plugin. :) But you should add a option that when a player destroys a mailbox, the mailbox will be automaticly remove.
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    Thanks for the update Safoo. I ended up changing from Permissions 2.7 (Phoenix) to bPermissions and added the "Vault" plugin (for some future stuff I want) and now the fees seem to work.
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    Would be nice with a console and admin executable command like /mailbox give <player> <item id> <amount>

    Then an item would be given to a players mailbox, without the need of having it in hand, and should be usable by console.

    Just like po5's request ;P

    Best Regards,
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    How about a sign option ie "[Mailbox]" then adding username etc. Perhaps even attach to chest
    much like lokette does
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    How do i disable the check for an update
    "[MailBox]: Can't find out information about newest plugin version."
    happen to fiddle with the firewall and after blocking the server, i noticed when testing some new plugins
    that server start it would stall for a minute at "[MailBox] New thread running."
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    Hi, very cool plugin...

    But I have one addition: can you make it possible the "messages" to be readable from a configuration file instead of hardcoded sentences? makes it really useful in other languages then :)

    Kind Regards
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    Can you add some config options to white/black list items that can be send? I want to use your plugin with Courier, but only to deliver maps
    or, is possible to make fees for non-economy servers? for example, each delivery consumes 1 iron from players eq ?
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    Does this work with R6?
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    I get this error on startup

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    I will fix it very soon.
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    I have released new version of plugin - MailBox 2.5. Now, it is working with newest Bukkit. :)
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    ok i just posted a comment on another plugin that is the same without a chest/mailbox and now i want this one lol great job man i cant wait to play with this plugin ...umm can a mod set the mailbox for other players?
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    Thx man.
    It is possible for mod to set a mailbox for other players. There is a permission
    mailbox.postman.createother for it.
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    Please add option to be able to create (etc) mailbox for another user when they are offline.

    thanks for nice plugin
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    Seems to be ignoring per-world permissions. I had it set so players could only use /mailbox in 3 worlds except creative, but it was still working in creative.

    I use PEX for permissions
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    I have a creative world and a survival world. I dont want people to be able to send items between worlds. Is there a way to fix this? If not could you add a way to do this? Thanks!
  20. Sometimes when I send a package to a player it says "internal error" but other players work fine. I am certain that the player I tried to send to had a mailbox.
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    Man, that is exactly what i was looking for :D
  22. Could you add the ability to set up Universal mailboxes for everyone to use?
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    Source code?
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    is there a mailbox plug that only admins make lots of mailbox and the player is set mail and that player heads to any mailbox and can pick up the mail??
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    Can you add another economy system? (BOSEconomy, Essentials)
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    Uhh.. it's using Vault...

    I would like to see this plugin get some attention though!
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    hi safoo this is just a suggestion but could u possabely make this command in the next new version of you plugin.

    /mailbox createallinone

    it would work like the ender chest. one chest but multiple accounts in it. so you could put it in ur postoffice and the players would have to go to the postoffice to recive the mail. thank you for your time
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    Does this work with lockette?
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    yes, it works good :)

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