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    ~Version: 2.5~
    Zip Archive (with config file): [ZIP]
    Only JAR File: [JAR]

    MailBox is plugin used for sending packages (material) to other players. Players can create their own mailboxes. When player has a mailbox, he can receive the package. Offline players can receive the package too. How to send a package: Just write simple command: /mailbox send <player_name>. The package is item which you hold in your hand.

    How to install:
    1.)  Extract to /plugins directory.
    2.)  Change settings in config file: /plugins/MailBox/settings.txt.
    3.)  Run the server.
    4.)  Enjoy It!

    Settings (open)

    cooldown_limit = 50 // Player can send package only once every 50 seconds.
    delivery_fee = 5.0 // Fixed fee for sending a package.
    creating_fee = 0.0 // Fee for creating a mailbox.
    fee_per_1000m = 4 // In the same world: Fee is 4 dollars per 1000 meters. E.g 1500 meters will have 6 dollars fee.
    foreign_fee = 10 // Fee for sending a package to another world. e.g. from World to Nether.
    postman_profit = 0.1 // Player who created your mailbox, gains 10% of total fee from receiving packages.
    only_op = false // When you don't use permissions, you can set that only OP can send packages and create the mailboxes.
    use_mysql = false
    mysql_database = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mailbox
    mysql_user = root
    mysql_pass = password

    • Players can create their own mailboxes. 1 mailbox / player.
    • Packages can be send to other world - e.g. nether.
    • Mailboxes can be stored in MySQL database or in file 'db_file.db'.
    • Works with LWC (But works without it too).
    • Works with Bukkit Permissions. (But works without it too).
    • Works with iConomy. (You can set a delivery fee. But works without it too.)
    • You can set cooldown = player can send package only once every x seconds.
    • Ability to create a mailbox for someone else.
    • Postman - Player who created your mailbox can earn money. He gets 10% of total fee from receiving packages.

    • /mailbox ~ Lists commands.
    • /mailbox help ~ Lists commands.
    • /mailbox fees ~ Check the fees.
    • /mailbox check <player_name> ~ Check the fee for sending a package to <player_name>.
    • /mailbox send <player_name> ~ Send a package to <player_name>. (Alias /msend)
    • /mailbox view [page] ~ View a log file. (For admins or moderators.)
    • /mailbox create ~ Create a mailbox
    • /mailbox create <player_name> ~ Create a mailbox for <player_name>. (<player_name> has to be online!).
    • /mailbox remove ~ Remove a mailbox
    • /mailbox remove <player_name> ~ Remove <player_name>'s mailbox.
    • mailbox -reload ~ Reload settings. You do not need restart server.


    Version 2.5
    • Added newest 1.2.3 Bukkit support

    Version 2.4
    • Added Vault support
    Version 2.3
    • New permission system - PermissionBukkit.
    • Added new command: /mailbox check <player_name> - Check the fee for sending a package to <player_name>.
    • Distance fee: You can set fee for delivery distance. E.g. 15 dollars / 1000 metres.
    • Foreign fee: You can set fee for sending the package to another world.
    • Automatic control of newest version of the plugin.
    • Profit for postman.
    Version 2.2
    • Added permissions mailbox.sendtoself and mailbox.noocooldown.
    • Added new command: /mailbox fees - To check the fees.
    Version 2.1
    • Fixed bug with cooldown.
    • Added aliases for commands. (/msend for /mailbox send) and (/mbox for /mailbox)
    Version 2.0
    • You can set a fee for creating a mailbox. (If you have iConomy)
    • Changed permissions.
    • Added ability to create a mailbox for someone else. (You can build a post office)
    • Fixed 1 bug.
    Version 1.2
    • You can set a delivery fee. (If you have iConomy)
    • Added a logging. Use /mailbox view [page] for view a log.
    • Added colors into command output. (better look)
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed 1 bug.
    • Added Permissions.
    • Added Cooldown.
    • Defaultly, plugin do not need MySQL database. But you can still use it.
    • Added console command.
    Version 1.0
    • First version of this plugin.
  2. this plugin would be perfect if u didnt have to type whole name when sending :)
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    I don't agree. It would be dangerous, people can easily send package to wrong person. Maybe i will add it, but defaultly this option will be disabled.
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    you could make it, that a confirmation message with user is shown in chat and the sender has 30 seconds to type "/mailbox cancel" to get delivery back. that could be configurable between: back in his inventory or back in his own mailbox. this would work also if the delivery takes time to arrive at destination.

    i will try to do this with plugin "worldguard". there you can set zones, and restrict or allow commands inside. so i will allow the "/mailbox send" command only in the zone of the postal office. suggestion for that @Safoo: If you could make creatable "postofficesendchest". then you can send your packages only there by placing your items into "postofficesendchest", then /mailbox send <player_name> to send all items in chest to destination. this is also easier, if you want to send more than 1 stack/slot.
  5. Bump! - Any input on this Safoo? could you look into a way around it?
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    Just stumbled upon a glitch. I'm using Mailbox 2.2 on cb1000 on a linux machine. The following happens:

    MailBox creates a directory in plugins folder, but a db file is created in the wrong place... "\" instead of "/" ... :)
    "settings.txt" correctly appears in the MailBox directory though.

    [mine@mc plugins]$ ls -la MailBox*
    -rw-r--r-- 1 mine mine 4096 25. Jul 13:26 MailBox\db_file.db
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 mine mine 14527 24. Jul 18:32 MailBox.jar

    insgesamt 24
    drwxrwxr-x 2 mine mine 4096 25. Jul 13:23 .
    drwxr-xr-x 33 mine mine 4096 25. Jul 14:00 ..
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 mine mine 196 24. Jul 18:39 settings.txt
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    thx for report. :) This probably does not influence the functionality, so i will fix it in new version.
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    I'm having an issue I can't create any mailboxes. It simply says error. When I check the console it says " [WARNING] Problem with SQL. Check config file /plugin/MailBox/settings.txt " However I have the use SQL set to false.
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    I've a question. ;P

    I've iConomy 5.x installed and mailbox 2.2, and I want to use fees. But mailbox is always telling me "iConomy is off!".
    I've values defined for the fees in the config (10 for sending and 100 to create).

    What do I have to do to get it working?

    P.S.: I'm currently running each plugin in his own database within my MySQL Server.
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    Did you consider adding translating posibility?
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    I have more suggest :-P

    - Posibility for users to know who has send what (like /mailbox view but just for theirselves)
    - Positility to ignore users, or not let users send mails to you (people trying to flood mails -_-")
    - Posibility to ban in the config some blocks, or have different fees for some blocks.

    - Also (again) translation files, plz ! :-P

    Just suggestion, nice plugin BTE ;)
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    Any way to set a delivery time for packages?
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    Can you make this BOSEconomy support?
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    Still doesn't work with iConomy 5 :'(
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    download link down ?
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    Link is down :(
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    can anybody upload the jar file please ? :(
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    Links are fixed. :)
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    Nice work, I think that your plugin has a great potential !
    But I think that you could make it more user friendly :)

    Here is how should work the the ideal MailBox plugin (IMHO):


    - Create a mail box by placing a sign on a chest (like with the plugin Lockette) with "[MailBox]" on the first line (no command needed).

    What the user writes       What is displayed
    [  [MailBox]  ]            [  [MailBox]  ]
    [             ]     =>     [ messages: 0 ]
    [             ]            [ packages: 0 ]
    [             ]            [ PlayerName  ]

    - Remove the mail box by breaking the sign (no command needed).

    - A left-click on the sign displays a short user guide.

    - A right-click on the sign displays the oldest mail (the mail is then removed from inbox).

    - Right-click on the chest to see received packages (normal behavior of the chest).

    - Send a mail with the short command "/mb sm PlayerName bla bla bla".

    - Reply to the last mail that you read with the short command "/mb r bla bla bla".

    - Send a package with the short command "/mb sp PlayerName".

    - Optionally, when a package is received, a mail like "Notch sent you 64 DIAMOND" is added to the inbox.

    - Optionally, configurable colors for title, normal text, highlited text and owner name (hilighting the text make it possible to see that you received a mail even if you are too far to read the sign).

    Please tell me what do you think about these ideas :)

    Keep up the good work!
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    if im using permissionsbukkit where and what do i post to get regular non oped users the ability to create a mailbox and send and recieve messages
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    Hi i love the Plugin but the people can't send stuff of do anything :C
    So if you can help me i would be very happy :D

    i also tryed
    - mailbox.user.send
    - mailbox.user.create
    - mailbox.user.remove

    This is my GroupManager.
    default: true
    - -essentials.*
    - -essentials.spawn
    - -essentails.sethome
    - -essentails.home
    - essentials.helpop
    - essentials.list
    - essentials.motd
    - mailbox.user.*
    inheritance: []
    prefix: '&e'
    build: true
    suffix: ''
    Thanks For Help Anyway :D plz reply
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    Same as above.
    I'm running craftbukkit [1000], and permissionsEX and I can't get my users able to use this plugin. I use MySQL and i can see the perms are there and I've checked the syntax over and over and tried it many different ways, but no matter what, non-ops cannot use the plugin.
    Should i add separate permissions in bukkit permissions for this plugin?
    Dont even know if that'll work...
    Thanks in advance.
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    Currently using CB 1060 and I am getting a red Error message when I try to punch a chest to create the maiblox. I look in the log and it says:

    2011-08-20 10:38:03 [WARNING] Problem with SQL. Check config file /plugin/MailBox/settings.txt

    Settings file reads:

    use_mysql = true
    mysql_database = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mailbox
    mysql_user =
    mysql_pass =

    Password/User in this post is blank but correct in the settings.txt file. Database is mailbox.

    I have multiple MySQL plugins that are accessing everything fine, and the tables for this plugin have been made.
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    This plugin abandoned or what?
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    When a non op uses mailbox send or any other command they cant
    No perms plug
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    Not to be the bearer of bad news but i think this plugin is abandonded. Read up and you'll see my post with the same problem quite a while ago....
    Sad but true...
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    any other plugins like this
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    Please, add the custom messages feature, so it could be multilanguage. Great plugin and thanks!
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    Great plugin! I have one problem though, how do you turn on iConomy lol? Everytime I type /mailbox fees it says iConomy is off! But I have iConomy installed and it is not disabled.
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    Anyway you could add an address log or something?

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