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    ~Version: 2.5~
    Zip Archive (with config file): [ZIP]
    Only JAR File: [JAR]

    MailBox is plugin used for sending packages (material) to other players. Players can create their own mailboxes. When player has a mailbox, he can receive the package. Offline players can receive the package too. How to send a package: Just write simple command: /mailbox send <player_name>. The package is item which you hold in your hand.

    How to install:
    1.)  Extract to /plugins directory.
    2.)  Change settings in config file: /plugins/MailBox/settings.txt.
    3.)  Run the server.
    4.)  Enjoy It!

    Settings (open)

    cooldown_limit = 50 // Player can send package only once every 50 seconds.
    delivery_fee = 5.0 // Fixed fee for sending a package.
    creating_fee = 0.0 // Fee for creating a mailbox.
    fee_per_1000m = 4 // In the same world: Fee is 4 dollars per 1000 meters. E.g 1500 meters will have 6 dollars fee.
    foreign_fee = 10 // Fee for sending a package to another world. e.g. from World to Nether.
    postman_profit = 0.1 // Player who created your mailbox, gains 10% of total fee from receiving packages.
    only_op = false // When you don't use permissions, you can set that only OP can send packages and create the mailboxes.
    use_mysql = false
    mysql_database = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mailbox
    mysql_user = root
    mysql_pass = password

    • Players can create their own mailboxes. 1 mailbox / player.
    • Packages can be send to other world - e.g. nether.
    • Mailboxes can be stored in MySQL database or in file 'db_file.db'.
    • Works with LWC (But works without it too).
    • Works with Bukkit Permissions. (But works without it too).
    • Works with iConomy. (You can set a delivery fee. But works without it too.)
    • You can set cooldown = player can send package only once every x seconds.
    • Ability to create a mailbox for someone else.
    • Postman - Player who created your mailbox can earn money. He gets 10% of total fee from receiving packages.

    • /mailbox ~ Lists commands.
    • /mailbox help ~ Lists commands.
    • /mailbox fees ~ Check the fees.
    • /mailbox check <player_name> ~ Check the fee for sending a package to <player_name>.
    • /mailbox send <player_name> ~ Send a package to <player_name>. (Alias /msend)
    • /mailbox view [page] ~ View a log file. (For admins or moderators.)
    • /mailbox create ~ Create a mailbox
    • /mailbox create <player_name> ~ Create a mailbox for <player_name>. (<player_name> has to be online!).
    • /mailbox remove ~ Remove a mailbox
    • /mailbox remove <player_name> ~ Remove <player_name>'s mailbox.
    • mailbox -reload ~ Reload settings. You do not need restart server.


    Version 2.5
    • Added newest 1.2.3 Bukkit support

    Version 2.4
    • Added Vault support
    Version 2.3
    • New permission system - PermissionBukkit.
    • Added new command: /mailbox check <player_name> - Check the fee for sending a package to <player_name>.
    • Distance fee: You can set fee for delivery distance. E.g. 15 dollars / 1000 metres.
    • Foreign fee: You can set fee for sending the package to another world.
    • Automatic control of newest version of the plugin.
    • Profit for postman.
    Version 2.2
    • Added permissions mailbox.sendtoself and mailbox.noocooldown.
    • Added new command: /mailbox fees - To check the fees.
    Version 2.1
    • Fixed bug with cooldown.
    • Added aliases for commands. (/msend for /mailbox send) and (/mbox for /mailbox)
    Version 2.0
    • You can set a fee for creating a mailbox. (If you have iConomy)
    • Changed permissions.
    • Added ability to create a mailbox for someone else. (You can build a post office)
    • Fixed 1 bug.
    Version 1.2
    • You can set a delivery fee. (If you have iConomy)
    • Added a logging. Use /mailbox view [page] for view a log.
    • Added colors into command output. (better look)
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed 1 bug.
    • Added Permissions.
    • Added Cooldown.
    • Defaultly, plugin do not need MySQL database. But you can still use it.
    • Added console command.
    Version 1.0
    • First version of this plugin.
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    Could you add a way for players to view iConomy fees for creating a mailbox, sending a package, etc., preferably with a simple y/n confirmation? I suggested this plugin for our server and I was playing around with creating mailboxes and wiped out most of small amount of money since I had no indication of the fees. Great plugin otherwise!
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    Dont forget to make it work without Permissions as well for those of us to dumb to rig up Permissions. (Blushes embarrassingly) I just still cant't get my head round it, anyone know an easy tutorial page for permission dummies?
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    Yeah, i remember it :)
    But i am very busy now, so i will release new version later. Maybe in wednesday.

    BTW: Permissions is not so hard to set. You need only edit 2 files: globalGroups and globalUsers.yml. And then copy these files into directories "world", "world_nether" and rename it to groups.yml and users.yml.
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    At the moment anyone can remove anyones chests?

    should add your own type of custom protection, but in the meantime I suppose LWC can be used.


    Also possibly, upon removal of the mailbox (chest) it will auto remove it..


    Also... spelling error, when you try to send a package to someone who doesn't have a mailbox, it says "Player name do not have a mailbox"

    Should be, player name does not have a mailbox ?? :p
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    I think there is no reason to make my own type of custom protection. Who want to have mailbox protected can use LWC :)

    I will fix it, thx :)
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    This plugin looks really cool, but I can't really get it to work. Whenever I load it up, none of us can use the command /pr for permissions and we can't create a Mailbox. It just says: Left click to create a mailbox.

    BTW: I use Permissions 3.x, and the admins should have rights for every command on the server.
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    I'd love if you added support for Essentials built in economy.

    I'd rather not have to switch to iConomy...

    But I still want the fees for my players.
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    It'd be nice to be able to make multiple mailboxes for players and send to mailboxes based on labels or "addresses", e.g. /mailbox send address. Our server is using the fees with iConomy and it's working great. It'd be really cool to be able to have multiple mailboxes for homes in different towns. Along with this, maybe implement a way to control the max number of mailboxes per user. Thanks for this awesome plugin. Keep up the good work!

    Edit: Also, a configurable option for players to send to themselves would be handy.
  10. excellent plugin. can you make it permissions related, wether or not people can send mail to themselves? Its a perc i wish to give to some people, and not all
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    ok, i will add this permission.
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    You can also edit the plugin.yml and add this:

    aliases: /ms
    I think.
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    There is an alias /msend for /mailbox send. I didn't use /ms because MobSpawner plugin uses this command.
  14. Request: permission node that does not have the send cooldown.
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    Joshua Abraham

    I there a possibility of making the mailboxes openable only by the user it belongs to and add a permission node such as mailbox.admin.bypass?
  16. It keeps saying that there is a problem with the sql thing.

    What does this mean?
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    Anyone know if this works with buid 953?
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    i test and work in 50% becose i dont have permision
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    cool! I will download this :D
    can you add the feature to send my mailbox content to someone else's mailbox?
    and what will happen, if the receiver mailbox is full?
  20. Would also love to see this feature, I use mailbox so much while travelling around and finding materials (sending them to myself back home) but i fill the one chest fairly quickly, being able to have more than one mailbox would be a godsend.
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    Me and some of my players created mailbox's and sent packages back and forth and it didnt charge them in iconomy for creation or package sending?

    Cooldown works, and the send_to_self setting works. Just not the delivery fee and creating fee.
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    +1 to this, would really like it.
  23. Hello :) eegerly awaiting new version :) would like for example a permission commands that allow some ppl to send mail to themselves :)
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    does this work with 1000?

    and if you add that players can send package to them self, please make so i could disable it, becouse its pointles and more like a cheeting
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    MailBox plugin is now 2.2. It's fully compatible with CraftBukkit v. 1000.

    Full changelog:

    • Added permission mailbox.sendtoself (Player can send package to himself.)
    • Added permission mailbox.nocooldown (Player does not have the send cooldown)
    • Added new command: /mailbox fees - To check the fees.
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    I definitely agree with there being a time between sending + receiving packages. It'd be amazing if you could take the # of blocks between the mailboxes and multiple that by a user-defined time. For example, if the mailboxes are 30 blocks away, and the user-defined time per block is 1 second, it'd take 30 seconds to receive the package.
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    Definitely going to have to nab this, awesome work! But I have a suggestion, have an option that a player must be near his mailbox (or perhaps a server owned mailbox?) before he can send anything, that way there isn't mass deliveries from those who are stuck or surrounded by monsters in a cave to their friends =D.
  28. Just found a slight flaw....when sending mail to a person (with a large chest (2 chests together)) as their mailbox, if the top half of the chest is full, you will recieve "mailbox is full" and be unable to send anymore mail.
    I use this plug-in as a useful tool while travelling away from my main buildings/worlds, so i can return found items to my safe house, it would be awesome if it could be changed to use both parts of the large chest.
    P.S Would love to get that multiple mailbox feature still too. Keep up the good work!
  29. very nice plugin
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    Nice work, dude :D

    If you could make a lang file so i can translate it, that would be great :D :D
    (I also would submit the spansih file, of cuorse :-P)

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