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    tha d0ctor

    please release the php ;)
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    can anyone verify if this works on rb 1185?
  3. It works with 1185...

    I cant add items to any inventory :S
    I can look from website into inventories, but cant add items there.
    But when I wrote sth in the pendings column, it works.
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    On 1185, I tried various values of stuff (trying to dump LocalShop's old database to players).

    Giving myself 65 cobble gives me .. a stack of 65 cobble.

    Giving myself 2000 cobble gives me no cobble at all.
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    If you ever read this again, inventorySQL could be improved with a different SQL schema.

    Two tables: inventory, and pending.

    Inventory and pending should have 'player', 'id', 'meta', and 'qty' as fields. Qty can be negative. If you want, you can have a "stacks" field.

    This way a player doesn't have to have to have been logged in to have entries in the "pending" table, they'll just get it when they're around.

    Also, this lets you have as many stacks as you want in the pending table, not limited to 1024 characters in a text field.

    It'd simplify the program logic too.

    If I ever have a good reason to, I'll rewrite it myself. It's got a lot of promise.
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    pls someone upgrade it :)
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    I believe the game has a hard limit of 128 in a stack
  8. The whole freakin server should be database based, inventory, entities, players. Too bad this plugin's a bit old, I'll try to update it but going further, with real sql schemes.
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    Please, update this for 1.0.1 :)
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    Could you update this plugin for 1.0.1 or 1.1.

    Thank you.
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    Oh... My... Porking... God...
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    can you please re-upload the php example...
  14. okay, soon :)
    EDIT: download here : http://j.mp/AgkXUZ
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    @ThisIsAreku, keep getting the error "plugin.yml does not exist". Is it something i need to create by myself?
  16. I've tested, the file is automatically created. what is your OS ?
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    @ThisIsAreku, I'm using Windows 7.
  18. strange.. For me it is working..
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    Can you please submit the folder-structure and a default-file for me instead? To try it out.
  20. into 'plugins', make a folder 'InventorySQL', and in this folder, a file name 'config.yml' :
    check-interval: 600
    verbosity: 3
      host: localhost
      user: root
      pass: ''
      db: test
      table: InventorySQL
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    @ThisIsAreku, thanks but it doesnt solve the problem. The error is "Could not load InventorySQL.jar. The jar-file doesnt contain a plugin.yml".
  22. Oh.. I see.. Compilation error ^^' I'll solve it tomorrow (it is 0:13 for me xD)
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    @ThisIsAreku, thanks! Please mark me in your next comment when you solved it, so I dont miss out on your reply :)
  24. It works now ! ;)
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    Where can i get inventrySQL for 1.0.0?
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    You'r English is ok :D
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    if you need to log inventory you can do this easily with this great plugin and mysql triggers
    first you need to create new table for example some like this
    then just create 2 triggers in table of plugin (propably InventorySQL or table u set in config)
    hope it helps and sry for my english :)
    if something bad happends, you can restore player inventory with this plugin http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ad...conomy-money-from-mysql-to-player-1000.24525/
    i'm just working on script that converts data from log table to redeem syntax and paste it to redeem table and after this can user easily restore his inventory with /redeem command . user just select some date from web and pay with iconomy $ (/money) from /jobs for restoring inventory to any date :)
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  29. Thank you ! I didn't know this trick. It will be very useful for the new version.. ;)
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    Hi, I would like to talk to you by Skype: Add Alfyelen

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