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    When a user logins on the server they get a login message. The login message is translated to their country's main language. The country is determined with ip lookup and a list with available region code -> lang code.

    If somone joins the server and you have the login message set to "Welcome %p" a player with a swedish ip-address and named "Ranzdo" will get the message "Välkommen Ranzdo".

    If the region code for the ip-address is not supported the server owner will be notified and the message will deafult to english.

    Install guide:
    1. Download the plugin and start the server. A config.yml file will be written in plugins/Hej/config.yml.
    2. Get an appid from and write it into your config.yml file.
    3. Set your custom login message (in english) to be translated.
    4. Restart the server and it should work.

    * Uses the bing translator api to translate the custom login message into diffrent languages.
    * Uses a lookup ip api to determine which country the user is from.

    * Add more supported region codes (only 7 right now).
    * Alot more functions.

    * v0.1: Initial realese
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    Nice job :)
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    Nice job, approved
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    dosnt work at all
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    lol are you danish? :D (hvis ja: SEJT :D) [sheep]
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    Does this add a login message to the server saying: please login with /login password
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    Hej på dig
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    Hej på dig
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    May I ask something? Why Bing? (Mostly because it requires one to login)

    JW, thanks!

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