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    Comforts - Sit on configurable seat blocks
    Version: v1.0

    The Comfort plugin is a rewrite of my old Chairs plugin. It makes it possible to use any blocks (even custom blocks through SpoutPlugin) as seats so that you are able to sit down on them. The plugin achieves this by sending packets to the clients to make them believe a player is sitting on a block. There will be the possibility to lay down on blocks (like in beds) in the future, too.


    Download Latest Version
    Source Code

    How To:
    To sit down on a seat, you simply have to rightclick on the defined block.
    • If you have the "sneaking"-option in the config.yml enabled, you have to sneak while rightclicking.
    • If you have set the "distance"-option to a value higher than 0, you have to be close enough to the block to be able to sit down.
    To stand up from a seat, you have to rightclick on it. You can also destroy the seat to stand up.
    The config.yml contains an explanation to all the options you can set, please read it before asking questions.

    Commands & Permissions:
    • Grants access to all the commands and features of the plugin.
    • /comfort reload - Reloads the Comfort configuration file.
    • Sit down on seats.

    Show Spoiler
    # Configuration of the 'Comfort' plugin for Craftbukkit
    # ------
    # A list of all compatible Minecraft block and item IDs:
    # ------
    # blocks: Set the blocks you want to be able to sit down on and their sitting-height . You have to use the IDs (and sub-IDs if needed) of the blocks. Example:
    # Block-ID(:Block-sub-ID): sitting-height
    # 53: 0.5
    # 44:2: 0.3
    # ------
    # sneaking: If set to true, you have to sneak and rightclick to sit down on a seat.
    # distance: The maximum distance between the seat (the center of the block) and the player to be able to sit down (to prevent glitching through walls, etc.).
    # ------
        '53:0': 0.5
        '53:1': 0.5
        '53:2': 0.5
        '53:3': 0.5
    sneaking: true
    distance: 2

    Version 1.0 - Download
    • Initial release
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    FIRST! And awesome rewrite.
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    Awesome :D
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    Doesn't work...

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    Oops, I forgot to compile it for JRE 1.6 instead of 1.7. Just redownload the plugin and try again. ;)
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    Very nice plugin spoothie ! I will be sure to replace chairs with it :p
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    I'm being anally penetrated by a fence post! Ya I set fences as something to sit on and when I sit on a fence the screen jumps/shudders repeatedly (making it look as if I'm pogo jumping on a fence in third person view). It makes it nearly impossible to target the fence again to unseat myself.
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    You have yet to upload a version of this plugin that is compatible with bukkit spoothie. My friend wants this so plox upload a fixed jar.

    please and thank you. :3

    edit: i cant use grammer. XD
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    nice work !

    this chair looks familiar :rolleyes:
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    Yay. thanks for the fix. And thanks for teh quick response time. You rock!
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    Hey can you make a plugin because you are pretty good at chair plugins and etc.Can you make a bathroom plugin that makes you sit on the defined block when you need to go.Add spout support or even better make a toliet yourself :D
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    It works perfectly with my custom block !!! (plugin : MoreMaterials )

    Thanks a lot !
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    Is it possible to make that not Op's can sit on chairs?
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    You have to give them the permission node 'comfort.sit'.
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    Deleted user

    Great plugin, but is it possible to use keys not already defined in Minecraft or no?

    Holding shift becomes a problem. I was standing on a roof using stairs to build it and I kept accidentally sitting down and glitching through the building. Happened so many times, I had to remove the plugin.

    If you have to use shift then having a command to turn it on and off would do. Everyone on my server gets stuck when placing stairs.

    Also, when holding an item and going to sit down it places the item and sits down too rather than just sitting down.
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    Perhaps the one where you have to build while crouching can be fixed. If you right-click on a stair while crouching WHILE holding a stair, you will place a stair instead of sitting.
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    Deleted user

    Another issue, you can fall through the things you sit on pretty easily.
    One of my friends accidentally bugged into a massive redstone chamber from sitting on

    Also, this still exists:
    not my screenie

    Sometimes with armor legs, that happens.

    but it's probably safe to assume nothing more will come from this plugin .-.

    also found the devbukkit page that isn't linked on this topic for some reason:
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    Can you add a simple way to add all blocks to be sat on?
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    Will other people see you on the same height? And btw. I can't wait to see the lying version!
  20. That is a vanilla bug, it can also occur when players mount a boat, minecart or a pig.
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    Deleted user

    ah okay. good to know. :]
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    Steam Engines

    Is it possible to sit on slabs with this plugin?
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    You can use any block but editing config.yml.

    It seems when I right-click a stair, I glitch like when I exit a boat. Other players see it too. Please fix this, as I don't know any plugin that does the same thing. A lot of players request your plugin. :)
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    Im so glad.. I though chairs was going inactive, and I would lose in the next update :)
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    Is this plugin Support Lightweight, multiworld ? Because when i run the server multiverse is teleport fail
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    Please update to latest RB.
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    The Permission Node Isn't Working for me :(
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    Can I make a video on this and you post in the thread?

    Made a demonstration / tutorial video:

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  29. You should make a option in the config file so you must have signs on the stairs first. Like in the older one! :)
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    When I try to sit I end up standing inside the block.
    Can you please fix that?

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