Inactive [MISC/FUN] ColourFireWorks v2.0.8 - Fireworks, Player drop parties/party and more [1.4.6-R0.1]

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    Colour Fire Works
    V 2.0.8 - Tested on CB build 1.4.6-R0.1​
    Drop Party (Video) ||| Show case (Just film and ask) ||| Latest Version (coming soon)​

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    Christmas 2012

    New for this christmas use "/present" ingame ;) (View bukkitdev for more info)

    • Default fireworks, completely configurable
    • Bukkit Permission Support
    • Use redstone to launch fireworks (from signs)
    • Block fireworks in world guard regions players can not build in
    • Create custom fireworks and spawn any item, mob or exp you want.
    • Create drop parties that your players can add items to
    • Make users pay (vault) to use fireworks
    • Potion effects supported
    • See below for more information
    • 'colourfireworks.*' - Player can access to every part of colour fireworks
    • '*' - Player can launch fireworks
    • 'colourfireworks.unlimited.*' - Block will not be consumed at launch
    • 'colourfireworks.redstonesign.*' - Player can use all redstone fireworks
    • 'colourfireworks.dropparty.*' - Player can use every aspect of the drop parties
    • 'colourfireworks.economy.*' - Player can use every economy firework
    • 'colourfireworks.reload' - Player can reload the config files
    • 'colourfireworks.notifyupdate' - Player will be notified when there is an update available
    • /colourfireworks - Shows the credits and help
    • /colourfireworks reload - Reload the configs
    • /colourfireworks stop dropparty - Force stops the current drop party
    • /colourfireworks dp ban <id> - Bans an item from all drop parties
    • /colourfireworks dp unban <id> - Unbans an items from all drop parties
    • /dropcast <message> - Broadcasts a message to the server
    Drop Parties
    • Drop parties are created by placing a sign.
    • * o = Run once
    • * a = Repeat drop party
    • Enter either "v" or "h" on to the first line
    • * v = Show what items are
    • * h = Show as cake until picked up
    • Entering [dp] onto the second line.
    • To create drop parties you must have the permission 'colourfireworks.dropparty.create'.
    • Players can then add to the drop party by clicking the sign ( 'colourfireworks.dropparty.add')
    • Any item can be entered unless you have blocked it.
    • The time for any item can be changed
    • If people are told when a specific item is entered can be toggled
    • Can auto repeat
    • Items can be displayed as other items so people don't know what their getting
    • For redstone place a sign
    • On the 2nd line put [Firework] then on 3rd line put the firework type
    • For example [White], [Red], [Pumpkin], [Exp] or [Custom1].
    • For best results each sign should only have one redstone wire touching it.
    Quick Help

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Older Changelogs

    v1.3.6 - Many fixes to Drop Parties, adds a few more drop party features. Custom firework height can be changed.

    v1.3.5 - Drop parties and a small reload fix

    v1.3.4 - Improvements to way data is stored, removed console error

    v1.3.2 - Exp Firework, Custom Exp, a few fixed

    v1.3.1 - Remove dyes after X ticks, play effect on remove. Updated for minecraft 1.2.5.

    v1.3.0 - Minor Tweaks/Bug Fixes. Added new mobs, adjusted item limits for new items. Updated for minecraft 1.2.3.

    v1.2.8 - Improved config file for mobs, added custom messages, added block durability
    and stoped default fireworks being used in custom fireworks.

    v1.2.7 - All fireworks block Damage can be toggled off, Mobs can be spawned from custom fireworks, messages can be turned off and added checks for config.

    v1.2.6 - Reload Command, Block custom firework block damage, Blocks air spawning, Improved generation

    v1.2.5 - Custom fireworks work on signs, items are checked and improved creation

    v1.2.4 - Adds custom fireworks!

    v1.2.3 - Adds the snowblock firework to the sign, firework height can be changed

    v1.2.2 - Adds a snowblock firework

    v1.2.1 - Improved Config file, more permissions, no longer two links for jars with w.g

    v1.2.0 - W.G Support. Items can be removed on attempted pickup. Signs are better.

    v1.1.6 - Damage from the fireworks to blocks can now be turned off

    v1.1.5 - New way to set of redstone fireworks, spider ammount is configurable

    v1.1.4 - Should fix fatal error with redstone. Thanks for the reports.

    v1.1.3 - Adds redstone activation (thanks Samkio for the help with that)

    v1.1.2 - Ops can now launch unlimted firworks. Host can choose to alight dye to reduce server lag

    v1.1.1 - Ops can now launch fireworks with no permissions needed. Host can change the item needed to be held

    v1.1.0 - Dye / other items are spread out. Adds pumpkins! Host can configure the ammount spawned

    v1.0.1 - Abilty to make unlimtied fireworks from one block, dyes are a bit more spread out

    v1.0 - Release

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    XD, like the idea. Guess I could do something like this, what would it emit though?[/quote]

    Could be just a combination of what the wool was made out of? eg. Red, White, and blue rocket will give red dye, lapis, and bonemeal.

    Also, maybe you can have custom templates servadmins can modify and change the drop. Also you can maybe make the blocks composing the rocket move up and emit yellow/orange dye and smoke from the bottom as it goes up and then explode and destroy the blocks once it reaches a certain height. That is if you want to go all out and add that feature.
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    Sure that would be awesome, but very laggy I think :p

    I will have a look into adding this later on, I'm working on a drop party one at the moment.
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    Yeah, but so long as they don't do it at once and they keep their rockets small.
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    I have a suggestion. Is there any way you could make it so that you could see the die better from far away? It's hard to have a huge celebration when you have to be right up on it to see.
    Thanks for reading.
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    Sorry but that's one of the limitations of minecraft.
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    Okay, thanks though for letting me know. Notch....-_-
    Thanks so much though and I will be testing the plugin soon. Looks cool though.
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    Thanks, there are currently a few bugs with the latest addition, drop parties. Will hopefully have them all ironed out soon.
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    Okay. Thanks for letting me know.
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    Thanks, its appreciated :D
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    when i put [dp] on a sign it does nothing??
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    On the second line?
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  15. Offline


    Does the sign change?
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    No it donent
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    Please make sure you have permission to create and that you are using the latest version. Thanks.
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    hey im trying to increase the limit to drop parties but everytim i reload it resets the limit back to 512 do you know how to fix this?
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    It will be fixed in the next version, I forgot to make the reload command reload the dropparty file ^^. Sorry.
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    I have two problems:

    First on our server only the owner can add things to droppartys... The admis cant, but they have all this essentials:
    - colourfirework.*
    - colourfirework.unlimited.all
    - colourfirework.dropparty.add
    - colourfirework.dropparty.create
    - colourfirework.dropparty.stop
    - colourfireworks.redstonesign.all
    And also the dev-Admins cat add things they have even the - '*' esential...
    Everything else works fine do you have any idea?


    When I make an exp firework it drops exp balls but they dont give me any exp...
    Some idea here?


    I have a third problem: the droppartys give me only the first 40 items i put in, but the maximum is set to 512... What can I do?
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    Ok, for the version you are using i missed of an p for the add permission. For the exp you need to set the value for each orb. The third? Could you explain more? Version 2 is coming soon with a lot of changes.
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    This is a part of what the config says, but if i put more then 40 items in the sign, it gives me only the first 40 items i put in. For example if i put 30 gold then 20 diamonds it gives me 30 gold an 10 diamonds...
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    oO? I have never had this problem? Does the console display any error?
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    No there is no error in the console...
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    Could you try again for me? just spam random items until the maxim is reached?
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    craftiii could you make the poke mobs mod into a plugin for me
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    How do u make it so non ops can do it, on my server only ops can participate in drop parties.

    it like is there look up mob catcher

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    It works great but when i have a drop party in the home town. The TNT does not shoot up like it should and it somthimes destroys my land when it should not.
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    Make sure nothing is blocking it please, maybe disallow building near to the sign?

    Please view the wiki for permissions

    what? that's someone else's mod
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    It works now thx

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