[MISC] CraftProxy 0.2.0 - Reduce bandwidth use by caching chunk data [1.6]

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    CraftProxy - Reduce bandwidth use by caching chunk data
    Version: 0.2.0


    This plugin and local client allows chunk data to be cached locally by players. This reduces the bandwidth required for hosting the server. It also helps users who are on slower connections.

    I am not sure what the status of this system is. It doesn't count as a plugin, since it has 2 parts.

    Even when running the plugin, players who don't use the client proxy can still connect. However, they will use the full bandwidth.

    The system can reduce bandwidth by 70-90% (after the 2nd login).



    Add the plugin file to the plugins folder


    Start minecraft client and login
    Double click on the client jar file
    Enter login details
    Enter the server location/port in the GUI
    Press start on the GUI
    Connect to localhost on the minecraft client

    Stable Builds

    None yet

    Dev Builds

    Warning: These may not be stable


    Had it get the compress/decompression gain backwards.

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    even on LAN play I find the caching helps, the client doesn't have to wait on chunks so you can use longer viewing distances with fewer issues
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    Is modloader mp support going to be added at some time? My friends and I used a server with the modloader mp patched version of craftproxy that was done by someone in the thread here but we would like to update to 1.2.3. It doesnt seem like they are keeping that patched version up anymore, can anyone help?
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    Have you ever thought about making a reverse proxy? Running separate worlds on either different physical machines, or to utilize different cores on the same machine.
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    ServerPort allows players to teleport between servers if that is what you mean.
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    Yes, but you need to run CraftProxy client-side. I mean running CraftProxy server-side instead when you have a few servers all on the same internet connection, so there's no lag/etc issues.
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    I can connect to my server with perfectly, and it confirms that I used the proxy in the console window.

    BUT, I don't believe the client side is actually downloading anything to the cache....

    This is what my setup looks like:


    What do I need to change?
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    remote server = localhost:20000
    local server = localhost:20000

    meaning, the proxy isn't running because the port is already taken

    If the server and proxy are on the same machine, the proxy needs to use a different port
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    As @ShadowDraken said, you need to use different ports. The remote port is the port for the proxy/plugin on your server.

    The local port is the port for your local proxy. This is the port you connect to with your client.
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    If I have a server limited by upload speed, can I use this to add a second server that vanilla minecraft clients (without the proxy) can connect to to lower the strain on the first server's upload?

    Something like:

    Clients -> Server A <- Server B <- Clients

    Where Server A is bukkit + craftproxy and Server B is just craftproxy?

    Also, does this work with 1.2.5 yet?
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    Running 1.2.4, with Cpl 161, I can't seem to get it to work properly.
    Anytime anyone tries to go through the proxy, he briefly accesses it, and gets disconnected straight away, with a "Protocol stream closed" error.
    Server says :
    23:00:56 [INFO] Pr4w [/] logged in with entity id 112997 at ([Lorencia2] 226.5, 100.0, 91.5)
    23:00:56 [SEVERE] java.io.IOException: Bad packet id 80
    23:00:56 [SEVERE]      at net.minecraft.server.Packet.a(Packet.java:75)
    23:00:56 [SEVERE]      at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.h(NetworkManager.java:149)
    23:00:56 [SEVERE]      at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.c(NetworkManager.java:268)
    23:00:56 [SEVERE]      at net.minecraft.server.NetworkReaderThread.run(SourceFile:76)
    23:00:56 [INFO] Pr4w lost connection: disconnect.genericReason
    Proxy says :
    Connection from
    [23:01:56] (Pr4w): Connecting to : localhost 998
    [23:01:56] (Pr4w): Attempting to connect to: localhost:998
    [23:01:56] (Pr4w): Connecting to: localhost:998 from
    [23:01:56] (Pr4w): Connection successful
    [23:01:56] (Pr4w): Connecting using proxy to server connection format
    [23:01:57] (Pr4w): Server login successful
    [23:01:57] (Pr4w): Unable to flush output stream
    [23:01:57] (Pr4w): Closed connection to server
    [23:01:57] (Pr4w): Closed connection to client
    Running with this command :
    java -jar CraftProxyLiter.jar 1000 localhost:998 local_cache auth_off
    What am I doing wrong ?

    Edit : Removing "local_cache" seems to fix this for me !
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    Not working for 1.2.5...

    edit: NVM. Working for 1.2.5. I didn't configure the "default_server=" correctly! My mistake
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    That flag was telling the proxy to cache the chunks locally. That is supposed to happen at the client.
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    I dont get a GUI interface when try to open the jar file.
    In fact, nothing happens when i attempt to open it.
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    You have to have the java runtime installed. If you do that in windows, it should associate java with .jar files.
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    But I have that, still nothing.
    Maybe yours is differnt, can you give me a direct link to the java download please?
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    Can someone link me the download for the player side download? I'm looking and i can't find the .jar download for players to connect to my server.

    Also after i have it downloaded where do i put this at for clientmode no GUI
    java -jar CraftProxyLiter.jar 25565 <target-server-hostname>:20000 local_cache auth_off

    EDIT: Ok i have figured all that out however i cannot get this to work properly. I know its bad to run the server and the client on the same machine but mine can handle it.

    How do i get the GUI to load up? Problem solved. When i double clicked on the .jar all that would happen was it would open it with winrar. I didn't realize i could execute it with java. [Derp]
    Where would i find the Remote Server Name?
    How do i set up the player side craftproxy without GUI so i can connect to the server using it?
    What changes do i have to make to my port settings on my server and on my router?

    I had this same problem however i figured out that if u right click the .jar and "open with" , u then select "java..." It will execute it

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    Didnt work. I right clicked and opened with Java(TM) Platform SE Binary and nothing happened.
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    Very odd. It worked perfect for me. I don't have the solution as to why it won't work for u but that is how i was able to execute it. Maybe someone else will speak up with a solution.
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    Do you think it could be that im using 64-bit java?
    Or maybe my computer is just retarded?
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    Do u have both 32 and 64 bit java installed? I have both myself. U could try manually selecting the java to open it with by clicking "choose default program" in the drop down menu when u try to open it.
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    You can have both 32 and 64 bit versions installed? didnt know that.

    Well I wish I could but for some reason whenever I try to open javas website to download the 32 bit version, mozilla crashes the second its loaded.
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    You could have installed 10 times java - the application (e.g firefox) determines what suits best.
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    what are the differences between the plugin and standalone?

    whether it makes sense to use a proxy server with 200 online (i7-2600, 32GB, 100Mbit/s)?

    Finally, there are a few clients.
    run proxy from the directory same them (general/client1/, general/client2/,general/CPL_cache/)
    need to store data in the directory below (/client1/CPL_cache/ , /client2/CPL_cache/)
    I changed the directory in two classes: ProxyListener and Main
    I forgot something?

    What happens if a player uses two windows at once with a client proxy and with the same directory?
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    But that doesnt explain why I cant open the java website nor why I cant open the jar.
    I also only have 1 copy of java and its the 64-bit version.

    I have uninstalled java once before and reinstalled it as well
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    I am getting this error:

    02:25 AM [INFO] Connection from
    02:25 AM [INFO] (ChrysWhyte): Improper username from client no hostname provided
    02:25 AM [INFO] (ChrysWhyte): Connecting to : dewittenon.dyndns.org 25565
    02:25 AM [INFO] (ChrysWhyte): Attempting to connect to: dewittenon.dyndns.org:25565
    02:25 AM [INFO] (ChrysWhyte): Connection successful
    02:25 AM [INFO] (ChrysWhyte): Connecting using proxy to server connection format
    02:26 AM [INFO] Disconnecting / Took too long to log in
    02:26 AM [INFO] (ChrysWhyte): Server login successful
    02:26 AM [INFO] (ChrysWhyte): Client requested caching mode
    02:26 AM [INFO] Read timed out
    02:26 AM [INFO] (ChrysWhyte): DownsteamBridge - EOF reached
    02:26 AM [INFO] (ChrysWhyte): Closed connection to server
    02:26 AM [INFO] (ChrysWhyte): Closed connection to client 
    testing on the server pc: running as plugin with default settings, client gui is set to localhost 20000 / localhost 25566
    I then connect to localhost 25566
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    Mr Washington

    Please update for 1.2.5! I require the use of this with Transporter but it doesn't allow users to connect!
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    There was a fair amount of changes for 1.2.5 ... esp encryption, it might take a while.

    I am doing (another) re-write so that there will be a combined solution for Spout and those who want to use the proxy, but free time is limited.
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    [8:08:28 PM] (buckshot2825): Redirect detected:
    [8:08:29 PM] (buckshot2825): Closed connection to server
    [8:08:29 PM] (buckshot2825): Connecting to : 25565
    [8:08:29 PM] (buckshot2825): Attempting to connect to:
    [8:08:29 PM] (buckshot2825): Connection successful
    [8:08:29 PM] (buckshot2825): Connecting using proxy to server connection format
    [8:08:29 PM] (buckshot2825): Login failed: Server closed connection before sending handshake

    I get the above bold message whenever 2 or more people try to connect to the proxy or go through a portal that leads to another server at the same time. When only 1 person tries to connect, it works like a charm. What can I do to fix this?
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    That could be a timeout thing, you need to set it to rotate local ips.
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    How would I go about doing that?

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