[MISC/BLOCKS] CustomIDentify - Get IDs of custom blocks [SPN1138/CB1.2.5]

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    One block to rule them all !

    Tired of searching for custom block IDs ? I have the solution ! CustomIDentify allows you to get the ID of any block, including custom ones.

    Dependencies :
    • SpoutPlugin
    • CraftBukkit
    • SpoutCraft
    How does it work ?
    Put the IDBlock where you want. Take the item or block you want to identify, sneak (press shift) and right-click the IDBlock. Yeah... really easy !

    Features :
    Everything's in the title. This plugin adds one magic block. No config needed.

    To do:
    • recipe if needed
    • what do you want ?
    Changelog :
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    • Version 1.1 : corrected bug when punching nothing
    • Version 1.0 : First release !

    Download :
    CustomIDentify v1.1

    bug when punching nothing corrected

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    Something's wrong with the screenshots.
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    yup that happens when you c/c part of other submissions :x
    mea culpa
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    It let me download some Permissions Manager ^^

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