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    BiomeSound - Biome-Based Ambient Sounds:

    Version: v1.1

    This plugin requires BukkitContrib or Spout, and only clients using the BukkitContribSP mod or SpoutCraft client will benefit.
    Running the server once with BiomeSound installed will generate an example config.yml in the BiomeSound folder.
    Edit this as required (it will do nothing in its default state).

        desert: http://your.site.here/desertwind.ogg
        range: 45
            night: http://your.site.here/forest_night.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/forest_day.ogg
        boat: http://your.site.here/rowing.ogg
            night: http://your.site.here/rainforest_night.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/rainforest_day.ogg
        nodeseparation: 20
            night: http://your.site.here/nighttime.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/daytime.ogg
        volume: 70
        train: http://your.site.here/train.ogg
        arctic: http://your.site.here/arcticwind.ogg
        nether: http://your.site.here/nether.ogg
        underground: http://your.site.here/underground.ogg
            night: http://your.site.here/swamp_night.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/swamp_day.ogg
        lava: http://your.site.here/lava.ogg
    The plugin works by causing a client-side sound to play at the player's current location.
    Another sound will play when the player has moved a certain distance from the last location where a sound started playing.
    You can adjust this distance with the nodeseparation parameter.
    The reason for doing it this way is to create subtle volume variations and the possible mixing of sounds (i.e. between two biomes).
    Exceptions are the boat and train sounds; these have no world locations and play at a uniform volume.
    The range parameter defines how far away the sound is audible.
    The volume parameter defines the absolute volume at which sounds play. Adjust this to taste.
    Sounds must reside on a webserver from where clients download them automatically. Downloaded sounds are cached, and so will only be redownloaded if the cache is deleted.
    Soundfiles must be long (10-15 minutes), with the exception of the boat and train sounds (these should be about 10 seconds long)..
    A set of royalty-free soundfiles that work well can be downloaded below.
    A silence.wav file is included, and can be used in case there are instances where you don't want a sound to play.

    This plugin is based on BiomeMessage by robin0van0der0v, and retains the /biome command functionality from it.

    • Causes client to play ambient sound appropriate to Biome.
    • Plays different sounds in the day and in the night, where appropriate.
    • Plays specific ambient sound when the player is deep enough underground.
    • Plays sound effects when the player is using a minecart or boat.
    • Plays sound effect when the player is near lava.
    • Use the /biome (or /b) command to learn what biome you're standing in.
    • Ops can use the command to check the biome locations of other players.
    Download BiomeSound v1.1 (for BukkitContrib 0.1.7)
    Download BiomeSound v1.1 (for Spout 1.0.1)
    (source code included in .jar)

    Download Sound Pack
    (85 MiB)
    Download only the lava sound (for those who have the old Sound Pack)

    Version 1.1
    • Project split into continued BukkitContrib support as well as Spout support.
    • Lava effect added.
    • Clients now always play ambient sound at their login location. Before, they would only do so the first time they logged in after a server restart.
    Version 1.0
    • Release
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    Any updates Sir?
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    Sorry it's been awhile, IRL wanted to keep me busy. The plugin is updated and should be working for mushroom island and the end however I haven't found any good sounds for them yet. I haven't taken a look at the new features yet. The bukkit dev page is here btw, but I don't know if it's viewable yet.

    Was it my version you modified? Because the original one haven't updated for the new biome names. Or maybe it was an old world, some of the biomes have been moved around. You should hear it all the time, but there is no way to loop the sounds so it's possible that they run out.

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    it was the original one I think (long time ago). I will look again if it works now for me;)
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    Thanks! You should also post it on www.GetSpout.org (Spout plugins!)
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    If i might make a suggestion could you add a GUI using a keybinding or something so that users can adjust the sound clientside instead of being set server side? i love the sounds but some of my players don't like them as much and thus want to turn it down. or even just add a simple command to change the volume IE /sounds 25
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    Anyone know where I can find a plugin, you can put new songs on the jukebox, musics of pc, that everyone can hear? (mp3, ogg) [this exists? this plugin exist ?] {In multiplayer} (your own music)

    or a mod ? plugin ? Sound Mod Plugin ?
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    Why my good sir, there most defiantly IS a plugin of that nature! You may find it Here (Not sure if it's updated, or compatible with the new builds of Spout and Bukkit, but hey, give it a shot :))

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