Inactive [MISC] AlphaChest v1.11.1 - Virtual chests. And workbenches! [1.1-R6]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by kroimon, May 14, 2011.

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    kroimon was last seen:
    Dec 6, 2011
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    This plugin semi-works... running it on my test server rb build for bukkit 1.0.
    /chest works completely fine
    /workbench works however.. it gives an internal server error. Aswell products made form the workbench seem to be bugged. Sometimes the workbench even disappears or can be walked through.
    @kroimon please return and fix this :). This plugin is promising and a simple alternative to many others.
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    Kroimon said he was picking up the torch from mast3rplan. Well he hasnt been seen since Dec 6th so im going to do a small update to the plugin considering he cant hold up to his words or at least tell them community hes busy.

    This works just fine with the dev build of bukkit ( #1604) so it should work with R1. heres the source.

    the ONLY thing I updated was to make it compatable with most of the latest permissions plugins out there.
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    Do you fixed the /workbench command? Thanks.
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    Erm.. not sure it works fine on my server what happens when you run it?
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    Thanks for doing this. The /workbench command is fixed for me on the rb for 1.0. Before you patched this it wasn't working.
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    @Tunix2 for actually updating unlike the promises @kroimon made.
    You fixed /workbench!
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    Hope his plugin stays alive. It's great!

    Thanks tunix2 for your update.
  10. Any version for 1.1 in the works?
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    ty very much, im using the newest dev build of bukkit and this works like a charm, please keep it updated, I really appreciate it.
  12. Just for information, I've just tried this on bukkit build #1798 (an MC 1-1 server), which is the latest dev version I can find, and its still working - workbench and all !
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    Tunix2 Thanks for the update!!!! Works great on 1784 but i cant get per world permissions to work with bukkitperms. not sure if its the plugin or bukkitperms. real bummer since i have a creative mode world and cant enable this till i can disable in specific worlds. Anyone want to check my setup....

    ac.chest: false
    ac.workbench: false
    ac.chest: false
    server.vanilla: true
    ac.chest: false
    ac.workbench: false
    server.vanilla: true
    ac.chest: false
    ac.workbench: false
    ac.chest: true
    ac.workbench: true

    Unfortunetly chest is still unaccessible in "Survival". Anyone else had this issue or any insight???

    Any help is greatly appreciated
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    I updated to the 1.0.1 server build and this seems to give everyone permission is there a way to disable giving it to everyone and use the permissions id like to use this mod as a donator perk i also use permissions pex
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    I don't get how i keep getting [AlphaChest] You don't have permission to use this command??? and the code isn't working for me on my craftbukkit 1772
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    How do you remove the chest

    If you want I can take the plugin and update it and fix it im still a little new with the java stuff

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    Teh Kitteh

    Can someone please update it and fix the problem where enchanted items don't stay enchanted inside of it.
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    Hey all,

    first of all: I'm very sorry for just letting you down without a word! I'm currently not playing Minecraft myself and am mostly busy with studying and paid work.

    But: I'm here to fix AlphaChest! Parts of the work have already been done and I'm working on the rest to get you a working version ASAP!
    It would be great if winter4w could send me the fixes he already made so I can integrate them :)

    Please forgive me,
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    Just uploaded version 1.9.0 which should hopefully fix everything and should save enchantments etc :)
    I changed the file format from plaintext to NBT which should make future changes easier to implement.

    Attention: I switched to the official Bukkit permissions system (SuperPerms) and renamed all permissions from "ac.*" to "alphachest.*"! Please remember to check your permissions!

    And now: have fun with it!
  21. kroimon,
    is it possible to have a switch to turn off the

    [INFO] [Alpha Chest] saved 34 chests

    i get it a lot in the console and its rather annoying.
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    kroimon Thanks for the update!!!
    I can understand your situation as I'm in college, spending most of my time studying, and don't even get to play on my server anymore...
    All my players absolutely love this plugin, keep up the good work !
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    Permissions dont work I use PEX
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    I already implemented fixes for that.
    The next version will only save chests that have been changed since the last save and there's no log message when nothing had to be saved.
    Also, there will be a config option to completely turn off log messages for automatic saving.

    You did read the changelog and that the permissions are now renamed to "alphachest.*", right?
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    Ya I have that
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    Hm, can anyone else confirm it not working? Or can anyone confirm it working (with or without PermissionsEx)?
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    Did you try it
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    Works for me with CB #1938 and PermissionEX 1.18
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    Yeah sure, PermissionsEx is the permissions plugin I use in development, I just wanted to know if anyone else can confirm it working, so:
    thank you :)

    winter4w: I don't know what you are doing wrong, but it's not the fault of the plugin :) (And btw: I don't really want to help someone who is running a server that officially supports cracked clients!)
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    Ok ill try it again I am using PEX developer build ill try stable
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    Teh Kitteh

    Thanks so much for the update man!

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