[MISC/ADMN/FIX/GEN] PreventFull #1a - Remove max player limit [1060]

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    Hi all! This is my first bukkit plugin.
    What does it do? It simply removes the max player limit you or your hoster has set. To try avoid frequent server crashes, it checks how much free memory your server has, and if it is less than the amout (in MB) you specified in config.yml it kicks the player with a custom message.
    It's in a very early stage, by now it doesn't provide any command, but you can enable and disable it at any time editing the config file without the need to reload every plugin.
    How to install it:
    1. Download it from the provided link
    2. Copy PreventFull.jar in you plugins folder
    3. Start your server
    4. Edit /PreventFull/config.yml
    DOWNLOAD LINK: http://server.worldcraft.info/PreventFull/PreventFull.jar
    How to configure it:
    Open /PreventFull/config.yml
        enabled: true # quite obvious
        min: 0              #minimum amount of memory the server must have to let someone log in, 0 for no limit
        banned: You are banned from this server!            #What should the server tell the player when it doesn't let him in (when he is banned, and when memory is low
        memory: Not enough free memory to let you in!
    Known bugs:
    • If you banned someone's ip address, that ip address will still be able to log in the server (not if player name is banned too). You should use something like Easyban to solve this.

    Todo list:
    • Add ingame and console commands.
    • Add permissions support.
    • Solve the 'banned-ips' issue.
    • Find a better way to check if someone's banned.
    • Release source code.

    Please tell me what you think about this plugin and what you'd like it to do ;)
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    I was about to say how bad and laggy this sounds until I saw the RAM monitor. You have to take bandwidth into consideration though...
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    What he said.
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    I know but I don't think there is any way to monitor how much bandwidth is used, neither how much bandwidth is avaible without using it..
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    Josh Harwood

    you can always have a rule of thumb calculation for the bandwidth, and as far as not knowing how much bandwidth is available, most users will have done a speed test or something, so know they have an upload of xyz Kbits and you can just ask for that in the config
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    ok! I am going to host a server on my pc, test how much bandwidth one player uses and add this check to the plugin :)
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    Could use this also:

    Also, there is one instance that you will always run into, plugins take RAM and may also take bandwidth. That would also need to be considered.
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    missing a changelog
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    developer inactive, moved
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    how can i write a changelog when it is the first version??? slow to move it to plugin list but fast to move it to inactive developer zone...

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