[MINIGAME] Westward Ho!

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: WestwardHo, but name it whatever :)

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that generates two configs, main-config and kits. The main config would have options for economy on money and kill, the block ID that must be placed in a team's base to score points, the duration of a game, commented out the permissions of the plugin, an option to toggle whether kits can specify commands to run (and whether they can disregard the permissions of the player) and finally whether or not the armor of the two teams will be dyed. The kits config would list all the kits, and the commands that are run when they are chosen. I want to hook CrackShot into the plugin, so it would be a lot easier with command running integration, especially with perm ignore.
    The actual gameplay would go something like this: two teams are set 500 or so blocks away from a large deposit of gold ore (or whatever block ID must be placed in the bases) and they must run over, mine the gold, and get back alive. Once they have placed the block in their base, they score a point. Whichever team has the most points after the duration specified in the config wins money via economy. An in-game shop using Vault would be nice, but optional. Gold stealing from the other base is allowed, and killing along the way is encouraged.
    Sign joining would also be nice. Maybe something like:

    Ideas for commands: /wh (to show commands) /wh setarena <arena> (to make a WorldEdit selection an arena) /wh spawn red <arena> (set the red spawn) /wh spawn blue <arena> (set the blue spawn) /wh base red <arena> (to set the WorldEdit selection in which Red Team can place gold to score points) /wh base blue <arena> (to set the WorldEdit selection in which Blue Team can place gold to score points)

    Ideas for permissions: wh.join: Permission to join game using signs. wh.admin: Permission to set up an arena. wh.coinsx2: Double money gain from an in-game kill or win. wh.coins.x3: Triple money gain from an in-game kill or win. wh.coinsx4: Quadruple money gain from an in-game kill or win.

    When I'd like it by: Take your time, can't rush quality! :)
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    I'm sorry, but...
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    It is very unlikely that a Developer will commit to this project due to the work it will take. You may want to hire a Developer for your server that will make an API etc. for your server which then will code this game for you with API hes made, otherwise you'd have to add a lot of support for different arenas, locations, etc.
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    I've seen bigger plugins created
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    I think this is a great idea! Cheers to the developer [diamond] And Endyman if someone makes this, could I use this also?
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    Never said impossible, said unlikely.
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    It's up to the dev! It's an honor to see such a well-known suggester here! And to the concerned users about the size of the project, I know it's quite heavy. It would probably take a while, but I am almost certain it would be worth it.
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    Bump ;~;
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    i doubt anyone will take this

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