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    I am looking for a very useful plugin. I need a plugin that lets you create a minigame. but i minigame that needs a certian amount of players to start(edit in config) and has a setting where others cannot join while the game has started. also the game must have a count down timer when the game is starting. and must have where players spawn with items (edit in config using block ids)
    you have to be able to create what ever minigame you want and name it what ever you want. For instance command ideas

    /minigame create [Name]
    then select arena with world edit and then /minigame selectarena [Name]
    /minigame setspawn [Name]
    And /minigame setimer
    /minigame finish when your done

    the plugin must reset the area selected by world edit
    and the plugin must have the max players as how many spawns were selected
    the settimer is how long you want the countdown by seconds

    If anyone makes this I will be very grateful Thanks!
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    Could you explain more as to what the mini game objective is and what the mini game is
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    yes but battle arena only allows you to create certian minigames

    I want people to be able to create custom minigames for their server. not a specific 1. people can have as many minigames as they want. also i need a /minigame join [arena] and /minigame leave [arena] you do not need to make join signs.

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    wait nevermine :p battlearena is what im looking for that you! drtshock

    acculally battlearena crashed my server not using that.
    trying out minigames now

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    Well i reloaded when i finished and it crashed. Then I started my server again and it stopped when it was loading the world that my battlearena game was in. it sat there for 5 minutes and then said, heap:java exeption null out of memory. and then said world could not be loaded because it contains errors! i did what it said to do on battlereans page. so it crahses it.

    @drtshocklook above thought id help to tahg u :)

    what im doing /battlearena create myarena /battlearena alter myarena 2 for other spawns
    thats all it said to do
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    You need to allocate more memory it seems like.

    Don't reload, restart.
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    I did now my server wont open it stops when trying to load the mv worlds the minigame was in
    heres the error heap:java exeption null out of memory. and then said world could not be loaded because it contains errors!
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    Out of memory means you don't have enough memory. I suggest creating a new thread in BukkitHelp so we don't get too off topic here.
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    drtshock please help

    alright my server fixed its self. i ran a c check to find any errors and it found them and delted them. the problom was i created my arena wrong. can you give me a tutorial in here about how to create a pvp game map where people spawn with knockback 2 sticks?

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    Battle arena has an excellent wiki, try using that.
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    It doesnt say how to edit what items players spawn with drtshock Also I need people to be able to spawn with enchanted items and inventory clear when they join and then inv restore when they leave
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    It's all on the wiki :\
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    Couldnt find a thing saying how to change items players spawn with

    drtshock forgot to tag:p
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    Use the edit function please instead.
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    can anyone just tell me how to edit what items players spawn with?

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