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    Suggested Names: Cowboys and Indians, Capture the leader

    Plugin Category: Minigame

    Plugin Release: Public

    Plugin dependencies: WorldEdit

    What I Want: A plugin Similar to Cowboys and Indians on the Server HiveMC. There are two teams, the "Cowboys", and the "Indians". Each team starts off with a "leader", and the aim of the game is to capture the other teams leader, and bring them back to your base. Once a leader has been Captured, the capturing team scores a point, and a new leader is randomly chosen .

    Game Features:
    - Players gain 5 Arrows after killing a member of the opposing team.
    - Leaders are randomly chosen at the start of the game and once the current leader has been captured.
    - The game ends after A defined number of captures are reached.
    - The game ends after a certain amount of time if the capture limit is not reached, whoever has the most captures is the victor.
    - Players can right click the other teams leader to stack them, leaders are invincible while stacked
    - Players respawn with all items once killed.
    - Players inventories do not drop on death.
    - Experience bar shows game countdown and gametime left
    - Recieve 50 dollars per capture and 10 dollars per kill

    - Gametime left
    - Cowboys points
    - Indians points
    - Your Current captures
    - Your Current balance
    - Top Player (on your team)

    In game shop:
    - Stone sword - Once you die, you go back to wooden
    - Bombardement - Showers the selected area with arrows. (for those who are confused it's like the airstrike ability in the plugin "Paintball pure war"
    - Confusion - Gives you Golden armor to confuse the other team.

    Cowboys Inventory:
    - Red Leather armor (Excluding Helmet)
    - A Wooden sword
    - A bow
    - 5 arrows
    - Flint and steel
    - Splash potion of blindness (10 seconds) ---> Would be nice to have custom item but not necessary.
    - Speed potion (10 seconds) ---> Would be nice to have custom item but not necessary.
    - Invisibilty potion (10 seconds) ---> Would be nice to have custom item but not necessary.

    Indians Inventory:
    - Yellow Leather armour (Excluding Helmet)
    - A Wooden sword
    - A bow with
    - 5 arrows
    - Flint and steel
    - Splash potion of blindness (10 seconds) ---> Would be nice to have custom item but not necessary.
    - Speed potion (10 seconds) ---> Would be nice to have custom item but not necessary
    - Invisibilty potion (10 seconds) ---> Would be nice to have custom item but not necessary

    Leader Inventory
    - Full Golden Armor
    - A Wooden sword
    - A bow with punch 2
    - 10 arrows

    Ideas for the Configuration file:

    - Customizable Game length (Seconds)
    - Customizable amount of captures in order to win
    - Customizable prices for The in game shop

    Ideas for Commands

    Player Commands:
    - /cai info ---> See info on the plugin and creator
    - /cai join ---> Join a CAI game
    - /cai leave ---> Leave a CAI game

    Moderator Commands:
    - /cai disable <ArenaName> ---> Stops the specified Arena
    - /cai enable <ArenaName> ---> Starts the specified Arena

    Admin Commands:
    - /cai createarena <MinPlayers> <MaxPlayers> <ArenaName> ---> Create an Arena.
    - /cai deletearena <ArenaName> ---> Delete an Arena.
    - /cai setwarp Cowboys <ArenaName> ---> Setting a place for the "Cowboys" Team to spawn.
    - /cai setwarp Indians <ArenaName> ---> Setting a place for the "Indians" Team to spawn.
    - /cai setwarp Lobby <ArenaName> ---> Sets the Lobby of the specified Arena.
    - /cai setwarp capturepoint Indians <ArenaName> ---> Sets a Worldedit selection that the indians have to bring the cowboys leader to in order to gain a point.
    - /cai setwarp capturepoint Cowboys <ArenaName> ---> Sets a Worldedit selection that the Cowboys have to bring the Indians leader to in order to gain a point.
    - /cai finish <ArenaName> ---> Finishes Arena creation and enables the Arena.
    - /cai softreload ---> Reloads all the CAI configuration files once Players are finished their games.
    - /cai reload ---> Instantly Kicks all Players from current games, then reloads all CAI files.

    Ideas for Permissions
    - cai.player ---> Gives access to player commands
    - cai.donator ---> Gives access to player commands and to join full games
    - cai.moderator ---> Gives access to the Player and Moderator commands, and Donator features.
    - cai.admin ---> Gives access to all commands and the ability to join full games.

    I know this is a massive task but I would really appreciate it if someone was able to take this on. I have put a lot of work into my server, and I am looking for a way to get some more people so I can establish a friendly community. I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can make this plugin!

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    this is unfair that you want to steal another persons idea. i doubt anyone will do this because of the size and of stealing.
    neither do i like you made an bukkit account so you could ask for people to do stuff for you
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    I don't understand how this plugin is any different to other publically released plugins that the hive has. EG: BlockHunt, any SG plugin, Splegg etc. I just see it as a fun minigame and think the public should have access to it. Loads of Servers have the same/similar minigames, and I think everyone should have access to gametypes they enjoy on their server.
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    they werent publicly released by the public, people have remade them with STUFF to make it their OWN yours is an exact copy of theirs and i wouldnt like my hard work replicated if i didnt want it public
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    Please explain to me how this is any different from hives Block Hunt.
    http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/blockhunt/. Also people can add their own stuff onto this, plugin, the information was just to see if anyone was keen to develop an idea like this further.
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    this plugin is different because they changed a ton of stuff, they used the exp bars they gave wepons at certain points they added alot of stuff that the public version didnt like also block selections and shops, this is how its differnt.yours is a COPY of the plugin exact COPY
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    Ever notice how java is basically open source?
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    HiveMC also has Weapons at certain points and block selection. The only thing that seperates one plugin from the other is the EXP bar. And slightly different shop systems. I have added some extra features to this plugin idea, and will continue to do so, so it is not exactly like HiveMC.
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    screw it im done with this post, no one will take it anyway. i just hate leechers, copiers, and your in both those catagories
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    Ok, thank you for your input.
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    I might do this over a couple weeks not sure tho
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    Ok, thanks for considering it. :)

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