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    Idea for a name: Plague

    What I want: I need a Mini Games plugin that is completely custom and can follow these requirements:
    - I need it to give ON DEATH a potion that is custom named "Potion of Plague" with the effects of
    regeneration 1 and wither 3
    - I need it to ON START of the game to pick one person to be the "Healer" which puts a BLUE wool on their head and gives them a potion called "The Cure" the potion upon splashing on an "infected" player will erase the potion effects
    - Upon being hit with "Potion of Plague" will put a RED wool on your head
    - Upon death it put a BLACK wool on the player's head
    - On start pick on random person to become "Patient Zero" the first infected person to start the plague
    - I need it to have a in game arena creating system

    -- It can if you need to, be based off of BattleArena, this is fine.

    Ideas for commands: /plague create [name] -- creates the plague arena
    /plague setmap [arena] [map name] -- sets the name of the map to an arena
    /plague setmax [arena] -- sets the maximum players to an arena
    /plague setmin [arena] -- self explanatory

    Permissions: All admin only commands and permission nodes

    When I would like it by: Any time possible I understand it may take a while

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    Thats a Realy hard thing to make, i dont think you will find som1 to make it for free..
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    Thanks for da advice.. I cant offer a reward tho
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    It's really not that hard. I'll even take it under consideration.
    I may make this, but i'm not sure so don't bug me about it ;)
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    Do you have skype?
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    Much appreciated dude!
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    I think you cant make this truth in 10 m it takes like 10 days coding. And findig how evrything works

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