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    Plugin category: Mechanics
    Suggested name: What ever you want it to be.
    What I want: I would like to be in this plugin is the mobs from shotbows minez minigame. The zombies should be faster, hit harder, and have more health. The zombie pigmen should not have much health, but it should do a lot of damage and on death it should explode and spawn baby pigmen who are miniature versions of the pigmen. The last mob I want is the giant, the giant should have a kick attack which does a lot of damage and knocks the players back. It should also have a stomp attack, which is when the giant jumps and when he lands there is an explosion. The last thing about the giant is every time you hit it, it will spawn a minez zombie. Make it so that the minez giant zombie is not affected by arrows. Search the pigmen and giant on the minez wiki if you don't understand everything.
    Ideas for commands: A command so you can spawn the mob.
    Ideas for permissions: none
    Ideas for configs: Make it so you can change the speed, health, damage etc... Of the mob.
    When I like it: As soon as possible.
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