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    Anyone mind checking into this plugin and make sure its legit and not server damaging?

    Website @ http://www.minevey.com
    plugin download (zip form) http://minevey.com/minevey.zip

    They claim its similar to buycraft but with the use of surveys instead of cash. Players do surveys to earn credits then use their credits to gain donors ranks and or items and the server owner then redeems the credits the players spends for cash to help support the server.

    Sounds like a good concept (if you like doing surveys) for players that are unable to spend real money for donor ranks/items, im just curious if the plugin is legit and not game breaking in any way being the site/company is so new. Also curious why its not listed here on bukkit.


    After trying to contact the maker of this plugin through youtube i get ignored and comments deleted off the video pages. This tells me this is a scam and this plugin could be VERY harmful to your server. He has also spammed about 50+ Minecraft server owners website through Enjin trying to get them to use this plugin (mine included).
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    lol you want me to check on my server so it doesn't kill yours? ya im ok


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    Lol sure :D. No im sure a plugin dev can at least maybe break the plugin down and make sure its legit and wont cause any harm to a server or access any personal information without actually using the plugin on a live server.
  4. It would be possible to decompile the jar.
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    Well they have no contact or support page on their site. I did send them a comment on their youtube video. The site is set up pretty decent other then no contact or support page. Maybe they will get the hint and bring their plugin to bukkit like buycraft did and start getting some members (if they want members that is).
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    FuRiouSOne Looks safe to me, but it isn't supported
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    Seeing how he deleted my comment telling him about putting it on bukkit and adding support and contact page on website makes me think this is not legit so anyone thinking to use this on a live server hopefully will do some research first and see this post.
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    That plugin is not allowed on Bukkit.
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    Updated opening post to reflect my thoughts on this possible scam.

    By any chance you can give reason?

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    Locked. We only check plugins found on DBO. Finding plugins from any other source is taking the risk entirely in your own hands, as no other source than BukkitDev has a proactive means of checking plugins.
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