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    We need a plugin for our server!
    Hi. My name is Scott Robertson. Me and 6 others are currently making a Minecraft version of the map RP_Downtown_V2 (From Garry's Mod) with around 6 other people. I am in need of a plugin that allows players not ONLY to have jobs. But to have different benefits with each job. Here are the jobs:
    Types of jobs:
    Citizen (Green name above head)
    Police Officer (Blue name above head)
    Weapon Dealer (Orange name above head)
    Drug Dealer (Yellow name above head)
    Hobo (Brown name above head)
    Mayor (Light blue name above head)
    Mayors Daughter (Light blue name above head)
    Gangster (Grey nam above head)
    Mob Boss (Dark grey name above head)
    Thief (Grey name above head)
    Chef (Pink name above head)
    Some of these jobs need people to vote yes or no before you are able to join them.​
    To be a cop, you must select that job and hope that people will vote yes.​
    It will display: (In light Aqua)​
    "<playername> wants to be a <jobname>. Vote yes "/vote yes" or Vote no "/vote no"​
    If you try to join a job whilst there is already a vote, it says (In light Aqua)​
    "Please wait until the job vote has finished before starting a new job vote"​
    "/job list" - To see list of jobs​
    "/job join <jobname>" - To join a job​
    Basic Scripts:
    New players start with $1000
    Players job changes to Citizen when they leave server
    Players can buy from a menu in chat (By typing /shop). The items they can buy depends on their job.
    Police can arrest you using a blaze rod that is named "Arrest Stick"
    Police can also unarrest you using a blaze rod called "Unarrest Stick"
    The mayor can announce messages over the server
    Weapon Dealer can sell weapons with different enchantments (Price depends on enchantment)
    Thiefs have a "LockPick" stick that they can use to unlock doors
    Police and Mayor can initiate a "Wanted" for players. (If you are wanted. Your head becomes a red wool)
    How To Own Doors:
    When you open a door that is now owned it displays:
    "That door is not owned"
    When you open a door that is owned:
    "That door is owned by <playername>"
    When you open a locked door that is owned:
    "That door is owned by <playername> and is locked"
    When you want to own a door you look at it and type:
    If door is already owned:
    "That door can not be owned as it is already owned by <playername>"
    To lock pick. Right click a door with the "LockPick" stick. A small timer will start in the chat like: (In light Green)​
    "Picking: 1/10"
    (It counts up to 10. Then the door opens)
    You have a 1 in 5 chance of the lockpick failing: (In light Green)​
    "The door failed to unlock!"
    Giving Money:
    You can give money to a player by looking at them and typing:
    "/givemoney <ammount>"
    When you give them money. It displays: (In light Aqua)​
    "You have giving <playername> $<ammount>"​
    When you get money. It says:​
    "You have received $<ammount> from <playername>"​
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    I like the idea. :)
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    Just did :) So there are no plugin makers that can make it?
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    I can start to try it. But i am fairly new to coding so no promises. :) I'll update you if i get some where.
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    Can you m
    Can you maybe add me to skype? Skype name: Scazzum1
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    Ill try when im done with my current project.. if it isn't already made.. i like the idea :3 but the only way to rename them would be in 1.4, so that will have to wait until bukkit updates
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    Remember to add me on skype if you can! Incase you want any more information! Skype name: Scazzum1
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    Aaah nice! DarkRP from Garry's Mod :D
    But I don't think I am able to do this, you COULD use many plugins together to make this like you want it.
    Like, LWC for locking doors and other stuff, Jobs for the jobs, voting, umm I don't know yet.

    But I could TRY!
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    Dont worry. We already got someone working on it :D
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    Would I be able to help because I want this for my server also it's really cool for my custom jobs I made based of Garry's Mod
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    You could try if you want. But we already have someone making it :)
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    Ok when its done can I have a copy for testing?
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    I am up for coding this private plugin, I was already making a public release a while back which stopped due to my lack of skill but many months on I am now very capable.
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    First you should make it the person can only be arrested when they are wanted or warranted ( you can true it in and off in the config) second when will this be released (also try and make money printers) third try and make it gun dealers can spawn guns from crack shot guns plugin that would be cool :) fourth the mayor should be able to call lock downs and last there should be like /advert /ooc /y all of those commands :)
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    Imminent Fire

    Has this plugin been finished?
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    I am quite interested in this plugin, sorry if this is considered grave-digging but if this is indeed finished could you hit me up with a PM or if anyone could do this for me I'd be willing to pay them. Thanks
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    Windy Day

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