Minecraft Water lines through map :S HELP PLZ! :(

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Marco Moreira, Jun 6, 2011.


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    Marco Moreira

    Hey there,

    I've recently been having some problems with my Minecraft server, random parallel lines appear across the map which remove blocks and are clearly visible on them map. These lines are normally filled with water and the length of them can vary but they are always 1 block wide. I tried copying over to a new world but no luck. Can anyone help?
    Image of some of the lines in game:

    They are viewable on this Livemap

    Thanks for your help :)
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    Happened to me once. I deleted the relevant chunks, and the regenerated fine. obviously use worldedit to copy out any building or structures first.
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    Marco Moreira

    Thats what I've done and now its happened again and I can't keep repairing or changing map over and over again I need a reason to something to prevent this from happening :|
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    happened to my server months ago, and now it's happening again. If they reach a room, they will completely flood it!
    What's happening?
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    i had this also, went accross my whole map.
    was quite strange, at first i thought a noob had just gone with a spade and dug a line forever. then realised it went into worldguarded areas etc.
    when i generated my worldmap with tectonicus, you could see the grand scale of it, 1 line every 30-40 blocks, strecthing over 200 blocks in length.
    no idea what causes it tho.
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    A friend of mine claims it to be a bug in the terrain-generating algorithm Notch made. Personally I have no idea.
    We've been experiencing theese lines on our server as well, and from what I can recall they were NOT there from the beginning when we generated the world. I'm suspecting Herobrine, but I am unsure.

    However, selecting the area with worldedit and using //regen solves the problem.
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    I believe it's a world edit bug. & World edit is the only thing these servers have in common.
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    happend to me the first time today. also have worldedit as similar plugin. any one know how to fix?
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    I've got the same issue and it's amazing how fast it occured. We just generated a new map two days ago and there is already a mass of these lines across the map. I'm hoping that WorldEdit isn't the cause, because I use the worldedit //regen command to actually fix these lines.

    Do we have anyone who doesn't have WorldEdit experiencing this problem?

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    this happened to me way back in 1.5. i dont remember but i think that it may have had something to do with a server crash (not sure)
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    We've been experiencing this again, and lots of them. Anyone know where they come from, and what the solution could be?
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    I have as well, And I really like using world edit, might have to get rid of it if this keeps happnening
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    Sorry to bump this but I have some more details on what may be causing the problem. Or maybe not, God knows.

    I'm having the issues too, as well as some other weird water issues. I wouldn't suspect they were related but, the lines only seem to fall within the radius of various times I used /fixwater in WorldEdit.

    Check out this out. I do some hard core terraforming and biome erasing/changing and designing coast lines often requires me to do huge water fixes. Sometimes with a radius of about 300 or more:

    The circles are where I used /fixwater and show up on DynMap as moving water. Looking at them in game though, you can see they are still as they should be. The lines on the desert though appear to be within the largest circle whose edge is only partially visible. In the upper left, there used to be some lines (I filled them in) that descended southward from the upper most ring that clips across the northern shore of that peninsula.

    Now I suppose I can stop using /fixwater if this is what's causing it, but I wish someone knew. They're really irritating to find and clean up and I'm going to be super depressed if it's just going to keep happening throughout my world.

    P.S. Another photo of what they look like:
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    sry for bumping this but i have this issue right now anyone know whats wrong? its very fustrating because if we cant solve this problem we need to rebuilt a 6000x6000 map that we highly costumized...
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    I've done quite a bit of testing now and I am 98% sure the issue is using either //fixwater (more likely) or maybe //fillr water x (also possible but less likely)

    The descrepancy there is because it can be rather hard to detect these lines, but I have found they they:

    A. Are caused in circular patterns corresponding to the radii from giving those commands.

    B. Always occur on a giant scale. This is because they only occur when the command gives an operation that is so CPU intensive that it causes a significant amount of lag. Sometimes this means a whole server crash, other times it just means a few seconds of lag, but if large enough, it will leave this water slices.

    The result is I'm very careful with the two commands. I never use values greater than 50 and fill and fix water in small chunks like that vs filling in an ocean and just saying, "//fillr water 3000 oughta do it."
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