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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by nirajm34, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Hey, ive looked in to this and understand how it works

    BUT i do not know how to do this, anyone have a really good tut to explain how to do this ? Thanks in advance :)
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    nirajm34 What the hell is a Minecraft reverse proxy....
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    And I thought *I* was the only one who didn't know....
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    You're not the only one! ^^
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    The question is what do you want to accomplish with a 'reverse proxy', or what do you think a reverse proxy will accomplish?
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    The first one can be easily done with DNS SRV records.

    The second one is also possible, but much more difficult. You'd have to write a program to intercept the login sequence, then serve as a proxy to direct all subsequent traffic to the appropriate server. Unfortunately, there's no way to know what version a client is using when he goes to the multiplayer server list, so he would see that he's not allowed to connect (and probably wouldn't even try!), and the Minecraft client may even prevent him from connecting. Bottom line: A lot of work for very little or no benefit.

    So, nirajm34, exactly what are you trying to do?
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    this, create a public and private one(or just the real IP depending the trust). When you get DDoSed(not sure if stopping that was your goal ?), turn off the public ip link on the server and enjoy playing with your staff/vips/private members
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    Right here is a update on what i have done (Gre only works if both servers are linux, i have VPS linux and Minecraft Windows)

    Hey, so what im doing on my VPS is that i have centos 6, and i have followed this tutorialhttp://wiki.buyvm.net/doku.php/redirect_traffic
    and installed redir which transfers all traffic from the VPS ip to the destination server, which is where the minecraft server is hosted, im using this as protection for my minecraft server.

    ok so hears the problem, when i try to connect to the ip for the VPS to connect to the minecraft server, it says logging in on minecraft, but it always comes up as end of stream or connection reset, and even when on my minecraft list it says "Communication Error" so there is some data going between the VPS and the destination server. But i dont know the issue, can i have any help at all please [​IMG] Thanks
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    Sounds like the vps is forwarding the traffic, but the server is not replying to the vps tunnel, route issue on server. The best way to test is on the server, tcpdump -i myvpslink then connect or ping the private subnet from the vps. A routing issue - the tcpdump will show the pings but on the vps SSH it will be a dead ping.
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    when i do the tcpdump on "myvpslink" not recognised, what do i put there instead? this is what i have so far
    but when i can not do any other commands without stoping the redir command.
    Thanks :)
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