Plugin Request Minecraft Infected (Like DeadLyfe)

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    Plugin category: Minigame

    Minecraft version: 1.8x

    Suggested name: InfectionCraft (If you have a better name let me know!)

    What I want: I'd pretty much like to get a plugin that is similar to DeadLyfe (which isn't available anymore). Pretty much, It's a minigame based of of MW3 gamemode Infected. There are two teams: humans and zombies. At the start of a round, a configurable amount of players are randomly chosen to be alpha zombies. These alpha zombies are the first to be infected and in order to win, they need to kill all of the humans. Humans only have one life so when they get killed by a zombie or die by accident, they become zombies too.
    The goal of humans is to survive to the zombies for 5 minutes (which is the time given for one game).

    When a game ends, players get automatically teleported to the configured lobby and have to wait until there are enough players to start another round. They can also vote for the map they want by using a command (look below for my command ideas).

    To make the game even more interesting, there is a leveling system that allows players to rank up when they reach a certain level (for example: 4). To get experience, players need to kill zombies (configurable amount of xp per kill) or be the last human alive (which doesn't happen often so you gain 1 full level if you manage to be the last alive). When a player reaches a new rank, he/she then starts the round with new items that would be configurable.

    When a player reaches the final rank, he/she can then prestige to have something new to work towards. When a player prestiges, he starts back at the first rank but he acquires better gear when playing as a zombie.

    Killstreaks are a way of rewarding a player in a round when he gets a certain amount of kills. The killstreak rewards I would really love to see are: [Human Killstreaks] attack dogs (summoned by right clicking on a bone), golden apple (regenerates health), flash grenade (snowball: when it is thrown near a zombie, it blinds and slows him/her for 5 seconds) and airstrike (when you place a redstone torch down, it causes an explosion around the spot where you placed it, causing splash damage to any enemy in that radius) [Zombie Killstreaks] poisonous egg (when thrown on a human, it gives the poison II effect to him/her causing the player to automatically be at half a heart)

    Ideas for commands:
    /ic setlobby:
    sets the lobby where players will go when the game is done to vote for a new map
    /ic create arena <arena name>: creates an arena that can be chosen when voting in the lobby
    /ic delete arena <arena name>: deletes an existing arena
    /ic arenas: Lists all of the created arenas
    /ic setspawn <arena name> <zombie,human,global>: sets a spawn point in a certain arena for humans, zombies or global (spawnpoint for both teams)
    /ic reload: reloads the config file to see new changes in the config
    /ic help: displays all of the commands for the InfectionCraft plugin
    /ic prestige: allows the player to prestige (see information about prestiges above) if he has the good level requirement
    /vote <map/arena name>: Allows players to vote for their favorite map (adds one vote to that choice)

    Ideas for permissions:
    permission to vote before a round
    infection.arenas: permission to use all of the arena related commands
    infection.lobbies: permission to use all of the lobby related commands
    infection.reload: permission to reload the config file of the InfectionCraft plugin.

    When I'd like it by: No specific date, take your time :)

    Well that's pretty much it... If you're interested please leave a comment and if you have any questions, don't hesitate!
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