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    Suggested name: MCGrifball

    What I want: Anyone remember Grifball from Halo? Well I'd like for someone to make the very first Grifball plugin. The ideas I have are quite simple. I will add a video at the bottom for a better reference. Here's how it goes:

    • Gravity Hammer - Diamond Axe
    • Blue Team:
    1. Spawns on Blue Side.
    2. Wears Blue Wool as a helmet.
    • Red Team:
    1. Spawns on Red Side.
    2. Wears Red Wool as a helmet.
    The Ball:
    • The Ball is a Slime Ball
    • Player holding the Ball has their helmet switched to Yellow Wool.
    • Players cannot drop the ball.
    • Upon picking the ball up, their inventory is cleared and a Slime Ball is added.
    • Player holding the ball gets a small speed boost.
    Detonation Points:
    • Player with the Ball must walk on top of the Detonation Point.
    • Upon planting the Ball, there will be a 3 second delay. There will then be an explosion effect that doesn't harm anyone.
    • After the Ball explodes, a point is added to the scoring team.
    • Detonation Points are stone pressure plates.
    • There needs to be some sort of waiting lobby.
    • Maybe wait 2 minutes before the game starts.
    • When the game starts, the players are teleported to their sides and the ball is spawned.
    • If a game is going on and someone joins, they are kicked. Message should be configurable.
    • Either with the Ball or Hammer, when a player is hit, they are sent back to one of their spawn points.
    • If you hit the guy with the ball, you have your inventory cleared and gain the ball while he is sent back to his spawn. He should regain his Hammer and team-colored wool.
    • Friendly fire is OFF.
    • Each hit counts as a kill, but don't really kill the player.
    • Record kills, deaths, scores, losses, and wins in a flatfile.
    • Remember, kills and deaths mean you hit them or you were hit, not actually killed.
    • Need a command that will show your stats in the message. Should look appealing.
    • Cannot chat during the game.
    • Can chat in lobby.
    • Ideas for donation perks.

    Ideas for commands: I need commands that will:
    • Set the ball spawn.
    • Set the team spawns.
    • Set the join spawn.

    Ideas for permissions: None.

    When I'd like it by: Take your time, it's a big request.

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    Seems interesting, I may work on it when I get all of my other stuff done, but won't probably be able to do it because of the limited time I get to work on Bukkit plugins.
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    Take your time, if you can't get around to it, hopefully someone else will.
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    If you don't want to do this, I am happy to take this on.
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    Thanks guys. Whoever wants to do it can do it, doesn't matter.
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    Wow the halo 3 grifball looks so boring. All i've played is on Halo 4 - much more fast pace.
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    I only just started today and I plan on continuing to work on it.
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    -_Husky_- I would be willing to work on this idea together however.
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    Currently got a project, will help when i finish.
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    I have a few ideas that I think you should put into this.
    - Have everyone have a little bit more speed for normal walking, then sprint has an even better boost
    - Sprint limits - just like halo. After a few seconds you can't sprint then another second you can again.
    - When you hold grif ball you have default sprint speed.
    - Use leather armor, wool blocks, and colored name tags.
    * The colored name tags are probably the most important so you can identify the person in yellow who is carrying the grif ball; since he is not wearing a team color during that time. Alternatively, keep the wool block on the heads the same all the time.
    - Jump boosts with no fall damage or reduced fall damage.

    Good luck.
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    I've seen in someones signature. A link to a grif ball plugin.. Idk who had it who or the name of it
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    Is anyone doing it?
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    It's not the first: join McGrifball.com

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