Minecraft Dedicated server - Can it handle a lot?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Nikolaous, Nov 21, 2013.

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    Hello, I'm running a fairly basic PvP server for my friend based off (CubedHost)(They've been great)

    I'm wondering how many players I can hold.

    These are the specifications
    E3-1230v2 @ 3.3GHz
    1Gbit NIC Speed
    10TB Bandwith
    32GB ECC DDR3
    500GB SATA II
    Phoenix, Arizona

    PL list:
    Factions 1.4.7
    Nocheatplus (Nicely configured)
    World guard

    And that's all my plugins.

    Thanks for any help.
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    150-250 at most, the 1230 is a pretty weak CPU. Not too sure, but I think the disk would max out around there too.
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    I've held 500 on that CPU running 5 servers on Bungee.
    For the whole machine, ~1000 slots at a PUSH.
    The disk I/O shouldn't matter unless you have lots of little 'minigames' or plugins that save lots of data.
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    I'm planning on running a 150 playerbase faction server, so if it can handle 150 players that'll be perfect, I'm uprgading my CPU later.
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    Compared to what ?

    The E3-1230v2 is an ideal cpu for minecraft and will be able to handle much more then that. Any benchmark will tell you the same.
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    Really? I can only seem too get 400-500 on a 1245, which has a higher clock and is better overall. I mentioned disk I/O because on factions servers, there is typically a ton of chunk loading, then McMMO... Not saying it WILL be an issue, it just could be.

    Edit: Now rereading this it comes across as I am attacking you in a way, this is not ment to be hostile in any way. Just figured I would throw that out there.
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    The 1245 has a horrible bottleneck when it comes to I/O I believe, the 1230 although lower clock has better performance with I/O operations.
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    I'm still not sure if you're my Niko... Don't think so.
    For the CPU I would recommend changing to the E3 1245v2. This cpu would be able to handle a faction server and kitpvp. Within all of my testing and knowledge the 1245v2 would be able to handle a ton. I have seen a server run a faction server, prison server and kitpvp server with the e3 1245v2 and 32GB RAM as well (Hardware wise) (That server is HaydzCraft). Your server would be able to handle 450 with no problem. For a faction server I do recommend you load up a large piece of your world just so when people do travel long (or semi-long) distances into the map your server doesn't die into pieces (Speaking that their is 150 people traveling).
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    I feel like a 1245 from OVH would be better than a 1230.
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    Why are you guys suggesting a 1245? You realize what that is right? If anything at least suggest an E3-1240, but even then it's a tiny step up.
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    Funny how people always assume a faster clock speed on the CPU makes a difference. Just so you know, the better processors are going to have the higher L2/L3 mounted caches. Then RAM is important.

    In case people don't believe me, your CPU wastes 99% of the it's time doing nothing.

    1-2 clock cycles required for L1 cache
    5-20 clock cycles required for L2 cache
    50 - 200 clock cycles required for RAM.
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    funny part about saying that is that the L1, L2, and L3 caches are based on the processors speed, the L1 runs at the speed of the process and usually the L2 does as well (it takes more cycles on L2 because of set associativity). So while it has to wait that many cycles, the amount of time that is is smaller.

    Now RAM works with it's own independent clock so that will not speed up with time, furthermore, the speed of the RAM doesn't matter, RAM is limited by its access time on the ship itself which the latency has been stuck around 7ns for a long time now. So better ram doesn't crack down on the amount of time it has to wait.

    So in short, better RAM doesn't really help that much no matter which way you cut it. There exists better RAM, just not by much. And while clock speed isn't a huge issue when it comes to 100MHz a difference of 500+MHz or a less inefficient architecture do make a difference.

    Personally I would rather go with the consumer end chip that can be overclocked with a custom cooler, but then again I prefer to hos the server myself (getting good internet is VERY hard though in the US)
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    Actually, I was saying that the processor can only access the caches and RAM with x bytes per cycle, regardless of the rate of the clock speed...

    And yes even though the type of RAM depends on the processor, it is very important to consider the transfer rate if options are available for your processor.

    As for what I originally said, it's MORE important to look at the size of each level, the L2, L3 and RAM sizes are more important than the clock speed. And if you disagree with that, then you really don't know how machines work - just look at the miss rate of a 12mb L3 cache versus a 4mb L3 cache.
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    Unknowncmbk Actually the cache speeds are related to the cpu frequency, that is part of why they are so fast (associativity has a great deal about that as well). Ram has its own clock but not the cache in the cpu

    I agree the size of the cache has a great deal with how fast the machine is because of hit rates (the larger it is the higher the rate), but the cost benefit ratio is also there for the server owner as the Xeon's with that much cache are the LGA2011 chips which are VERY expensive for good clock rates, the LGA1150/1155 Xeon's are nothing more than the desktop equivalent in a server package for features like ECC ram, the E3-1245 is nothing more than an i7 with a few extra features and in fact the E3-1245 is an i7-4770 (minus one turbo bin, ie the Xeon is slower in that regard)
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