Minecraft 1.8 is out, what about bukkit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by baileyisme, Sep 14, 2011.


Who wants bukkit for 1.8?

  1. I want bukkit for 1.8

  2. I don't want bukkit for 1.8

  3. I don't care

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    Hi 1.8 was just released and i was just wondering when bukkit will update because i'm a server owner and my server is 24/7 and i don't want to have a server with no plugins but also a server that's outdated. Thanks for reading. :)
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    I dont think they will update it as they don't want you to run a actual Server!
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    Когда выйдет bukkit для 1.8? [diamond] [cake]:D
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    Несколько дней.

    ...gotta love Google Translator. :D
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    Thanks for the info :p
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    Thanks :), wow i got more votes then i expected, lol i only just made this account 40 mins ago
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    When Do You Think 1.8 For CraftBukkit Will Be Out? I Need My 22 Plugins To Run A Successful Server. Don't Ask, Its A Private Server.[diamond]:D
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    - im just going to play 1.73 for a week until all my plugins for 1.8 are ready :)
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    yeah same but i dont have 22 plugins lol, what plugins do u have?
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    lol here comes all the dumb and sad people asking when it's out when they don't have enough patience to wait
  11. cant wait for bukkit 1.8 =3 Release it soon please =3
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    1.8 has only been out for a couple of hours. Good god have some patience. It could be a couple of days.

    Until then I'll keep my server at 1.7.3. Nothing is being hurt, nothing is broken, and everything works.
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    I thought they got 1.8 earlier for testing and reporting bugs?
    So maybe it wont take toooo long for us to get our hands on the 1.8 bukkit server :D
    Hope dies at last! ^^
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    apparently :p Can't tell you, since I'm @ school.

    They did, but that version was super filled with bugs. Luckily they will help making it more stable, so that means better MC and better (and probally faster released) CraftBukkit versions =D

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    [RU] На этом форуме Русские есть? Или я тут один такой? :cool:
    [EN] In this forum there are Russian? Or am I the only one here? :cool:
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    Cognito guy

    What a poll lol :D
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    For those Who Are Asking " 1.8 Is Out?" Just Before Logging In hit Options And Then Force Update, It Will update It To 1.8, DUHHHHH...
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    Don Redhorse

    If you are a server owner you should know that it will take time.. how much depends of the quality of the code mojang produced and how many changes the bukkit team needs to make and how long plugin developers need to update to the new RB..

    just wait... atm you can let people use spoutcraft or a non updated client... if your players update without a backup... well.... run vanialla... or the old code..
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    I dranked a pepsi with a straws once.
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    rus - да русские есть! Их много! Они все ждут bukkit 1.8:D
    eng - yes, here are lots of russians they are waiting for bukkit 1.8:D
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    Xav Kearney

  24. Please do not PM the Bukkit Admins/Community Staff asking about when the update will be out. As many have already stated, the CraftBukkit Twitter account or the google docs spreadsheet are the 2 difinitive ways to find out when a version will be ready. It should be noted that this version will NOT be the Recommended Build immeadiatly, just a version that will run but may contain bugs still.

    However, if anyone wants to get the update faster, they can FedEx a Pizza and several gallons of coffee to @Dinnerbone

    Thanks guys!

    PS: Sorry @Dinnerbone, if you recieve several day old pizzas soaked in caffine.
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    Not sure when it will come out...
    But last time i checked it was at 48.82% done.
    Man I can't wait!
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    where is this information held
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    Would you happen to have his street address and his favorite pizza flavor? :D

    I'm not kidding btw.
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    1.8 IS AMAZING! just backup your minecraft and play 1.8 for a while

    you can also get to many items the one for pre release 1 works fine and you dont need modloader
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