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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by john01dav, Aug 16, 2014.

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    Hello Bukkit! I've been working on a plugin that needs to place coloured hardened clay into the world, but there is a lack of a function to do so without utilizing "Magic values" (look it up if you are unaware of it).

    Current code:
    1. Block b = cube.getA().getWorld().getBlockAt(x, y, z);
    2. b.setType(Material.HARD_CLAY);
    3. b.getMaterialData().setColor(HardClay.RED); //this is the line of code that I cannot figure out the correct method calls for

    I've been googling and looking through JavaDocs looking for a solution for about two hours. Thanks in advance for any answers!
  2. john01dav Use the deprecated methods, there's currently no replacement.
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    john01dav I don't think there's an alternative to .setData();
    BTW, I see you set the block to Hardened Clay but I think you what you meant to do is Stained Clay??
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    I'll just go with the setData() method, hopefully there will be something better with 1.8 (I'm pretty sure that Mojang is removing the data IDs completely in that version).
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