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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ariley92, Apr 5, 2011.

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    So I've been running a 24/7 server since last October. When we first started out, we had a 20 player cap and a VPS with only 512MB of RAM. We ran hMod with no problem. Then, when bukkit came out, we switched to that. And I immediately noticed and increase in the amount of RAM used when about 20 people were on from when we used hMod, but that was ok, because we had upgraded to 1GB of RAM, and it was using about 500MB.

    But now, starting around bukkit build 556 or so, I noticed a very large jump in memory usage. When we updated bukkit versions, before Beta 1.4 came out, running the server began taking up nearly 900MB of RAM.

    WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?! Any ideas?
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    Before I upgraded to the latest build 617 my small four person server was taking up 1.8GB of memory but without any noticeable lag. Since the update to build 617 its using considerably less (around 500-600MB) so i believe they have changed something that makes memory management better.

    Attached a graph of my servers memory usage, before the update you can see that there was very little free or cached memory and the majority of used memory was used by the java process.

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