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    Hello my IGN is Thorgod and i need a plugin that will allow the following Just like AuthDB Except it needs it need to work with Vanilla forum script Ver: Can any one help me?
    • Required
      • Server authentication through external script or custom MySQL database.
      • Make account in Craftbukkit server.
      • Ability to use either <colorname> or &colorcode in customization messages.
      • Protection from guest commands, chat, building, destruction, movement, interactions, keeping inventory, dropping items, picking up items, player damage, suffocating, PvP, mob targeting, and mob damage.
      • Protection from guest commands for WorldEdit, mcMMO, and possibly others.
      • Player sessions where no login is needed within X amount of time of last login. Verified by IP.
      • Prompt registered users for their password on join withing having to use /login.
      • Linking and unlinking different forum/CMS and in-game usernames.
      • Kick players on join with bad/illegal character(s) in username with whitelist.
      • Kick players who don't login or register within configurable length of time with whitelist.
      • Kick players with usernames shorter or longer than configurable lengths.
      • Kick players after configurable amount of incorrect password tries.
      • Configurable password length requirements.
      • Custom database table support with MD5, SHA1, or SHA512 password encryption.
      • CraftIRC support for reporting customizable errors and messages to configurable tags.
      • Debug mode and option to enable/disable debugging.
      • Usage stats reporting to devs (CraftBukkit build, AuthDB version, script name and version, server IP, port, name, OS version and CPU architecture, plugins installed, # of players online, and max # players).

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