[MECH] WorldBorder v1.7.2 - feature-rich world size limiting plugin [BukkitDev]

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    A. I'm not sure which specific versions of MacOS are affected, but you're using MacOS. The archive utility your particular version of MacOS has bundled in it is unable to figure out how to properly handle a ZIP file with a JAR in it.
    You can either install a decent archive utility, or you can download the bare JAR file which is available here:
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    Is the "whoosheffect" broken?
    true and false teleports me to my default world spawn.
    cb #1185 & wb v1.43
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    The "whoosh" effect just shows some smoke particles and plays a sound effect; it affects nothing else. If you're teleporting back to the default spawn, you were in a location where there was no safe place to stand from top to bottom (vertically) of the X/Z coordinates inside the border it tried to put you. This sometimes happens in Nether (or apparently Skylands) worlds, but shouldn't normally happen in a regular world.
    At some point I'm going to work on that so that it checks a few different X/Z coordinates inside the border instead of just one before giving up and just using the default spawn point.
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    oh ok, can it be because the ground under me is i layer dirt and then void?
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    If the target spot inside the border has any place which is safe to stand (1 solid block with 2 non-solid breathable or water blocks above it), at any vertical location (top of sky to bottom of bedrock), it should put you there. If more than one such place exists, it will put you in the spot vertically closest to your current vertical position. If no such safe standing place exists, it goes with the spawn point.
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    Deleted user

    Is it possible u add a Warning Message before the Player reach the Border?
    Example if the player is about to running to the border he get a msg: (20Block before) "Map Limit in a few block please turn around.", and the msg will reapeat every 3 secondes again.
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    Having to track and time those messages would be a pain, and it would also require more work to check for people who are also barely inside the border. So, not planned.
    Also, would you mind removing that quote of the entire first post? That's quite annoying.
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    Is there any way to use permissions so a group can ignore the border?
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    sorry for this noob question but how does the /wb fill command really works?
    also when i /wb set 1000 is this 1000 from every side? front, back, and both sides?
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    The purpose of the plugin is to keep everyone inside the border, so it doesn't exempt anyone. Further, potentially running a permission check several times a second whenever someone goes outside the border would make it much less efficient.
    You could temporarily increase the border size if you just need to briefly check something beyond the current border, then decrease it again. Or, if you don't mind using an older version, someone else released a modified copy which allows server Ops beyond the border (with a potential performance hit, of course) which I believe is based on 1.4.1:

    Basically, the fill command checks every chunk running out in a spiral from the center of your border out to the edges of it, making the server generate and then unload/save any missing chunks as it goes along.
    If you use /wb set 1000, it created a border centered on you in the current world with a radius of 1000. Being a radius, that means 1000 in every direction, thus a 2000x2000 block area. By default the border will be round (circular) so that the corners of that 2000x2000 block area will be inaccessible, but you can of course set it to use a square border as well instead of a round one.
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    where are the permissions i can't see them. or am i just a idiot?
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    Listed among the commands.
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    I am just a idiot then :D Thanks

    Ok is there a command to pass through?

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    Read the post of mine right before your first post above.
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    One of my users was just showing me an "interesting portal-like effect" of this plugin. Basically, his house is right next to the border, and by living so close he has discovered that by walking into the border in certain points, he can be teleported to the caverns underneath it. Then, he can also get teleported back up by hitting the border in another certain spot. It seemed to work by having a block that is elevated right on the border, and he walks up onto it and then falls down to the other side, then is transported. He was talking about being able to get up into a tower, etc. He was quite pleased with himself.

    In any case, I think we still have some placement issues. This plugin is supposed to knock you back from right where you were, yes? Sometimes it will still move you to the spawn of the main world. This is all happening in the middle of a naturally generated desert with no strange islands/voids around. If there is any case where it should work predictably and intended I would think this would be it.

    Sorry ><
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    Hey, would you recommend doing the fill command to fill out the server? Will it make things run smoother once it is completed?

    Also, how many mb do you think a 2000x2000 map would take up

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    Ronny Lawson

    Anyone know why /wb fill finishes and gets to 100%, then when I stop/start, the map is still not generated and I have to do /wb fill again?

    Yeah, I just confirmed, it finishes, then when I stop/start and come back, none of the chunks are generated.

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    have to ask to obvious, doing a save-all?
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    Uhm, my console get spammed when i set a border.
    2011-09-28 04:28:42 [WARNING] Wrong location for net.minecraft.server.EntityChicken@1a8fdb in world 'world'!
    2011-09-28 04:28:42 [WARNING] Entity is at 49.498805920398304,-1388.1724938068776 (chunk 3,-87) but was stored in chunk 2,-88
    2011-09-28 04:28:42 [WARNING] Wrong location for net.minecraft.server.EntityChicken@1a8fdc in world 'world'!
    2011-09-28 04:28:42 [WARNING] Entity is at 51.902510996210296,-1395.4016857750314 (chunk 3,-88) but was stored in chunk 2,-88
    2011-09-28 04:28:42 [WARNING] Wrong location for net.minecraft.server.EntityChicken@1a8fdd in world 'world'!
    2011-09-28 04:28:42 [WARNING] Entity is at 54.28710284308817,-1399.4443520069512 (chunk 3,-88) but was stored in chunk 2,-88
    Any way to solve this?
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    1. For each border crossing, it will determine a single X/Z coordinate inside the border (offset inside the border by the configured amount). It will then check for a safe open spot to deposit the player, one safe solid block with two safe open blocks above it. It starts with the Y (vertical) offset the player is currently at, seeing if that's safe. If not, it checks up 1, then down 1, then up 2, then down 2, and so forth, to find the closest safe spot vertically. If after checking all the way up and all the way down it doesn't find any safe spot, it will then default to the spawn point in your first world.
    Eventually I plan to rework it a bit so that it checks several nearby X/Z coordinates instead of just one before giving up and defaulting to the spawn point.
    2. Sounds like that would be caused by a Bukkit bug, particularly the one which can cause seemingly random chunks to be reported to plugins as being solid air when they're not. If you're able to consistently get it to happen in a particular spot, and restarting the server doesn't fix it (which would very much surprise me), please start a conversation with me here on the forum and provide me with the world seed, the border info, and the coordinates of where it is happening so I can investigate.

    1. If you've got holes in your world map or just want it to show the entire available world, go for it. Since generating new chunks is a bit of an intensive process, you could potentially prevent lag caused when a person reveals new chunks, but honestly it's probably not going to make a noticeable difference.
    2. Very rough estimate for a 2000x2000 (1000 radius) world? Somewhere around 80-100 MB or so, that again being a rough estimate.

    Good question. As fffizzz asked, are you sure you're shutting the server down properly using the "stop" command rather than just closing it out? If so, have you tried temporarily removing all other plugins while running the fill process?

    That error has nothing to do with this plugin, sorry.
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    I've been using WorldBorder for a few days now. I am using the fill tool to populate the chunks needed to run the Overviewer tool (used to make google map versions of minecraft maps). Just have to say, great job on the plugin so far.

    One thing I noticed about the fill command is I had to find the max speed on my own (around 96). When I told it to go 1000 as mentioned above it had the shirt worthy "Server Can't Keep Up" message until it ran out of memory. It seems to max out the CPU then dump into RAM when the CPU doesn't keep up. Would it be possible to throttle the speed dynamically in response to the RAM usage? Currently I am running the command without users present to give this maximum speed.

    Additionally, I was wondering if it would be feasible for this fill command to be moved into an external tool that would populate a map using multiple cores at its disposal. Currently it is locked into the limitations of the single core minecraft server experience. It could populate significantly faster utilizing multiple cores.
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    I love this Plugins how it is.
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    1. Thanks.
    2. It monitors memory usage and automatically pauses if available memory drops below 200 MB. If it drops straight from above 200 MB available to none available in less than 5 seconds (not too likely), it will crash. There is however currently a flaw in its monitoring which makes this more likely the higher you set the frequency, as I mentioned a few days ago. That flaw will be fixed in the next release.
    3. It's not all that feasible, since it needs access to Minecraft's world generation methods, file format saving code, and so forth. With enough work it could certainly be done, but I won't be the one to do it.

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    I seem to have a odd problem with this. When a player reaches the border on a non default world they will be moved to the spawn of the default world. The default world's border does not do this.
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    I just tried this and it didn't work...
    I tried to make another border at 10,000 x 10,000 z with a radius of 2000... but it took away the old border and people on the server spazed out... I'm basically trying to make a section of the world only certain groups can access.
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    hi, i have a map with 100 users.

    As I put radio to limit the map?

    I will do a circle not a square
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    Please read this answer to a similar question further up the page:

    This plugin does not support multiple borders on a single world, sorry. I think WorldGuard can do what you're after.

    Are you asking for a good radius for a circular border on a world with a limit of 100 users on at a time? If so, you might start with a radius of 2500 (5000x5000 area) for a server of that size and later simply increase the radius if/when people start feeling cramped. Much better to start off with a world that's too small than one that's too big.
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    -/tppos'ing to co-ordinates outside the border can cause massive issues if the co-ordinate is too high
    One of my staff accidently tpposed to over 40K on the z axis and seeing as my logblock was set to smallint the database went nuts lol. As opposed to setting those tables to mediumint or int I'd really prefer it if tppos outside the border would be completely impossible whatsoever. Please consider somehow stopping it. (It does indeed bounce you back, but plugins like logblock do pick it up :( )
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    Adding in additional checking for player teleport events is on my list of stuff to check into soon, for just that sort of reason. Since player teleport events shouldn't happen all that frequently, there should be no real impact on the server from it.
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    main concern to me is staff mistyping tppos and tping outside of the 32K allowed area, causing log block to mega spam :p

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