[MECH] WorldBorder v1.7.2 - feature-rich world size limiting plugin [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Brettflan, Apr 4, 2011.

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    I feel happy that I could help fix a bug. You have a great plugin here (and I'm jealous :p).

    As an FYI, I made a plugin that hooks into this and uses the border information. It's called RandMan
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    Does anyone have an ideal radius for a 64 slot server? (Not looking for accurate answer just theory.)
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    Thanks for this, works great and I love the new trim and fill commands.
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    @LRFLEW @Mendo
    Thanks. :)

    I'd recommend starting at 2000, which will probably be a bit small for you, and increase it as needed. Increasing the border size later if it's too small is much simpler than dealing with decreasing it if you decide it's too big (since people might have started building out near the edges).
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    Nope it's not even open yet thanks for the reply, I was running it at 1000 but it did seem to small. Thanks :)
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    Umm, this seems like a really noobish problem, but WorldBorder_1.4.1 downloads as a zip file, the contents of which look to me like the contents of a jar file. So I renamed .zip to .jar and copied it over to my server. Upon relaunch, however, neither the server nor McMyAdmin recognize that the plugin is there. Running 1060, and this is the first time I've come across this situation. Help?

    Edit: This link works for me.
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    Cause: your browser or OS is crazy. ;)
    Out of curiosity, what browser and OS are you using, anyway?
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    Probably silly question: The /trim command adapts to the kind of boundary you have, or? Not that I with my square boundary suddenly have a circled map ;)

    Also, the problem I see - if you trim directly at the border, people walking up to the border will generate new chunks again, resulting in a very uneven edge. In an ideal world the trim would only start 50-100 blocks behind the border. Thats how I make my maps: Generate a 2000x2000 and have the border be 1900x1900.
    Disregard that, read the release notes about the buffer ;)
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    /wb trim and /wb fill both use the border shape you have set. It would be a bit silly if they didn't, right? :p

    EDIT: Either way, just in case, you should of course make backups of your worlds before making any major alterations to them. Just as a general rule of thumb.
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    Backups? Thats for noobs! I would never backup on a high-profile, heavy-use, high-playercount server ;)

    Thanks for the info!
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    I'm using Chrome in OS X, but go check out your OP - the top download link is to a zip file, is it not? All of the versioned filenames in that folder are zip files, but the one without the version number is a jar file. That's the one that works for me. Are you sure you didn't link to the wrong file?
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    I'm completely sure. There is a single unmarked copy of the JAR file available which is updated with each new release (primarily for those running automatic update scripts/plugins), and zipped up copies of each version available with the version number tagged on them. Since the version tagged zip files can be used to keep track of separate versions, that's the default method.
    I've seen people some time ago who were having the same problem with opening a ZIP file with a JAR file in it and seeing just the JAR file contents, and it being unusable as a JAR file, which is why I recognize it. I seem to recall they were running OSX as well, but I wouldn't swear to it. Maybe your default ZIP file handling app is mucking things up?
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    Those of you that want a version of this plugin that exempts ops from the border check can get it here (v1.4.1): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17915949/WorldBorder.jar

    DISCLAIMER: There will be a small performance hit using this version because of the isOp() check. Note: support for this is version is non-existent. Don't blame Brett if it eats your face. (Not that it should, it's just 21 extra characters of code.) If you do experience lag, increase the timer-delay-ticks value in config.yml to a higher number.
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    OS x's archive utility will unzip JAR files sometimes. I recommend getting another form of unzipping utility like stuffit.
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    OS X can unzip jars just fine, provided they're renamed .zip first. Anyway, of all the mods I've installed, this is the first one I've seen that's named .zip but with jar-like contents. Usually it's a zip that contains a jar file and an additional folder or two, or it's just a standalone jar file with jar-like contents. But whatev, I got my paws on a working copy, and it does a fine job managing borders.
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    Hi, i just used the trim command, and it didnt work :/. I have a world with square shape, 300 radius, but the map go far way from 300blocs. so When i do a /wb world trim, i waited to finish without error, then i run a /dynmap fullrender, all the chunks are drawed even those far from border.. Same with mcEdit.

    CB1060, WB 1.4.1 (I checked, the border limit works well , and also the fill command)
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    That's exactly what this is. If you're seeing it differently, it's something on your end having problems reading the file.

    Is there any error output to the console/log? If it has trouble deleting regions far outside the border, it should indicate as much there.
    If it's not giving any errors, would it be possible for you to provide a copy of the world which I could test out?
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    I used to use this a while back and loved the fact that you could set the X and Z of the center. The new fill ability sounds incredible. I'm planning on setting up a server after 1.8 and will be using a ramdisk, so it would be nice to get an idea of map file size. If would be really helpful is a couple people would post their radius, shape, and file size (after using fill). Actually, if one region is 4MB and 512x512 it should be easy enough to calculate. Do those numbers look right? Is there any benefit to using certain increments for the radius, like multiples of 512?

    How does it handle nether portals? For instance, if they travel far in the nether and make a portal that would be outside the border of the main map, what would happen? Should the nether radius be set to main radius/8? Thank you very much for any info you can provide.
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    I use a round border set to a radius of 1600 on my current world; this can probably be considered a bit small. It's 52 region files, at a total of 203 MB. The world's largest region file weighs in at 6.18 MB.
    I can't think of any real tangible benefit to using any particular increment for the border size, offhand.

    If a person manages to come through a Nether portal into a normal world outside the border, they'll be there outside the border for a split second (maybe not even seeing that location themselves) before being moved back inside the border. The Nether radius should indeed be basically 1/8 of your normal world's radius, preferably with a center position of 1/8 for each value as well (for example, normal world at 8, -8, nether world at 1, -1).
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    For some reason it wont trim one chunk that I've checked to make sure wasn't corrupted, is there anything else that would actually stop it from being deleted?
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    Are there any errors output to the server console and log?
    Is the chunk isolated off by itself? If so, is it possible that somebody has teleported there, or respawned there, or logged back in there?
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    I was the only person logged in, completely still until it finished. This is all I got.

    2011-08-27 01:45:51 [INFO] [WorldBorder] Border set. World "Normal" has border radius 4000 at X: -2498.5 Z: -1947.5
    2011-08-27 01:45:51 [INFO] [WorldBorder] [CONFIG] Configuration saved.
    2011-08-27 01:46:28 [INFO] [WorldBorder] Trimming world beyond border at the command of player "microMOOSE".
    2011-08-27 01:46:33 [INFO] [WorldBorder] [Trim] 80 entire region(s) and 2560 individual chunk(s) trimmed so far (38.9% done)
    2011-08-27 01:46:35 [INFO] [WorldBorder] [Trim] Error! Region file which is outside the border could not be deleted: r.10.-3.mcr
    2011-08-27 01:46:38 [INFO] [WorldBorder] [Trim] 124 entire region(s) and 9664 individual chunk(s) trimmed so far (86.1% done)
    2011-08-27 01:46:41 [INFO] [WorldBorder] [Trim] 162 entire region(s) and 14088 individual chunk(s) trimmed so far (100.0% done)
    2011-08-27 01:46:41 [INFO] [WorldBorder] [Trim] task successfully completed!
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    Based on that, the file "r.10.-3.mcr" was locked by your Operating System for whatever reason, so that the trimming task couldn't delete it. That's where your extra chunk is located. You can try restarting CraftBukkit or perhaps even your OS itself and then try running the trim task again, or more simply you could go into the world's region folder and try to delete that file yourself.
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    When is this plugin going into BukkitDev? I want to move my plugins over there, but I don't want to move the plugins with this as a dependency until this is there too.
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    Soon enough. Been busy with other things lately, and it was only 4 days ago that they announced BukkitDev opening.
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    Brett...wow. You're right, this is FAR EFFIN SUPERIOR to libertasloader. Very shiny.
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    WorldBorder is now on BukkitDev now (pending approval):

    I'll still need to work on that further when i have time for it, but at least it's added. For the time being, please keep discussion for it here.

    Thanks. :)
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    Great plugin, really nice and easy to use, but a question,

    I tried to trim the map but I dont seem to be doing it right :(

    I typed in /wb trim 5000 192 first... then /wb trim 5000 0 and here is the results:


    Thank you in advance for any help with trimming my map down to the border so there is nothing on the other side, then after to put in a buffer to allow the chuncks to regen at a distance
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    What does it output to the server console and log (server.log)? If it's having trouble, it should give you details on the problem. Most likely, your OS has some of the region files locked; check near the top of this page for more info on a similar problem someone else was having, and some things to try.
    Let me know what the log output says.
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    Ah sorry for failing to read threw all the postings, my server is hosted so I will check the log and manually delete the chunks, Thanks :)

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