[MECH] WorldBorder v1.7.2 - feature-rich world size limiting plugin [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Brettflan, Apr 4, 2011.

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    When i reach world border i'm spawned to map spawn... far far away ! Why ?
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    It does that only when there is absolutely no safe spot to move you back to, at any vertical location (2 vertical open blocks which are water or are breathable, with a solid block or water underneath). I'm guessing you're in a Nether world or custom world which has solid top-to-bottom blocks in some places for that to happen?
    I could expand the search across X/Z so that it continues looking for nearby safe spots to teleport you back to before giving up and teleporting you back to spawn, though it should be very rare that it ever needs to do that.
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    Nice work on this, loving it.
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    Can anyone suggest a good radius setting?
    I have a 15 slot server... would 2000 be too much for the server.
    It's an open free for all... no towns or cities
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    why not start small (r=500) then increase if you get complaints or performance problems.
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    Also, remember that it's a radius value rather than a width, so a radius of 2000 covers a 4000x4000 area, and a radius of 500 is a 1000x1000 area.

    I'm doing a map reset on my server soon and I'm actually lowering the radius from 2000 to 1500 on it because a radius of 2000 was just too damned big even with up to 30 people on the server at a time occasionally.
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    First of all - damn perfect plugin ;) Never fails to work! Thank you for it!

    But then - 1500 only? Wow, I feel bad with our 6000 radius :D
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    Are we OK for CB818? (or 819 since that one fixes some multiworld teleportation issues).
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    Yeah, no problems in 818 or 819 from my testing in the past couple of days.
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    Would you be able to incorporate either World Edit or a rectangle into the plugin because we need a rectangle for our map because otherwise people extend the map in a certain place. Thanks.
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    I'm not planning to add support for rectangles at this time, sorry.
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    Nice plugin keep it up :)
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    could you please make a hoock?
    i'm trying to write a teleport plugin and i want to check if the destination is inside a border or not.
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    How about this in the main plugin?

        // for other plugins to hook into
        public BorderData GetWorldBorder(String worldName)
            return Config.Border(worldName);
    I assume you've used hooks for other plugins, such as Permissions. You would hook into WorldBorder the same way, then when checking for a border:
    import com.wimbli.WorldBorder.BorderData;  // at the top of the file, of course
    // further in
    yourFunction () {
        BorderData checkBorder = yourWorldBorderReference.GetWorldBorder("world");
        if (checkBorder == null) {
            System.out.println("No border for that world.");
        } else {
            System.out.println("Border info: " + checkBorder.toString());
            boolean inside = checkBorder.insideBorder(xLoc, zLoc);
    If that looks acceptable, I'll go ahead and add it and make another quick release for it.
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    thx, thats exactly what i wanted :)
    to bad that i can't test it, i still have more essential problems with my plungin ...
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    OK then, released.

    • Added a function to the main plugin class for other plugins to hook into, which will get the BorderData for a specified world. The other plugin can then access all available functions such as checking an X/Z position to see if it's inside the border, or getting a corrected (and safe) position inside the border.
    It works as described in my post above.
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    the hook works very well :)
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    Great plugin
    I have one question though. Would it be possible to add a permissions node to allow certain players to be immune from the border? AKA allow administrators the ability to travel outside of the border.

    This would be fantastic.
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    That would add a lot of overhead to border checks, having to check to see if the user is permitted or not every time. Even with caching that data, it would still be substantial overhead.
    This plugin is geared to be as efficient as possible (it's currently the most efficient border plugin) and thus cause as little strain on the server as possible. Besides that, it is focused on limiting world sizes; allowing anyone past the border would defeat that purpose.

    If you want to keep people in or out of specific areas, one plugin you can use is WorldGuard.

    Minor release.

    • When teleported back inside a border onto snow, you're no longer placed 1 block too high up in the air (was a minor nuisance)
    • Slight efficiency improvements to the function which finds a safe spot to teleport escapees back inside the border

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    I really love this plugin, but would it be possible to have a configurable option to place people on the nearest surface if there is no safe ground to place them on (in case of lava or void)? I have a Planetoids world as well as Inception which allows you to climb up and down between worlds, but when they climb up into the Planetoids world (cosmos), they often find themselves outside of the borders. Unfortunately, when pushing people back, it does tend to place them into the void and they get put back at the spawn of world. Alternatively, going to the nearest spawnpoint when falling into void/lava would be useful! Hope that's not too crazy of a request.
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    I probably will add an option for the search distance it will look for an acceptable spot to move the border jumper. I expect I'll just have it check in a straight line back from the border up to the specified number of columns, as needed.
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    After a certain amount of time, it seems that the borders just randomly go away.
    Borderguard also had this issue - your thoughts?
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    I've never had that happen on my server and haven't had others report it here, so... not sure. There's no reason I can see why it would/could happen. If any error messages popped up in the server log, that might help point to a problem.
    When that seems to be happening, if you use the /wb list command, does it still list the borders you set?
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    Just to let you know, I use worldborder on my server and love it. As there doesn't seem to be a lot of buzz about this plugin, I thought I'd offer my encouragement, as I really like the functionality and quality of worldborder: keep up the good work Brettflan!
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    Thanks. I like to think I get few replies here because the plugin just plain works without any trouble and people therefore don't need to post here to ask for support. :)

    EDIT: by the way, I'm considering adding the ability to trim off any chunks well outside the border, and the ability to generate all chunks within the border (to fill out the map).

    The only problem is that there's no way to actually remove a chunk without me writing some complex code to actually parse the saved data files for the world from disk, which I don't expect I'll do.
    The alternative is to replace the trimmed chunks with solid air. This would however prevent that chunk from reloading later if you expand the map and would leave an empty chunk of air on your map. This could be taken care of by running another command (probably the map filling command) which would be able to re-generate such air chunks with the original.

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    Chris Herbert

    Oh my god! I wish I had this now!

    On a side note (related) can anyone tell me if I remove chunks using McEdit will they regen when/if the border is increased and people move into said chunks?
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    Yeah, it's safe to use McEdit to remove chunks.
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    The ability to fill out chunks within the border would actually be very helpful. In my opinion, what this has going over borderguard turbo is its functionality: with world border, I can choose whether i want round or square borders in game, the message my players receive upon reaching the border, the knock back of players when they reach the border, and many other things. If the plugin adds this functionality to its ever-growing list, well, that'll be just one more advantage to using WorldBorder as opposed to Borderguard.

    Also-- Thanks for the update!
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    does this guard up 127 and down to bedrock so users cant dig under ? sorry if stupid Qs just wanna make sure

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