[MECH] WorldBorder v1.7.2 - feature-rich world size limiting plugin [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Brettflan, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Gotcha, as for problems... cant speak for others bu I havent experienced anything weird yet but then again, I havent really tried changing anything as I want to get the worl thing figured out. I may just start over, I tried that once already and went to the same spot where all my stuff is in the current world. Needless to say it doesnt look the same, probably due to the world generator being changed or whatever. In any event, if I go thr new world route wich I may do and copy things over I will need to find new suitable land for my buildings etc.

    On topic of the mod, when I get around to that I will have something to test for sure as I will be using the fill command as I once did before to fully render my map.

    On note of updating though, isnt there a thing with bukkit that says if your mods compatable with a specific version of MC that the title of the mods thread has to reflect that ?

    Maybe that's where peoples confusion are coming from ?
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    Of course for that, I need to know that it does work in 1.3.1 first. Similarly, asking "does it work in the new CraftBukkit version" (better yet actually testing it yourself to see) makes much more sense than asking "when will you update it so that it works with the new CraftBukkit version" without first knowing whether the existing release still works fine in the new CraftBukkit version or not.

    Some people do seem to be having chunks not generating using the Fill command, which would seem to be a CraftBukkit problem rather than a WorldBorder problem.
    I'm still waiting for a little more information on the issue.
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    I have run into this issue, was thinking it was dynmap.

    I usually put in a border and fill the world with WorldBorder and then do a full render with dynmap.

    When I did it this time it was full of swaths of black areas.

    I even cleared out the world and started it all over and filled and re rendered with the same results.
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    I love your plugin immensely! I have a problem however. The plugin MobRider does not play well with WorldBorder and crashes the plugin. If I worked with you hand in hand would you help patch the issue? I believe it had something to do with WorldBorder not recognizing the entity (as MobRider creates a unique entity I believe). Perhaps an option to keep all entities in (minus the list of standard mobs). Do you have an IRC channel? We could chat sometime.

    I know the last thing you want to do is add more 'stuff' to your plugins; however this could be stabalizing the plugin for future vanilla/bukkit compatibility ;)
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    This is the code WorldBorder uses to handle players which are riding in vehicles (includes pigs, as per vanilla Bukkit behavior):

    If you can figure out what causes the problem and submit a reasonably well-written pull request, I would accept it. I'm no longer actively developing the plugin beyond maintenance (Bukkit version changes, bugfixes).
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    mung3r opened a pull request before I saw these messages so I am working with him as well to provide as much information as possible. http://pastebin.com/QQBjqMaA .

    As quoted on his thread:
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    What version of WorldBorder are you running? Can you paste the portion of your server startup log pertaining to WorldBorder?
    The pasted error indicates an error attempting to cast a Sheep to a Vehicle on line 68 of BorderCheckTask.java of WorldBorder, which currently casts to a basic Entity in WB 1.5.4, not to a Vehicle.

    EDIT: To be clear, older versions of WorldBorder did use Vehicle entities there since Bukkit used to return those from Player.getVehicle(). That's why I want to be absolutely sure you're running 1.5.4 instead of an older version.
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    2012-08-12 22:16:00 [INFO] [WorldBorder] Loading WorldBorder v1.5.3
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    That's the reason for the error you have logged, then; you need 1.5.4 (which was released over 4 months ago).
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    Hmmm that seemed to fix the issue! I could have sworn I was on the latest version seriously. Thats my goto-solution!
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    The issue indicated by the pull request is that players on creatures made ride-able by another plugin are ending up partially underground when moved back from the border. WorldBorder has code in place to teleport the entity which the player is riding and vertically offset based on that entity's location, but clearly something is conflicting in some way there. It works correctly with all natively rideable entities, namely boats, minecarts, and pigs.
    I might try to set aside some time soon to look into that issue further.
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    Can i use this mod, with physical border?
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    I'd been considering adding a true physical border option, or possibly a pseudo-physical border (border blocks sent to clients as real but not actually really existing in the world on server), but I've since ceased active development of the plugin and am only maintaining it for compatibility updates and bugfixes at this point. I just don't have time for it; I spend too much of my time working for a living just to scrape by.
    If somebody had a decent feature which they wanted enough to sponsor it (and which I'd be willing to implement) such that I could justify the time spent on it, that would be a different matter, but from what I've seen so far I know better than to expect it.
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    I was wondering if you could compile the latest source and give me that build. I noticed there are some newer commits. :)
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    Patience, it should be released in the next few days.

    That's what the trim command does, remove anything outside your border. If you ignored the description of what it does, the warning it gives you when you run the command requiring you to then confirm the command, and didn't back up your world, then I'd guess you're out of luck.

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    IS there a way, if not, please add an option for admin's too bypass.
    In your source code I found something about Operators being able to bypass the border, but I haven't got it working yet...
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    Then wait for the next release coming soon.
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    So there will be a upcoming 1.4.2 update for this plugin? and if yes could u give me a estimated date you will release it?
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    Any news on this for 1.4.7 ?
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    (Non)news: it should still work in 1.4.7.
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    I admit I didnt try it yet, I was waiting for the title to maybe reflect 1.4.7-R0-1 or somethin... I do that for prety much all the mod I use
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    Just for reference, WorldBorder doesn't need to be updated very often for new CraftBukkit/Minecraft versions.
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    Gotcha, hope no one else thinks what I did.
  25. What is the best border.. for not create ping and big world ?!
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    Mafios I use about 3500 for my main world. Then I render all the chunks (in maintenance mode of course) this helps later when players begin to explore etc... I have rest ever year with a 3500 border and there still has been plenty to mine. But I dont run a mega server.
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    You need to test it out first. If you have a small server, you could try putting it at about 1000-2000. Over time, if your server gets bigger or more people are exploring further out (like if you notice bases right on the border), you could expand it a bit, by about 500-1000 each time.

    Also, like fatmarley said, if you can render all the chunks in maintenance mode (whitelisted with nobody online), that would be great for when your server becomes live and no one would have to lag when chunks are rendering right in front of them.
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    Seems that there is still a memory leak with the "fill" method. Free ram is slowly decreasing (from 3Gb to 0Mb) and finally the server hangs up, then crash.
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    If you're encountering a true memory leak, it is almost certainly in the Bukkit / NMS methods for chunk loading and generation which Worldborder uses.

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