[MECH] WorldBorder v1.7.2 - feature-rich world size limiting plugin [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Brettflan, Apr 4, 2011.

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    I have an idea: make it so worlds have a "border" up and down too. Up goes to skylands and then space (if you have them) and down goes to the nether, and down from there is the end.
    If you didn't understand that:
    The End
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    Cap K

    It would have been nice to know, that this plugin prevents players from using nether portals...
    we played a round of UltraHardcode using it and as soon as entered my portal i was propelled back into the lava behind it and out of the game :/
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    The border knockback method shouldn't place you over lava; you would need to have been actively moving off the block it dropped you on.
    Also, it doesn't care what you're doing. If you cross the border, you get knocked back. It does not prevent use of Nether portals at all.

    That definitely shouldn't happen. Can you post a more full world map to show the pattern of it?

    I have an unfortunate announcement: since I've just closed down my own Minecraft server for various reasons (mostly boiling down to me not having enough time to devote to it), most of my motivation for working on Bukkit plugins is now gone. I most likely will not be actively developing any plugins I'm involved in from this point on. However, I still plan to maintain all plugins as needed for new Bukkit releases and minor bugfixes and such, I just probably won't be adding any major new features or answering much in the way of support questions.

    The source will remain available for all plugins, and I'd welcome anyone to take up active development. For Factions, Cayorion / Olof (the original author and still constant contributor for the plugin) will of course remain to develop the plugin and will continue to run the Massivecraft server.

    If anyone really wants a particular feature added to one of the plugins I've worked on, I will still consider doing sponsored feature requests; no promises, of course.

    Also, for Factions, I plan to try to make sure the 1.7 branch is ready before halting active development on it. There will also be at least one more 1.6.x release before then, probably quite soon. So, this announcement is a bit in advance of me ceasing active development on Factions.

    Sorry, guys. Again, I will at least try to bugfix and maintain my plugins for Bukkit updates, but that's about it.

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    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Full map:


    Can it be because I first set the border to 1600, then filled it, then set it to 3000, and then re-filled it?
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    Yeah, I was about to ask if you had expanded it more than once since that's what the pattern looks like. I've never seen that happen before though and the fill process is designed to be able to tell the edge chunks and handle them properly.

    If you're actually seeing it like that in-game though, that is rather strange and I don't know of a good way to fix it. There's also really no way for a plugin to tell if a chunk has been fully generated beyond simply checking to see if all adjacent chunks already exist (which is itself only possible to plugins by cheating and directly accessing the world region files to find out like WorldBorder does, since Bukkit has no such method).

    I'll have to do some further testing to see if I can duplicate your results.
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    So the only way to fix it right now is to generate a new world? (Or fill up the strokes by manually adding worldpainter biomes?). Because, yeh you can actually see the strokes in game :'(.
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    Unfortunately, yeah, that's probably the case. Normally when all 4 adjacent chunks are loaded around a target chunk, that final generation step is done on it by the Minecraft server (and by extension CraftBukkit). The fill process loads surrounding chunks rather selectively to do this as it works. Walking around effectively does that by loading large swathes of visible chunks. If that's not working for you...

    So I've just been testing to try to duplicate your results in WorldBorder 1.5.4 on Craftbukkit 1.2.5-R1.2, with a square border shape like you have, and I just can't reproduce that behavior. Trees and other final generation details showed up fine. I did an initial 256-block border, ran the fill process on it, increased it to 304 blocks, ran the fill process again, and let the map update in Dynmap. There was no gap. I then restarted the server, increased the border to 352 blocks, and ran the fill process again. Same thing, everything generated correctly and there were no gaps.

    So, assuming you did use WorldBorder to fill the map and not some other tool, I have no idea how your map ended up with those incorrectly generated rings. And as I said above, there's unfortunately probably not a good way to fix it if CraftBukkit/Minecraft is treating those chunks as if they've been fully generated.

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    Is there a way that I could just set it around the already generated map? I don't know the dimensions of it.
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    It's not possible through Bukkit to determine the limits of the current world. It could be done through directly checking the world's region files, but even then it would be difficult to come up with an algorithm to determine the center and a border size while trying to account for long thin stretches of explored land which might be away from the main explored area and such.
    You can use some map generators (like Dynmap) to determine the coordinates of the edges and such, or you could try to go there in-game yourself and use a command (like Essentials' /getpos IIRC) to determine the X and Z coordinates.
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    My friends and I made a server during 1.8.1. We generated a 2500x2500 map and now we want to expand it to 4000x4000. But, since the game is now in 1.2.5, if I use the fill command it will create those ugly chunk borders all around where the old border was.
    I was wondering is there a way I could expand the world to be 4000x4000 using the 1.8.1 generation code, so there would not be any of those ugly chunk borders?
    Thanks :)
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    Hmm, that could explain why some people are getting incorrectly generated areas using the fill command. Since WorldBorder directly uses Bukkit's built-in world generation methods, sadly there's nothing more I can do on that front.
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    Could you recommend another program that could do that? Possibly a single player one so I could make the server world single player and generate more world with 1.8.1 and then make it multiplayer again?
    Thanks :)
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    I don't know of one, sorry.

    Worlds from multiplayer can be opened and played in singleplayer, and then moved back. Of course, Nether and End dimensions are stored differently between Bukkit and normal combined worlds, stored in "DIM-1" and "DIM1" folders inside the main world folder in singleplayer.
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    Here's a silly thing to ponder maybe not 100% related to WorldBorder but yeah...

    Basically what I want to do is make a very small map and then have the borders of that be like Zone walls. When you step on one you either get a message that you will be transported to world xyz in 5 seconds or it just does it. I was thinking it would be nice if Worldborder itself did this if you were at all interested in incorporating something like that but obviously this is no demand to try to work something like that into it. :)

    If anyone knows of an addon/plugin that can do something like this right now I'd love to hear about it. That way I could have a spawn area/world that's really small that people hit when they first login and then the 4 directions out of it would lead to other worlds of their choosing. (Basically I was thinking it would be a nice way to work in different world generators.

    I could do it with portals or something I guess. But then I'd have to build a giant wall around one edge of the zone. It would just be nice to have it so if you have a square zone if you run off to the east and step on the border to have it transport you into another world or another spawn point.

    Speaking of which... This might have been covered before if it was feel free to ignore this... Can you setup world border so that rather then bouncing off the edge it just teleports you to the opposite side of the zone? So you could basically have a round world and run "around" the world?


    Ohhh... I just thought of something. I could build it as a sky island with no mobs! That's not likely to grow much and then I can just use the portal idea.

    Sorry! But yeah something to think about if you have any interest in the idea, feel to take it. I would totally use that feature though. That way I could build a locked down/protected spawn map that doesn't grow and then use various world generators to give people a choice of what kind of environment they want to build in.

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    Video Please. :]

    Look's great
  18. The Thread is named: "1.2.4-R1" but the version is compatible to: 1.2.5-R1.0
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    Feature request -

    I would like the ability to dynamically alter the radius of the border based on the amount of players in game.

    -For example in a UltraHardcore PVP style of game we may start with 10 players and a radius of 1000 blocks.
    As players die, I would like to have the border shrink to a defined minimum. This would prevent folks from staying at the edges all game and help force a showdown when only 2 players are left. This "mode" should definitely be toggled in the config along with Min / Max Radius, and per player shrinkage amount. This doesn't need to be a high precision operation and ideally would not shrink instantly but within a minute or two. Lastly an in game command to toggle the operation of "Hardcore Mode" when the game starts would be terrific.

    Players that are now "outside" of the border should be wooshed inside the border as usual.

    Thank you for an excellent plugin.
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    I cannot value the questions of the ticket so I post here and just give as much information as possible so anyone can help me resolve my problem:

    I use Dynmap and Worldborder, I used the fill command to render the dynmap, however it had rendered too much and the server began to lagg, I then deleted and reinstalled Dynmap, all was reset and fine except for 1 thing:

    When I wanted to restarted the fill command it started of where it stopped the last time, it now skips all that it has rendered before.

    My question is how do I force it to start the fill from point 0 again, is there some file that backs it up ? I couldnt find it.

    Thanks for helping
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    It is probably a little late but it sounds like your watching dynmap fill in the render as it happens. When you cleared your dynmap folder you lost the tiles that showed what was rendered already. Before filling the world again with WorldBorder I would do a fullrender of dynmap. That way it will show what has been filled and the updating of tiles should look right from then on.
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    I gotta question, bare with me and you'll see where I'm going with this.

    In the server.properties file for my world the level-type was set to DEFAULT, well, I never until today (about 30 mins ago) knew LARGERBIOMES was an option. I have pre-built stuff only in one spot I would hate to lose becaue it was a PIA to build. Well, if I used the WB trim command to get my world to it's smallest point and then set level-type=LARGEBIOMES. If I then reload the worl with the new settings and use the WB fill command, will it now build with the larger biomes which = greater land mass in the long run which is soemthing I would love.
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    It would probably work but the edges between the two would not match up at all, so it would probably look pretty bad. I'd recommend looking into using something like MCEdit to copy your buildings from one map to another.
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    Easier said that done, one building practically floats which is easy enough to copy. The othr is a castle of sorts that digs down in to the ground ;-/

    Also, other than the edges maybe not matching up, why do you say probably ?
  25. update to 1.3.1?
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    Give it some time, the RB for bukkit was just released yesterday. Can't expect the modders to just shoot out compatable releases right after a new bukkit.
  27. Actually if u take a look, there is a lot plugins which are harder to update than this and theyre up to date? :D Just saying... Slow:D
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    So becaue some other modder updates quickly then the others should as well ?

    Also, would you rather have a mod that sort of works or a mod that was checked all the way through to make sure there's little to no quirks in it ?

    By your definition of slow it seems youd rather have quick fixes and gamble on wether or not they 100% ok.
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    This author said he has abandoned his plugins._.
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    As far as I understand it the current release works in 1.3.1. If you're actually having problems, please report those so that I know it does need to be updated.

    Because it's not normally something you'd do and I can't guarantee it will work without other problems, but it should.

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